A GLOBAL COMPETITION IN BOWLING! Bowlers from around the world will be invited to participate throughout the year for the 2022 Showdown Tour. Each month there will be a new tournament to participate in. View the full schedule to find out what tournaments you are eligible for. 

When a bowler’s local bowling center is registered for the competition, the bowler can open the Lanetalk App (search for Lanetalk in the AppStore / Google Play if you do not already have the App) and then enter and participate in the competition by clicking on "Matches" and then find your tournament.

Once signed in, bowl 2 consecutive games, and your scores will be recorded in Lanetalk and submitted into the tournament. If you're not satisfied with your score, you can start a new game! You'll just have to start syncing your scores (step 2) before Frame 3 when starting a new attempt.

Each Showdown tournament has a unique set of rules. Please view the rules for your tournament.

Bowlers will compete for a a total $125,000 prize fund throughout the year. There will also be additional prizes from registered product companies along the way. The prize fund varies by tournament, view the full schedule to find out what you can win! 

If there is a problem during a game, Lanetalk will be able to see the result after the 2 consecutive games are complete. Contact support to report the problem at [email protected].

The Professional Bowlers Association includes approximately 3,000 members representing more than 30 countries throughout the world. These members bowl in a competitive, multi-level program each year that is made up of tournaments and events from the Guaranteed Rate PBA Tour, PBA50 Tour (for tour bowlers age 50+), and the PBA Regional Tour.

Lanetalk provides the leading global bowling platform for live scoring, statistics, training, and online competitions. Founded in 2011, Lanetalk has provided statistics and tools to help the bowling industry and to develop the sport. Lanetalk is a partner with Bowlero Corp and PBA and has more than 700 bowling centers connected in 40 countries. The Lanetalk app is utilized by thousands of amateur and professional bowlers to track their scores to get insights and to bowl with anyone, anywhere. The mobile app can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play. For more information, please visit Lanetalk.com.