During the 2022 PBA50 Tour season, we saw four first-time champions (Brad Angelo, Dino Castillo, Dave Johnson and John Burkett), one four-time champion (Parker Bohn III), a three-time champion (Chris Barnes) and a two-time champion on the three-event PBA60 schedule (Ron Mohr).

Bohn claimed the PBA50 Bowler of the Year Award, Castillo earned PBA50 Rookie of the Year honors and Lennie Boresch Jr. was the PBA60 Bowler of the Year, which is based on performance throughout all events, whether PBA50 or PBA60.

Here’s a quick summary of the 2022 PBA50 Tour season:

PBA50 Lightning Strikes Lanes Open

Lightning Strikes Lanes
Fort Myers, Florida
Winner: Brad Angelo (1st PBA50 title)

After a rookie season in which Brad Angelo was the runner-up three times among nine top-10 finishes and contending for Bowler of the Year and Rookie of the Year despite not claiming a title, Angelo opened his sophomore season with a victory in the Lightning Strikes Lanes Open.

In doing so, Angelo welcomed another rookie, Dino Castillo, to the Tour by leaving Castillo in the runner-up position.

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Florida Blue Medicare PBA50 National Championship

Spanish Springs Lanes
The Villages, Florida
Winner: Parker Bohn III (7)

Angelo did his best to open the season with two straight wins, but waiting in the title match in The Villages was Hall of Famer Parker Bohn III, who rolled 247 to earn his seventh PBA50 title and first major.

It was the first of four wins on the season for Bohn.

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PBA50 Granville Financial Open

Sandhills Bowling Center
Aberdeen, North Carolina
Winner: Chris Barnes (2)

The second sophomore to win in 2022, Barnes qualified second for the stepladder and got past Tom Adcock to earn a match with Barnes’ chief 2021 rival, Tom Hess. While Hess got the better of Barnes more often than not in 2021, Barnes took control in Aberdeen and won his second career PBA50 title.

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PBA50 Mooresville Open

Victory Entertainment Center
Mooresville, North Carolina
Winner: Parker Bohn III (8)

For the second time in four events, Parker Bohn III led the field into the stepladder finals. For the second time in four events, Parker Bohn III won his match and claimed the title. In Mooresville, Bohn won his eighth PBA50 title and second of the season by outdueling fellow Hall of Famer Jason Couch.

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PBA50 Bud Moore Classic

Bowl America Dranesville and Bud Moore Lanes
Sterling, Virginia
Winner: Dave Johnson (1)

Four decades after winning a PBA Regional title, Dave Johnson earned his first national title. In the unique setting of Bud Moore Lanes in the basement of Bill Moore’s (Bud’s son) house, Johnson—the man who roots for everyone—defeated reigning Player of the Year Tom Hess by a single pin to add his name to the list of PBA50 Tour champions.

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USBC Super Senior Classic

Sam’s Town
Las Vegas, Nevada
Winner: Ron Mohr (4th PBA60 title)

To win his second USBC Super Senior Classic title, Ron Mohr needed two strikes in the 10th frame followed by a single pin. He got two strikes and nine pins to defeat eventual PBA60 Bowler of the Year Lennie Boresch Jr. Mohr, already the all-time leader in PBA60 titles (and at the time of this event, the only player ever to win more than one), extended his record to four with the win.

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USBC Senior Masters

Sam’s Town
Las Vegas, Nevada
Winner: Dino Castillo (1)

PBA50 Tour rookie Dino Castillo, who has been so close on many occasions to win a PBA Tour title, finally seized the trophy at the end of a PBA national event. To do it, he had to climb the stepladder, bowling a perfect game against Chris Barnes, then taking out Jack Jurek and Parker Bohn III, then having to beat Chris Warren twice. Castillo did it all to become a PBA50 major champion.

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PBA Senior U.S. Open presented by Lubbock Sports

South Plains Lanes
Lubbock, Texas
Winner: Lennie Boresch Jr. (5)

Boresch’s fifth PBA50 title was his second major, taking down Jack Jurek in the title match of the Senior U.S. Open. Boresch qualified first and rolled 233 to Jurek’s 197, giving Boresch his first win since the 2018 season, when he won the PBA50 National Championship.

The win was one of six top-10 PBA50 finishes for Boresch which, along with a second- and third-place finish in two of the three PBA60 events, earned him PBA60 Bowler of the Year honors.

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PBA50 Odessa Open

Diamond Lanes
Odessa, Texas
Winner: Walter Ray Williams Jr. (16)

Walter Ray Williams Jr., the all-time leader in PBA50 Tour titles, extended his own record to 16 with a win over Lennie Boresch Jr. in the PBA50 Odessa Open. Williams, who is also the all-time PBA Tour record holder with 47 titles, was the top seed for the stepladder finals and earned a 15-pin victory over Boresch, who’d previous defeated Dan Knowlton, Tom Hess and Brad Angelo to get to the title match.

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PBA50 Highland Park Lanes Open

Highland Park Lanes
Greeley, Colorado
Winner: Tom Hess (3)

Reigning PBA50 Bowler of the Year and PBA50 Rookie of the Year Tom Hess snagged his first title of 2022 in his fourth stepladder appearance. He’d previously finished second twice on the season. As the No. 1 seed for the stepladder finals, Hess drew Tom Adcock in the title match and emerged with an 11-pin victory.

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PBA50 Cup

Vision Lanes
Westland, Michigan
Winner: Parker Bohn III (9)

It had been five PBA50 events since Parker Bohn III’s last win, making it his longest winless stretch of the season (he missed two of those events, but either way—three or five—was Bohn’s longest title drought).

