PBA League Bowler Certification FAQs

PBA League Bowler Certification is included as a league bowler benefit for all active league bowlers in Bowlero-owned centers.

Active league bowlers in Bowlero-owned centers will automatically be enrolled in the PBA League Bowler Certification program as part of their league bowler benefits. There will be no added cost to participate as it is part of the league lineage.

Learn more about the benefits at PBALBC.com

Yes, this benefit is included in your lineage fees each year at any Bowlero Corp. center.

League bowlers will have access to official averages, full league standings, leaderboards, and special accomplishments. These statistics will be accessible through PBA LeaguePals, a robust technology platform.

Bowlers can create a profile with LeaguePals by visiting www.leaguepals.com. If you do not see your league on your dashboard please click the add your current league button to add your league(s).

The Digital Awards earned as part of the PBA League Bowler Certification will be pre-set at the time of launch but may be amended over time. Learn more about PBA LBC Digital Awards at PBALBC.com.

No, unless of course your league wants to! There will be a wide variety of suggested lane patterns available from beginner and high scoring to challenging and PBA-style patterns.

There will be suggested rules available for certified leagues to adopt. Learn more at PBALBC.com

No, there are no fees to bank with a center. This is a free service offered to Bowlero Corp. leagues.

Yes, league prize money bonding will be included in the program with complete details announced soon.

We have a team of tournament professionals currently working on the format and location. The plan is to have our inaugural tournament in spring and summer 2023 with details to be announced soon.

Yes, stay tuned for the rules for this tournament to be announced soon.

Each bowler who cashes in the 2023 PBA LBC National Championships will be mailed individual checks for their prize amount. Any bowler who wins over $600 will be issued a 1099 form at the end of the year per IRS rules.

We anticipate that we’ll be ready to roll out this program nationwide to all bowling centers in the very near future. Right now the program is only available to leagues in Bowlero-owned centers as we ensure that we deliver the best experience possible to the bowlers.

The final cost is yet to be determined but it will be guaranteed to offer a great value featuring exciting benefits that bowlers will love.

Yes, all Bowlero Corp. centers will continue to sanction with the USBC.

Yes, each is a separate membership organization offering different benefits and awards.

Many benefits that a PBA LBC member will receive are not included with a USBC membership (such as real-time scores and instant recognition through LeaguePals through unique digital rewards).  More robust National Tournaments with a superior prize fund structure and TV exposure!

Yes, if you have any bowlers in your center that participate in tournaments that require a USBC certified average the entire league will need to be sanctioned with the USBC.

Yes, you can still bowl the USBC Open Championships; however, you will need to purchase an unattached membership from USBC.

Our PBA LBC Support Team can answer any questions you might have. Please direct all questions to [email protected]

Registration is now open to ALL bowlers of ALL skill levels.  This includes Junior bowlers, non-PBA members, and bowlers from ANY bowling center (including non-Bowlero centers). 

You will use your highest PBA LBC or USBC average from any league/center (including Bowlero string pin leagues) from the past calendar year with a minimum of 12 games bowled. Any bowler who does not have an average with a minimum of 12 games can enter this tournament but will enter as “scratch,” not handicap.

It is a new national destination tournament for bowlers of all skill levels.

Registration is now open to bowlers of all skill levels including non-PBA LBC and PBA members. Entry fee is $225.

The 2023 PBA LBC National Championships take place on Saturdays and Sundays from June 3rd, 2023 through July 16th, 2023. There are three squad times each day – 9 AM, 2 PM and 7 PM.

PBA LBC members, which includes Bowlero Corp and AMF league bowlers, or PBA members can register from their LeaguePals dashboard. Non PBA LBC bowlers or PBA members can visit LeaguePals and create their account and they will be able to enter the 2023 PBA LBC National Championships.

The entry fee for the main Singles Event is $225 per bowler.

Yes, the main tournament is 6 games across 12 lanes which count towards your Singles Event score.

You will use your highest average from the past calendar year with a minimum of 12 games bowled from any league in any center.

No, each bowler may enter the Singles Event only one time.

Both! There are 6 different divisions that you can choose from based on your ability, age or gender. There are Men’s and Women’s Handicap divisions, and scratch bowlers can choose between the Open Classic, Women’s Classic, Senior Classic and PBA Exempt.

Bowlers age 50 and over are eligible to compete in the Senior Classic.

The PBA LBC is all about transparency and helping bowlers become better. The lane patterns for the 2023 PBA LBC National Championships will be published well in advance of the tournament.


It will not be a Sport shot or a House shot. It will be somewhere in the middle, approximately a 5 to 1 ratio. Our PBA Lane Team is working on pattern development and will publish the pattern well in advance of the start of the tournament.

Bowlers in Men’s Handicap, Women’s Handicap, Women’s Classic and Senior Classic divisions will be competing for a GUARANTEED first place prize of $5,000 in each division. Additional prizes in those divisions will be paid back at a 1:8 ratio, meaning one prize for every 8 bowlers entered. In the Open Classic (scratch) division, first place is guaranteed at $25,000. Click here for the official 2023 PBA LBC National Championships Prize Fund.

At the conclusion of the event, the top (3) in the Open Classic division, the top (3) in the Women's Classic division and the top three (3) Exempt Pro Bowlers, as well as the winners of the other (3) divisions (Men's Handicap, Women's Handicap, and Senior Classic) will be invited to the televised PBA LBC National Championships Clash with a total prize fund of $100,000.

