PBA Certified League Bowler

PBA Certified League Bowler is a brand-new membership program for bowling centers and active league bowlers endorsed by the PBA. Bowling center proprietors and League Bowlers at participating centers are all eligible to participate in the program. Learn more about how you can join today! 

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Become a PBA Certified League Bowler

Earning awards has never been easier with the PBA Certified League Bowler program! By bowling in a league at a participating center, you'll have access to your game-by-game scores each week you bowl in your league. These game scores will allow you to unlock awards throughout the league season. Don't wait to sign up today and start earning! 

How it Works

To become a PBA Certified League Bowler, create your account online by selecting your center and league, provide your account details and make a low annual payment of $14.95. This is a deal you won't want to miss out on! Once you're in, start bowling in your league and watch as your scores enter your profile. Each week, if you qualify you'll earn awards! What's easier than that? 

Bowler Benefits

Welcome Kit

Upon sign up you'll receive a premium Welcome Kit valued at $89.95. The Welcome Kit Includes an Accessory Bag, Microfiber Bowling Towel, Grip Sack and a Free Game Card for 25 FREE Games! 


As a PBA Certified League Bowler, as you bowl and earn new scores each week you'll earn Awards! These Awards include Digital Downloads to show off your achievements plus Lapel Pins that will be shipped to your address once a year. 


Are you keeping track of your league scores on your own? Let us do the work for you! By becoming a PBA Certified League Bowler, we will automatically track your league scores in your profile. You bowl, we'll take care of the rest!


Find Out If Your Center is Certified

Check the center map below to find out if your center is a PBA Certified Center. If you don't see your center on the list, no problem! Contact us to find out what it takes for your center to become certified.



Become a PBA Certified Center

By becoming a PBA Certified Center you'll receive perks like the ability to host a PBA Event and drive additional lineage to your center through league play and tournaments. Your center must be certified for your bowlers to participate in the program. 

How to Join

To become a PBA Certified Center contact us to request a PBA Certified Center application. If you meet all of the qualifications necessary, you'll pay an annual fee of $100 and start benefiting from the program! It's that simple. 

Why Join

Bowler Recognition

By becoming a PBA Certified Center your bowlers will be allowed to participate in the program and receive Bowler Recognition through the awards program. 

Host a PBA Event

Want the pros to play at your center? Now is your chance! By Becoming a PBA Certified Center you'll be eligible to host a PBA event. This one opportunity you don't want to miss out on. 

PBA Certified League Bowler Resources

Get all the information you need through our PBA Certified League Bowler resources. We want you to have all of the information needed to make your decision to sign up as easy as possible.