The PBA Regional Tour provides a means for high caliber bowlers, including PBA stars, to sharpen their skills before competing on the PBA and PBA50 Tours while also allowing competitors with full-time jobs the opportunity to compete at the professional level in weekend events within easy travel distances.

Approximately 170 professionally-operated weekend tournaments span the U.S. each year offering a variety of formats and official lane condition challenges in each of the seven domestic regions plus Japan. The PBA offers athletes an opportunity to test their skills at a high level, in close-to-home, inexpensive competition with rewarding prize money for those who excel.

In addition to offering standard events, open to all ages, the PBA offers a variety of events including reduced-entry fee tournaments, doubles formats and single-day events. We also offer exclusive PBA50 events for bowlers over the age of 50 (and a few PBA60 tournaments for 60-plus players), allowing bowlers of all ages an opportunity to compete in age-appropriate events with dedicated prize funds. The PBA welcomes women bowlers in all of its regional events, and even offers an annual “women only” event within each region. We have something for everyone!

Non-members can bowl too!

Although you’ll forfeit exclusive benefits that PBA members receive, you can still bowl in PBA Regional events as a non-member within certain rules that apply. To bowl in a PBA event as a non-member you must meet the average requirement to become a PBA member. You must average at least 200 in an USBC-certified league or 190 in a certified USBC Sport or PBA Experience league. Collegiate and youth bowlers (with parental consent) are allowed to bowl, but in order to protect their eligibility, they must declare any prize money won be paid into their USBC SMART program scholarship funds.

It’s always best to check-in with the PBA Regional Tour manager on-site with any questions you might have prior to the start of the event. If you have questions about non-member participation you can check the PBA FAQ page Non-Member Entry Instructions


First, check out the upcoming schedule here

Or, you can contact any of the PBA Regional Managers for information by clicking on the region you are interested in:

Another great resource for questions is the PBA’s FAQ page found here… frequently asked questions area.