2024 PBA Tour

USBC Masters

Event dates
Host center
Suncoast Bowling Center

9090 Alta Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89145
United States

Tournament Host Center

Suncoast Bowling Center

9090 Alta Dr.

Las Vegas, NV 89145

(702) 636-7400

Rules for the 2024 USBC Masters

2024 PBA Tour – Approved Equipment

PBA National Tour:

All bowling balls must be manufactured after August 1, 2022. Any older second shot balls (spare balls) made of plastic or rubber may be approved for use at spares or as a fill ball by the Tournament Director or Director of Rules and Equipment on case by case basis.

Urethane and urethane-like bowling balls must also be manufactured after August 1, 2022 and manufactured at 78.0+HD hardness. (List of current balls that fit this description below).

2024 List of Acceptable Urethane and Urethane-Like Equipment made at 78.0HD+

Current (1/9/24)

Hammer (Black Pearl Urethane)

Motiv (Tank Yellowjacket)

RotoGrip (Retro RG Spare)

Storm (IQ Tour 78/U)

Storm (Mix)

SWAG (Buffalo)

SWAG (Big Bro Burn Up LE)