The 2023 PBA LBC National Championships has no restrictions regarding PBA members.

Not true! PBA Exempt (Top 50 Professional) members will be bowling in their own division. Other PBA members will bowl in the Open Classic or Senior Classic divisions, all of which are scratch. Most regular league bowlers will be entering the Men’s or Women’s Handicap divisions.

Yes, bowlers can opt-in to the optional Doubles and Team events for an additional fee of $50 per bowler for each optional event they enter. The first three games of your 6-game Singles Event will count towards your Doubles score, and the second three games in your 6-game Singles Event will count towards your Team score.

Each team in the Team Event consists of four (4) members.

Yes! You can bowl with an unlimited number of Doubles partners or on an unlimited number of Teams as long as you pay the additional entry fee each time you enter.

There is no limit to the number of times you can cash in the Doubles or Team Events as long as it is with multiple partners and team members.

Absolutely, as long as they have not bowled yet and are bowling their Singles Event on a day and time in the future. Remember, the full entry fee for the Doubles or Team Event must be paid when the first bowler bowls in his or her Singles Event.

That’s one of the unique features of the 2023 PBA LBC National Championships – regular league bowlers have the opportunity to bowl with a PBA member in Doubles or Team! You can choose Belmo, Kyle Troup or any PBA member as a Doubles partner or member of your team. We will actually have a list onsite of which PBA stars are bowling and when. Keep in mind that the full entry fee for the Doubles team or Team must be paid when the first bowler competes in their Singles Event.

No, bowlers in either Handicap division will still receive handicap in the Doubles or Team events. In this case you would have handicap added to your scores and Sean’s scores would be scratch.

Yes, bowlers are expected to wear attire that would be suitable for a national championship event. The prohibited items include (but are not limited to) tank tops, halter tops, bare midriffs, spaghetti strap tops, headphones/earbuds (permitted for medical reasons only), sleeveless shirts or tops and workout attire (athletic shorts, sweats, yoga pants, leggings, etc.). Skirts, dress shorts, culottes or skorts are permitted provided the length is beyond the fingertips when your arms are at rest along your sides.

Yes, you MUST experience the Pete! Squad reservations must be made in advance so please send an email to [email protected] for more information.

Yes, there will be official hotels for this tournament. We are working on the details now. Please keep checking PBA.com/LBCTournament for details.

Milwaukee has plenty to offer including great local restaurants and entertainment, plus the Potawatami Casino, SummerFest, the Milwaukee County Zoo, and of course the Holler House, the oldest sanctioned bowling lanes in the country! Please keep checking PBA.com/LBCTournament for a list of things to do when you are here.

Yes, there will be several 2023 PBA LBC National Championships items available for purchase.

Yes, a full service pro shop is located at Bowlero Wauwatosa. Products from all PBA product registered companies will be available for purchase.


PBA LBC Awards recognize and celebrate your achievements on the lanes. With the launch of the PBA LBC Awards program, you will earn your Digital Awards when using LeaguePals to track your league performance.  Don’t have a LeaguePals account yet?   It is fast, easy and FREE to sign up.  Simply visit www.leaguepals.com/signup to create your account.

To earn PBA LBC Awards, you must be an active PBA LBC bowler with a LeaguePals account, and achieve one of the following: bowl your first 200 game of the season (160 average and below), bowl a 300 game, 700 series, 800 series, 50 pins over average (190 average or below) and 100 pins over average.

Yes! What’s great about PBA LBC Awards is that you can receive multiple PBA LBC Awards for the same accomplishment (excluding bowling your first 200 game of the season).

Initially you’ll be earning PBA LBC Awards in the form of Digital Awards. These Digital Awards can be viewed and shared with your friends and followers on social media. Soon after, PBA LBC Awards will have a point value associated with them and be redeemable for great prizes.

Please allow for up to 48 hours after the achievement is earned for us to validate your score.

Your Digital Awards can be accessed through your LeaguePals account within your notification center. From here you’ll be able to view your earned Awards and click off to access the full Award in your new PBA LBC Awards profile.

Your PBA LBC Awards profile will be available at pbadigitalshop.com. Use your PBA LBC email address to create or reset your password. All of your Awards will be available here to share and engage with.

PBA LBC Awards are not for sale and are only earned based on the following achievements: 1) activate your LeaguePals account, 2) bowl your first 200 game of the season (160 average and below), 3) bowl a 300 game, 4) 700 series, 5) 800 series, 6) 50 pins over average (190 average or below) and 7) 100 pins over average.

PBA LBC Digital Awards cannot be sold and are non-transferable.

PBA LBC Awards are not retroactively awarded. Only scores unlocking achievements as of 5/2/2022 earn PBA LBC Awards.

Our PBA LBC Support Team can answer any questions you might have. Please direct all questions to [email protected]

We are excited to launch with these initial seven achievements.  As the program develops, we will release additional awards and prizes.

There are no PBA LBC Awards awarded for double or team achievements this season.

PBA LBC Awards will be awarded during pre or post bowls once scores are validated.

The first 200 Game of the season and 50 Pins over Average Awards are based on average. The other awards are based on individual games or series bowled during league play.

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