About The PBA

Our History

The PBA was established in 1958 when 33 founding members banded together to form the Professional Bowlers Association. Today, the PBA remains the world’s preeminent organization dedicated to the sport of bowling and its professional competition. Fast forward more than four decades to March 2000 when three ambitious tech entrepreneurs—all former Microsoft executives and lifelong bowling fans—purchased the PBA in the hopes of expanding the league’s presence globally and creating new opportunities for its members and fans.

Nearly twenty years later, in September 2019, Bowlero Corp—the world’s largest owner and operator of bowling centers—purchased the PBA and established itself as the first media company in the sport, dedicated to growing and enhancing the PBA experience. Bowlero Corp has continued with all of the PBA’s scheduled tournaments and programming and has developed plans to build upon key PBA initiatives including its groundbreaking FOX Sports partnership. As part of the deal, Bowlero Corp will enhance PBA telecasts with new technology, deeper storytelling, and even more prize money as it seeks to bring its engaged community of fans even further into the fold.



Our Membership

The Professional Bowlers Association includes approximately 3,000 members representing more than 30 countries throughout the world. These members bowl in a competitive, multi-level program each year that is made up of tournaments and events from the Go Bowling PBA Tour, PBA50 Tour (for tour bowlers age 50+), and the PBA Regional Tour.




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