The PBA Regional Tour has two major functions. It provides a means for high caliber bowlers, including PBA Tour stars, to sharpen their skills before competing on the PBA Tour and allows competitors with full-time jobs the opportunity to compete at the professional level in weekend events.

Approximately 170 of these professionally operated weekend tournaments span the U.S. offering a cash ratio of 1:3 and a minimum $400 for the last place cash spot. We also provide tournament players with credible lane conditions allowing them to use all their bowling skills, which include physical and mental challenges such as accuracy, reading and adjusting to various lane conditions and spare shooting to name a few. Simply put, we offer athletes who embrace challenge the real sport of bowling.

Besides an optimal weekend bowling tournament environment, the PBA Regional Tour program provides two major championships for PBA members who are not exempt for the PBA Tour. Players winning these Regional Tour Majors, (Regional Players Championship East and Regional Players Championship West) receive seeded berths into the coveted PBA Tour Tournament of Champions.

All PBA members, regardless of their membership classification, are eligible for the other three “Majors” of bowling: the PBA World Championship, the U.S. Open and the USBC Masters. Bowling in these prestigious events, alongside players like Walter Ray Williams Jr, Pete Weber, Chris Barnes, Norm Duke, Tommy Jones, Doug Kent, Mika “Major Mika” Koivuniemi and other greats of the game is the ultimate experience in professional bowling. To take part in the Majors that Anthony, Weber, Carter and other bowling legends of the 20th Century coveted is to touch, feel and be a part of bowling history.

Senior PBA members receive all the benefits above, plus special regional and national events held for those who have reached their 50th birthday. Major events for seniors include the PBA Senior U.S. Open and the USBC Senior Masters. There are also “super senior” cash spots for those who have reached their 60th birthday.

Non-members can bowl too!

Although you’ll forfeit benefits that PBA members receive, you can still bowl in PBA Regional events, the USBC Masters and PBA U.S. Open as a non-member.

First, choose your tournament.

Non-Member Entry Instructions are outlined on the PBA FAQ page.

It’s that simple!

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Whether you are interested in PBA Regional Tour weekend bowling events or have aspirations to be one of the elite players on the PBA Tour, you owe it yourself as a competitive athlete to be part of the PBA Experience! Click here to find a PBA Experience League near you.