PBA Certified League Bowler FAQs

The annual membership to be a PBA Certified League Bowler is only $14.95.

PBA CLB is all about the bowler! You’ll receive a Welcome Kit (valued at $89.95), and once you start your league at your PBA Certified Center you’ll immediately begin receiving instant recognition via email as you reach different scoring or special achievement plateaus. At the end of the Fall / Winter season each year, any awards you qualified for during the season will be mailed to you so you can show off your accomplishments to all of your fellow bowlers.

You will also be able to track your progress and achievements (game, series, and special awards) in every league that you bowl in at any PBA Certified Center. Not only will you be able to see your average, but every game you’ve bowled as well.

In order to receive score recognition and awards, you need to participate in a league at a PBA CLB Certified Bowling Center.

Signing up for PBA CLB is simple! Click here and follow the prompts to create your profile and pay your annual dues.

You can still become a PBA Certified League Bowler even if you don’t participate in a league, you just won’t receive the score recognition and awards until you participate in a league at a Certified Center.

No, your PBA CLB membership is valid for every league that you participate in a PBA Certified Center! As you join additional leagues your leagues will be uploaded to your account automatically. No extra work is needed! Just bowl in your league and watch your scores roll in.

To participate in the PBA Certified League Bowler program, your center must be certified. Start bowling at a PBA Certified Center or Contact Us to find out how your center can become certified. 

Yes, each is a separate membership organization offering different benefits and awards.

Absolutely! You can be a member of both organizations at the same time.

There are many benefits that a PBA CLB member will receive that are not included with a USBC membership. And as we launch our in-person and virtual tournaments, bowlers will need to be a PBA CLB member in order to participate.

All questions should be directed via email to [email protected]. A member of our Support Team will answer any questions you may have.

When you join PBA CLB you’ll receive a Welcome Kit shipped to your home which will include a PBA CLB bowler’s accessory bag, a PBA CLB grip sack and a PBA CLB towel. You’ll also get a punch card valid for 25 free games at your PBA CLB certified Center. The value of the Welcome Kit alone is $89.95 which makes joining the PBA CLB a great value.

As you participate in your league or leagues throughout the year, the PBA CLB App will log every game that you bowl and send you a digital award whenever you reach certain scoring levels. These awards can be printed, and are also designed to be shared on your social media platforms, giving you the ideal opportunity to secure some bragging rights! If you have qualified for certain scoring or achievement levels, at the end of each season you’ll receive awards in the mail that you can proudly display.

You’ll also have the opportunity to compete in virtual and in-person tournaments just for PBA CLB members.

You can see where you stand in regards to the next award level by logging into your PBA CLB account.

Awards levels are also listed here.

The first thing you should do is speak with the Management Team at the PBA Certified Center where you bowl. Ask them to verify that the scores you are looking for have been entered into their BLS (Bowling League Secretary) system.

If the scores are in the Center’s BLS, your next step would be to contact the PBA CLB Support Team by email at [email protected]. Make sure to include as much detail as possible (your name, name of Center where scores are missing, name of league, etc.) to assist with the solution of your issue.

No, averages and stats from leagues bowled in a PBA CLB Certified Center are updated and posted online in real-time. You don’t need to wait for the end of the season for your information to be posted.

You can log into your PBA Certified League Bowler profile to see your stats from leagues bowled in PBA Certified League Bowler Certified Centers.

Our PBA CLB Support Team can answer any questions you might have. They can be reached by email at [email protected].

PBA Certified Center FAQs

By being a PBA Certified Center, your bowlers will be able to participate in the PBA CLB program and receive the great benefits that come along with that program.

Centers that are PBA Certified will also be able to host PBA events including the PBA National Tour, PBA50 Tour, PBA Regional Tour and PBA Jr. Tournaments.

The PBA will also be rolling out other exclusive league and tournament opportunities that will benefit to those Centers that are PBA Certified.

First, we want all of the playing fields to be the same, so to become a PBA Certified Center all of the lanes must meet regulation length, width and levelness requirements.

Second, in order for PBA CLB to be able to track league bowlers scores a Center must have the most current version of BLS (bowling League Secretary) software installed. BLS is available from CDE Software / QubicaAMF.

Finally, each PBA CLB Certified Center must pay an annual certification fee of $100.

Yes, Centers with string pinsetters are able to become PBA Certified Centers.

Certifying your Center is a very simple process. A member of the Center Management / Ownership Team will go to PBACLBCenterCertification.com to create a Center profile, fill out the certification forms and pay the certification fee.

If your Center has a current USBC certification, no – you will simply provide the USBC certification number.

If for some reason your Center is not USBC certified, you will need to provide certain lane measurements on the certification form. You will also need to provide the name of the company or individual who took the measurements.

Any reputable lane / pinsetter installer would be your first choice for obtaining lane measurements for PBA Center Certification.

If you have any questions in regards to finding a company to take your measurements, please contact the PBA CLB Support Team at [email protected].

It is the responsibility of the Center to pay any lane installer or the individual/company who is secured to take lane measurements for PBA Certification.

PBA Center Certifications are valid for one year from September 1 through August 31.

PBA will send every current PBA Certified Center an invoice on or around August 1 of each year. Once the Center pays their invoice they are considered certified again for the upcoming year.