PBA League Bowler Certification Training Videos

Randy Pedersen's Pro Tips

Why are Pros so Good?

Randy Pedersen talks bowling basics with your personal bowling style, a good warmup and practice routine, bowling terminology and he explains why pro bowlers are so good.

Setup and Approach

Randy Pedersen discusses setup and approach, beginning with the pre-shot routine, through the perfect pushaway, ideal armswing and sliding.

Timing and Footwork

Randy Pedersen discusses bowling footwork, explains timing, talks about how balance helps your game and what all great players have in common.

How to Hook a Bowling Ball

Randy Pedersen talks about how to properly hook a bowling ball, how to target on the lane, how to shoot corner pins and how to increase your strike percentage.

All About Bowling Balls

Randy Pedersen talks about everything to do with bowling balls: how to build a bowling-ball arsenal, when to change bowling balls, fine-tuning your fit and bowling-ball maintenance tips.

More Tips from Randy

Randy Pedersen doles out a few more tips, including how to move from league play into tournament play, learning off the lanes, a mental tip and a couple personal tips related to his career on the lanes.