Giorgio Clinaz, Jr. Wins Houston Emerald Bowl Southwest Challenge for First PBA Title

by ddziomba  |  Tuesday, August 18, 7:48 AM

Houston, Texas – Giorgio Clinaz, Jr., from Venezuela, now residing in San Antonio, Texas won his first PBA Regional Tour title at PBA Houston Emerald Bowl Southwest Challenge on Sunday.

Clinaz averaged 242 in the first seven games of the modified eight game round robin finals to take the lead from qualifying leader Brian Lake, from Irving, Texas. In the final game position round, Clinaz clinched the victory with a 187-154 win over Lake to win his first PBA Regional title and the $2,200 first place prize.

PBA Challenge events are open to PBA members who do not have a PBA title, and non-members who have never won a PBA event.

Youth bowler Julian Salinas advanced in the final game to finish in second place as he defeated TJ Rock, from Las Vegas, Nev. 214-203. Salinas added $1,500 to his SMART scholarship account. Lake claimed 3rd place, as another high schooler, Jordan Malott, from Pflugerville, Texas, placed fourth.

Next on the PBA Southwest Region schedule will be the PBA Fort Sill Southwest Open, August 28-30 at Twin Oaks lanes at Fort Sill, Okla. Also, on tap, a $4,000 first place prize will be offered at Ayres Lanes in Liberal, Kan., September 18-20.

Emerald Bowl, Houston, Texas, Sunday

Final Standings (after 21 games, including match play bonus pins):

1, Giorgio Clinaz Jr., San Antonio, Texas, 6-2, 4,954, $2,200. 2, n-Julian Salinas, Richmond, Texas, 5-3-0, 4,885, SMART. 3, n-Brian Lake, Irving, Texas, 5-3, 4,838, $1,250. 4, n-Jordan Malott, Pflugerville, TX, 5-3-0, 4,832, $SMART. 5, Ildemaro Ruiz, Venezuela, 4-4, 4,828, $970. 6, n- T.J. Rock, Las Vegas, NV, 5-3, 4,827, $850. 7, n-Tyler Wright, Gonzales, Lou., 5-3, 4,754, $800. 8, Dustin Ochoa, Bryan, Texas, 5-3, 4,714, $750.

9, s-Lee Lorts, Katy, Texas, 4-4, 4,704, $700. 10, n-Thomas McNeal, Seattle, Wash., 3-5, 4,658, $650. 11, Allan Smith, Killeen, Texas, 4-4, 4,637, $625. 12, Art Ouzenian, Las Vegas, Nev., 4-4, 4,579, $600. 13, Dimitri Cruz, Denton, Texas, 2-5-1, 4,492, $575. 14, Branden Powell, Groves, Texas, 3-5, 4,449, $550. 15, Nolan Baker, Westminster, Calif., 1-6-1, 4,443, $525. 16, Michael Fitzgerald, Phoenix, Ariz., 2-6, 4,437, $500.

n-denotes non-PBA member.