When watching the PBA pros, you may think, "Hey, I bowled a 210 before, I can be a pro too." It's not as easy as it looks. There's something that significantly changes the playing surface. Something you can't see: Oil.


In the early days of bowling, oil conditioner was applied to the lane as a barrier to protect the surface from damage over years of use.

As lacquer, polyurethane and synthetic surfaces became more popular, oil became part of the sport.

Today, PBA members must continuously adjust their strategies and methods of attacking the challenging conditions of the PBA Tour.

PBA Lane Maintenance Philosophy

The PBA Lane Maintenance Program (LMP) exists to balance the many complicated variables associated with cleaning and conditioning lanes during multi-day PBA tournaments. For all regular events on the PBA Tour, PBA Regional Tour and PBA50 Tour, one or more of the PBA’s patterns will be used at any given tournament. These patterns make up the "Official Playing Conditions of the PBA Tour."