Northwest Region

The Regional Players Invitational

The Regional Players Invitational (RPI) is back! The PBA is excited to announce the return of the invitational which will take place in January 2022 at South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The three-day event will feature a top prize of $20k with a total prize fund of $100,000! You won’t want to miss out on this event.

How it works

  • From January 1, 2021-December 31, 2021, PBA members can earn points in all open field regional events to earn entry into the RPI.
  • The top 6 players from this region will automatically earn a spot in the invitational.
  • The top 2 senior players from this region will automatically earn a spot in the invitational. 
  • To complete the 120-member field, each region will hold a RPI Tournament Qualifier to fill the remaining 40 spots.

Check your ranking below to find out where you stand throughout the 2021 season. If your rankings aren't available yet, check back soon!

Contact Information

Josh Blanchard
Northwest Region Manager
1452 S Mayfair
Mesa, AZ 85204
Phone: (909) 908-5713
Email: [email protected]

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Tournament Schedule

Date Tournament Location
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- PBA50 West/Northwest Caveman Classic Grants Pass, Oregon More Info
- PBA Strikerz Open Presented by Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort More Info
- PBA50 Fix Auto @ Daffodil Bowl Classic Puyallup, Washington More Info
- PBA Fix Auto @ Daffodil Bowl Open Puyallup, Washington More Info
- PBA Primasing Car Dealership Non Champions Lebanon, Oregon More Info
- PBA Northwest Primasing Car Dealership Dual Pattern Challenge Lebanon, Oregon More Info
- PBA50 Northwest Drake Mechanical Classic Boise, Idaho More Info
- PBA Northwest Drake Mechanical Open Boise, Idaho More Info