KingPins and Atom Splitters move into tie for second place

The final matches of Round 12 of the PBA Elite League, held at Strobl Arena inside Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park, Mich., took place on Sunday afternoon.

The KingPins prevailed over Lucky Strike L.A. X, while the Akron Atom Splitters defeated the hometown Motown Muscle in a pair of roll-offs.

Jason Belmonte, player-manager of L.A. X, secured the first game for his team with a strike and spare in the 10th frame. L.A. X, which would have clinched a postseason berth with a victory, fell in Game 2, 216-179.

In the roll-off, L.A.’s Dom Barrett matched New Jersey’s BJ Moore opening strike. After New Jersey's Marshall Kent struck and L.A.’s Darren Tang only knocked over eight pins, Packy Hanrahan clinched the match for the KingPins with a strike.

Motown and Akron clinched playoff berths in Round 11 earlier in the week, but playoff seeding was still on the line. With a win, Akron would move into a tie with New Jersey and the Portland Lumberjacks for second place and a bye.

The opening game of the match featured the two highest scoring games of Round 12, with Akron winning 258-247. The hometown Muscle fought back to win Game 2, 234-211.

In the roll-off, Motown anchor Anthony Simonsen needed a strike to extend the three-player shootout into a sudden-death roll-off. However, the 4-pin had other plans.

With two rounds to go in the PBA Elite League regular season, the Las Vegas High Rollers hold sole possession of first place.

Portland, Akron and New Jersey sit in a three-way tie for second place. Portland owns the tiebreaker with their 3-1 record against the Atom Splitters and KingPins. Akron (2-2) sits in third over the KingPins (1-3).

Motown, with a playoff berth clinched, sits fifth.

L.A. X holds a one-game advantage over the GoBowling Dallas Strikers for the final postseason berth through Round 12. L.A. defeated Dallas in both regular season matches; therefore, Dallas would have to win out with L.A. losing out to usurp L.A. and make the playoffs.

The defending champion Waco Wonders sit in eighth place at 2-10.

The final rounds of the PBA Elite League regular season will be held at AMF Riviera Lanes later this month. Six matches will take place on April 22 at 6 p.m. Eastern on BowlTV.

The final two Round 14 matches — L.A. X vs. Portland and Akron vs. Las Vegas — will take place April 27 at 4 p.m. ET on FS1.

The PBA Elite League schedule is available here

More information on the PBA Elite League is available here.

Round 12 Results

New Jersey def. L.A. X, 2-1 (216-217, 216-179, 30-18)
Akron def. Motown, 2-1 (258-247, 211-234, 28-27)


Team, Record, Pinfall

x - Las Vegas High Rollers, 9-3, 5,108
x - Portland Lumberjacks, 8-4, 5,233
x - Akron Atom Splitters, 8-4, 5,117
x - New Jersey KingPins, 8-4, 5,042
x - Motown Muscle, 6-6, 5,210
Lucky Strike L.A. X, 4-8, 5,024
GoBowling Dallas Strikers, 3-9, 5,105
Waco Wonders, 2-10, 4,871