Scores and Statistics

PBA LBC bowlers have access to scores and statistics through the LeaguePals app. Search for a league, view your league standings, and so much more. Visit the PBA League Bowler Certification Lobby to get started.

What You Get

Personal Statistics

  • Access your scores and statistics on any device at any time
  • Get your real time average

League Statistics and Standings

  • Team standings
  • Weekly and season leaderboards
  • Top bowler scores by league
  • League recaps and weekly matchups

How it Works

  1. If you are a Bowlero Corp league bowler, and your league has floored, congratulations! You’ve been enrolled in the PBA League Bowler Certification program.
  2. Once you are placed on a team in a league with a valid email address you will receive an email invitation to create your PBA League Bowler Certification account in LeaguePals.
  3. Simply, create your account and begin league play to access your scores and statistics.
  4. If your league hasn’t started yet, don’t stress!  You can also join your league directly here.
  5. Search for your league using the zip code finder and select “Join”.  Select “Sign Up” to create your PBA League Bowler Certification account in LeaguePals. 
  6. Once you have successfully created your account and joined your league, start bowling and enjoy the new perks of being a member of the PBA League Bowler Certification Program.

For more information on how to navigate your dashboard, click here.

Join a League Near You 

Check your local Bowlero and find out if they have a league for you! As an added bonus to becoming PBA League Bowler Certified, you’ll also get access to exclusive perks and discounts. Don’t wait, join today.



Have Questions?

View our PBA League Bowler Certification FAQs


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