Bohn snapped his winless streak with his second major title and third overall of the season. As it turns out, although neither of them knew it at the time, defeating Chris Barnes in the championship match for the PBA50 Cup very likely decided the PBA50 Bowler of the Year race in Bohn’s favor.

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PBA50 South Shore Open

Olympia Lanes
Hammond, Indiana
Winner: John Burkett (1)

After seven years of competing on the PBA50 Tour, John Burkett got his first title. He’d been close on several occasions and frequently bowled deep into match play, but to finally emerge as the victor was what Burkett, the two-time MLB All-Star, called the “Number one accomplishment in (his) sports career.”

Burkett had to beat PBA50 Bowler of the Year Parker Bohn III, PBA60 Bowler of the Year Lennie Boresch Jr. and two-time-winner-in-Hammond Eugene McCune to do it, defeating McCune 223-190 for the title.

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PBA50 Spectrum Lanes Open

Spectrum Lanes
Wyoming, Michigan
Winner: Parker Bohn III (10)

In case anyone doubted Parker Bohn III’s chances at winning Bowler of the Year, he won his fourth title of the season. At the time, no one else had won more than once.

Bohn and Barnes battled yet again, this time in the semifinal match. Bohn shot 266 to advance to the championship against James Campbell, in which Bohn rolled 265 to win his 10th career PBA50 title.

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PBA50 David Small’s Championship Lanes Open

Championship Lanes
Anderson, Indiana
Winner: Chris Barnes (3)

In yet another tussle between Chris Barnes and Parker Bohn III (the third in the last four events and the second time in the championship match), Barnes came out the winner to earn his second title of the season and third of his PBA50 career.

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PBA50 David Small’s JAX60 Open

Jackson, Michigan
Winner: Chris Barnes (4)

In the final event of the PBA50 Tour season (with just two PBA60 events to go), Barnes won again, giving him three titles on the season, one short of Parker Bohn III. While Barnes won the previous event in Anderson as the top seed, he had to climb the ladder in Jackson, defeating Brian LeClair, Bryan Goebel, Michael Haggit and Jack Jurek on the way.

For the second straight year, Barnes finished second in the PBA50 Bowler of the Year race.

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PBA60 Dick Weber Classic

Jackson, Michigan
Winner: Ron Mohr (5)

Two PBA60 events, two wins for Ron Mohr in 2022. Mohr defeated John Kirker Jr. for the second consecutive year to successfully defend Mohr’s Dick Weber Classic title. The win was Mohr’s fifth PBA60 title, an all-time record. No one else, to this point, had ever won more than one.

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PBA60 Tristan’s T.A.P.S. Memorial

Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl
Columbus, Ohio
Winner: Amleto Monacelli (2)

Amleto Monacelli became the first non-Ron Mohr to win more than one PBA60 event in his career, taking the PBA60 Tristan’s T.A.P.S. Memorial for Monacelli’s second PBA60 championship.

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2022 PBA50 Tour Awards

PBA50 Bowler of the Year: Parker Bohn III
PBA50 Rookie of the Year: Dino Castillo
PBA60 Bowler of the Year: Lennie Boresch Jr.

Final 2022 PBA50 Tour Points Standings

  1. Parker Bohn III, 39,745
  2. Chris Barnes, 37,385
  3. Brad Angelo, 28,465
  4. Tom Hess, 25,995
  5. Dino Castillo, 24,250
  6. Lennie Boresch Jr., 23,460
  7. Walter Ray Williams Jr., 19,515
  8. Tom Adcock, 19,070
  9. Jason Couch, 15,590
  10. Brian LeClair, 14,740

Final 2022 PBA50 Tour Earnings

  1. Parker Bohn III, $62,435
  2. Chris Barnes, $49,400
  3. Dino Castillo, $37,250
  4. Brad Angelo, $35,300
  5. Lennie Boresch Jr., $33,175
  6. Tom Hess, $31,675
  7. Walter Ray Williams Jr., $24,235
  8. Tom Adcock, $21,500
  9. Jack Jurek, $20,450
  10. Jason Couch, $19,400

2022 PBA50 Tour Champions

Majors in bold
PBA60 events in italics

PBA50 Lightning Strikes Lanes Open: Brad Angelo (1st PBA50 title)
Florida Blue Medicare PBA50 National Championship: Parker Bohn III (7)
PBA50 Granville Financial Open: Chris Barnes (2)
PBA50 Mooresville Open: Parker Bohn III (8)
PBA50 Bud Moore Classic: Dave Johnson (1)
USBC Super Senior Classic: Ron Mohr (4th PBA60 title)
USBC Senior Masters: Dino Castillo (1)
PBA Senior U.S. Open presented by Lubbock Sports: Lennie Boresch Jr. (5)

PBA50 Odessa Open: Walter Ray Williams Jr. (16)
PBA50 Highland Park Lanes Open: Tom Hess (3)
PBA50 Cup: Parker Bohn III (9)
PBA50 South Shore Open: John Burkett (1)
PBA50 Spectrum Lanes Open: Parker Bohn III (10)
PBA50 David Small’s Championship Lanes Open: Chris Barnes (3)
PBA50 David Small’s JAX60 Open: Chris Barnes (4)
PBA60 Dick Weber Classic: Ron Mohr (5)
PBA60 Tristan’s T.A.P.S. Memorial: Amleto Monacelli (2)

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