Mykel Holliman Wins PBA FireLake/Grand Casino Resort Southwest Open

by ddziomba  |  Wednesday, August 12, 3:46 PM

Shawnee, Okla. – Mykel Holliman, from Colliersville, Tenn., won his second PBA Regional Tour title in the ninth annual PBA FireLake/Grand Casino Resort Southwest Open on Sunday. Holliman, the 2019 Harry Golden PBA Rookie of the Year, won his first PBA title last December when he partnered with PBA Hall of Famer Pete Weber at the PBA50/PBA Houston Emerald Doubles.

Holliman, climbed into the lead in the eight-game modified round robin finals by opening with games of 248, 279 and 257. He then shot his first 300 game in PBA competition to build a near 200 pin lead. Qualifying leader PBA Tour Professional Shawn Maldonado, from Houston, Texas, cut into Holliman’s lead with a perfect 300 in game six.

Heading into game seven neck and neck, Maldonado threw three strikes in the tenth frame to edge Holliman, 238-237 and narrowed the lead to 62 pins. With 30 bonus pins on the line for each winning match, Maldonado needed to win the final game in the position round by 33 pins. Holliman answered back and defeated Maldonado, 279-231, to claim the win and a first-place prize of $4,500.

PBA Hall of Famer Chris Barnes, of Double Oak, Texas, threw the tournament’s fourth 300 game in the position round to move from ninth place up to fourth.

The PBA Southwest Region visits Houston’s emerald Bowl August 14-16 for the PBA Houston Emerald Bowl Southwest Challenge, presented by Bowling Dynamix, a non-champions event, before returning to Oklahoma, August 28-30, for the PBA Fort Sill Southwest Open at Twin Oaks Lanes.

FireLake Bowling Center, Shawnee, Okla., Sunday

1, Mykel Holliman, Collierville, Tenn., 6-2, 5,337, $4,500. 2, Shawn Maldonado, Houston, 4-4, 5,197, $2,500. 3, Nathan Bohr, Austin, Texas, 5-3, 4,938, $1,600. 4, s-Chris Barnes, Double Oak, Texas, 5-3, 4,924, $1,300. 5, Beau Peterson, Newton, Kan., 6-2, 4,919, $1,050. 6, Stuart Williams, England, 6-2, 4,905, $950. 7, Tom Daugherty, Riverview, Fla., 4-4, 4,881, $875. 8, AJ Chapman, Manchester, Iowa, 5-3, 4,832, $800.

9, Francois Lavoie, Canada, 4-4, 4,812, $775. 10, Sean Lavery-Spahr, Pasadena, Texas, 2-6, 4,810, $750. 11, Anthony Lavery-Spahr, Pasadena, Texas, 1-7, 4,790, $725. 12, n-Noah Gallegos, Golden, Colo., 5-3, 4,769, $700. 13, Myles Duty, Modesto, Calif., 4-4, 4,728, $675. 14, Tom Hess, Granger, Iowa, 3-5, 4,718, $650. 15, Austin Boulds, Creal Springs, Ill., 1-7, 4,666, $625. 16, Wesley Low Jr., Palmdale, Calif., 3-5- 4,645, $610.

300 games: Alex George, Mykel Holliman, Shawn Maldonado, Chris Barnes

n-denotes non-member