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Match 4

  Bowler Score Results
Kyle Troup 257 Winner
Dick Allen 212  

Match 3

  Bowler Score Results
Francois Lavoie 227  
Dick Allen 244 Winner

Match 2

  Bowler Score Results
Dick Allen 216 Winner
Tom Smallwood 195  

Match 1

  Bowler Score Results
Tom Smallwood 278 Winner
Anthony Simonsen 225  

KR Strikeforce In the Bag Listings

Bowler Bowling Ball Shoes Accessories Logos
Kyle Troup Idol Synergy 3G Storm Tape Storm, Vise, Team Fish, Bowler X, Striking Against Breast Cancer, High5
Francois Lavoie Rubicon UC2 Dexter TurboGrips Buddies Pro Shop, Turbo, Storm, Ballard The Big C, High5
Dick Allen Jackel Ghost Dexter Genesis, Vise Grips Genesis, Vise, Motiv, High5, IT
Tom Smallwood Sigma Tour Rogue Assasin Dexter Genesis, Turbo Turbo, Motiv, Genesis, High5
Anthony Simonsen Trend Dexter Vise Grips Dexter, Classic Products, Roto Grip, BowlerX, Vise, Ballard The Big C, Turner Janitorial Service, High5

Seeding Round Scores

Bowler Region Game 1 Game 2 Game 3

Kyle Troup
East 238 517 741

Francois Lavoie
Southwest 245 469 726

Dick Allen
South 258 484 717

Tom Smallwood
Central 258 483 709

Anthony Simonsen
West 235 472 694

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The first PBA Tour champion of 2021 will be crowned Sunday as the PBA Players Championship Finals conclude with the winners from each of the five Regional Finals competing for a major title and $250,000 first prize.

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2021 PBA Players Championship Finals
2021 PBA Players Championship Finals

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