PBA League Bowler Certification FAQs

PBA League Bowler Certification will already be included as a new League Bowler Benefit for all league bowlers in Bowlero-owned centers starting with the 2022 fall season. More details will be provided as the start of the season approaches.

Active league bowlers in Bowlero-owned centers will automatically be enrolled in the PBA League Bowler Certification program starting this fall as part of their League Bowler Benefits. There will be no added cost to participate.

We anticipate that we’ll be ready to roll out this program nationwide in the very near future. Right now the program is only available to leagues in Bowlero-owned centers as we ensure that we deliver the best experience possible to the bowlers.

The final cost is to be determined but it will be guaranteed to offer a great value featuring exciting benefits that bowlers will love.

League bowlers will have access to official averages, full league standings, leaderboards, and special accomplishments. These statistics will be accessible in real-time through PBA LeaguePals, a robust technology platform.

PBA rules will only apply to professional bowlers on the PBA Tour, not to the league bowlers who are certified through PBA League Bowler Certification. There will be suggested rules available for certified leagues to adopt.

No, unless of course your league wants to! There will be a wide variety of suggested lane patterns available from beginner and high scoring to challenging and PBA-style patterns.

League prize money bonding will be included in the program.

That decision is entirely up to the league. League bowlers can review the PBA League Bowler Certification program offerings to make that determination.

Yes, you can still bowl the USBC Open Championships however you will need to purchase an unattached membership from USBC.

We have a team of tournament professionals currently working on the format and location. The plan is to have our inaugural tournament in spring and summer 2023, with details to be announced soon.