A new era in league bowling is coming this fall!

The PBA will be launching its exciting new League Bowler Certification program this fall across more than 300 bowling centers in the United States with over 180,000 league bowlers enrolled. This is a new national membership program that will offer a multitude of benefits for league bowlers! These new benefits will fall under four key pillars - statistics, tournaments, awards and rules. The program will kick off with Bowlero Corp.’s footprint, and soon after the PBA will work to expand to all U.S. bowling centers.

Stay tuned for more information! 

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League Bowler Certification Pillars


League bowlers will have access to official averages, full league standings, leaderboards, and special accomplishments. These statistics will be accessible in real-time through PBA LeaguePals, a robust technology platform.


The tournaments included in the PBA League Bowler Certification program will be highlighted by a new national tournament that will feature unprecedented prize money, national TV exposure and digital coverage.


League bowlers of all skill levels will be recognized for their accomplishments, stamped with PBA approval, through a creative and engaging digital awards program.


There will be new rules and an equipment specifications department. Regulations in this program and tournament competition will be supremely transparent and work toward the betterment of the game and its bowlers.

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