Four more regional events hit the books as bowlers continue accumulating points to advance to the RPI next January for their shot at some big bucks. Florida and Ohio each held a pair of events and bowlers flocked to the centers for a chance at some hardware. 

PBA Lightning Strikes Challenge (Non-Champions)


In early March at Lightning Strikes Bowl in Fort Myers, Fla., two bowlers without a crown eventually found one in both the PBA and PBA50 divisions. Even with two sub-200 games in the middle of her block, PWBA star Verity Crawley dominated qualifying, going +242 for seven games to lead the day.

In bracket play, after earning a double-bye, Crawley was eliminated in her first match by Colin Champion, who in turn was dropped by Dallas Leong. The final bout pitted Leong, who had won his last seven games, against Ethan Fiore. Leong stayed strong, winning both games to clinch his first regional title.

PBA Lightning Strikes Challenge (Non-Champions) Final Standings

  1. Dallas Leong, $1,500
  2. Ethan Fiore, $1,200
  3. Evan Baranecky, $1,000
  4. Colin Champion, $1,000

PBA Lightning Strikes Challenge (Non-Champions) Full Results

PBA50 Lightning Strikes Challenge (Non-Champions)

Simultaneously, the PBA50 bowlers also looked to crown a new champion. Ralph Brunt Jr. started strong, leading at +258 for his seven games. He earned a double-bye for his efforts, but still had some work to do as they entered bracket play. Brunt fell in his first match, opening the doors for others to take the title.

Joe Fulner III defeated Albert Mountcastle in the first semifinal, while Danny Battles slid past David Taylor in the other Race-to-Three match. Battles dominated in the finals, winning the first game by 95 pins and the second by 77 to pick up his first regional title.

PBA50 Lightning Strikes Challenge (Non-Champions) Final Standings

  1. Danny Battles, $1,300
  2. Joe Fulner III, $1,086
  3. David Taylor, $850
  4. Albert Mountcastle, $850

PBA50 Lightning Strikes Challenge (Non-Champions) Full Results

PBA50 Strike Zone Lanes Central Classic


In Canton, Ohio, the NFL Hall of Fame was no match for the big names that came to the Strike Zone Lanes Central Classic earlier this month. After qualifying fifth, Eugene McCune stepped up and led through the next three advancer rounds, grabbing the top spot in the stepladder. But with big names still in the way, his odds remained at 50/50.

In the first match, nine-time regional titleist Brad Angelo took down four-time champion John Marsala, 267-204; then Angelo defeated Mark Sullivan 256-236. To finish the stepladder, Brad Angelo delivered a 280 to McCune’s 209, giving Angelo an 803 series and his 10th career regional title.

PBA50 Strike Zone Lanes Central Classic Final Standings

  1. Brad Angelo, 2,500 points, $3,000
  2. Eugene McCune, 1,500, $1,700
  3. Mark Sullivan, 1,150, $1,300
  4. John Marsala, 950, $1,000

PBA50 Strike Zone Lanes Central Classic Full Results

PBA/PBA50 Doubles/Clutch Lanes Central Open

As the PBA Hall of Fame ceremony and the Tournament of Champions sat on the horizon in Fairlawn, Ohio, many of the game’s biggest names took the short drive down to Cuyahoga Falls. Nate Garcia and Walter Ray Williams Jr. qualified as the top seed thanks to a monster day from Garcia, who averaged over 250 for his eight games.

They were one of four teams to earn a bye, but they fell in their first match to the duo of Tom Hess and Tom Daugherty, who eventually advanced to the final contest. There, the team of Toms took on Central Region bowlers Larry Verble and Patrick Dombrowski, where the best-of-five match took the minimum three games.

Hess and Daughterty won 269-235, 205-202, and 265-197. The pair stepped into the TOC on a good note, earning themselves $2,000 and a regional title.

PBA/PBA50 Doubles/Clutch Lanes Central Open Final Standings

  1. Tom Hess/Tom Daugherty, 2,500 points, $4,000
  2. Larry Verble/Patrick Dombrowski, 1,500, $2,000
  3. Mike DeVaney/EJ Tackett, 1,150, $1,600
  4. Michael Haggitt/Graham Fach, 950, $1,600

PBA/PBA50 Doubles/Clutch Lanes Central Open Full Results

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