Wyoming, Michigan – Absolutely speechless! Parker Bohn III is running out of ways to describe the magical run his family has been on over the past month and his individual success this season.

On Thursday evening, he won his fourth PBA50 title of the year as he successfully defended his title at the PBA50 Spectrum Lanes Open with a 265-216 win over James Campbell.

“It’s indescribable,” he said laughing. “Who knows what it is, but my God, if you want to talk about the stars being aligned, they are lined up throughout the galaxy now.

"The universe right now you can read it, it says Bohn.”

Bohn III was dominant in his two matches. During his practice shots he didn’t like the look he had with the DV8 Collision and as soon as he saw the results after throwing a Track Stealth there was no doubt in his mind.

“When it went down the lane and it picked up, it went through the pins with authority,” he said. “Immediately, I said to my ball rep, Tom Carter, that is my ball of choice. It looked fantastic.”

In his first match as the No. 2 seed against Chris Barnes, one of his closest PBA50 Player of the Year competitors, the smooth lefty rolled nine strikes for a 266-213 win. In the championship match against James Campbell, who was seeking his first PBA50 title, Bohn III threw eleven strikes – leaving the 3-7-9 in his other frame – on the way to collecting his 10th career PBA50 title.

“To think about winning 10 times on the Senior Tour, when you look at some of the superstars of our sport and what they have amassed,” he reflected, “Now I look at it and I am in double-digits along with some of them. It solidifies that I am still bowling well. Well enough within my age group.”

Bohn III has now won a title this year throwing a Track ball, DV8 ball, and of course a Brunswick Hammer.

“I just can’t thank Brunswick and all of its employees behind-the-scenes that don’t get the glory that I am fortunate to get, for making it all possible,” he said. “This is just unbelievable.”

In the opening match, Barnes was in control as he defeated Michael Calvin 233-194, then he led the entire way in his match against Ryan Shafer getting the 278-213 win.

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1. Parker Bohn III $7,500

2. James Campbell $4,500

3. Chris Barnes $3,000

4. Ryan Shafer $2,500

5. Michael Calvin $2,000


Match 1 – Barnes def Calvin 223-194

Match 2 – Barnes def Shafer 278-213

Match 3 – Bohn III def. Barnes 266-213

Championship match – Bohn III def. Campbell 265-216

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