PBA Jr. West Regional Qualifier – Gilbert

Event dates
Host center
Bowlero Gilbert

1160 South Gilbert Road
Gilbert, AZ 85296
United States

Friday, October 18th

6:00 PM to 7:00 PM: Practice Session (O’Neill / McEwan / Tackett oil patterns)

Saturday, October 19th

8:30 AM: Roll Call (ALL bowlers)

9:00 AM: Qualifying Round, Block #1 (5 games / ALL bowlers / O’Neill 36-foot oil pattern)

2:00 PM: Qualifying Round, Block #2 (5 games / ALL bowlers / McEwan 41-foot oil pattern)

Sunday, October 20th

9:00 AM: Qualifying Round, Block #3 (5 games / ALL bowlers / Tackett 44-foot oil pattern)

Top 12 bowlers in each Division will advance to Elimination Bracket Round

2:00 PM: Elimination Bracket Round

Single elimination; seeds #1 through #4 from Qualifying Round receive a first-round bye

Champion from each division will advance to PBA Jr. National Championship Finals

Entry Fee (credit or debit card only)

Regular Entry Fee: $179

PBA Jr. Club Members: $129

Full Tournament Format & Rules

Entry Information

Entries close at midnight Wednesday, October 16th or when the maximum number of entries has been reached, whichever comes first. In the event the maximum number of entries is reached prior to the deadline, bowlers can be placed on a waiting list.


U18 Boys and U18 Girls Divisions are open to all junior bowlers who have not yet reached the age of 18 by December 31, 2023. U15 Mixed Division is open to all junior bowlers who have not yet reached the age of 15 by December 31, 2023.

NOTE: Juniors who are age eligible to compete in the U15 Mixed division may choose to move up to the U18 division for the Regional Qualifiers if they desire. U15 Mixed bowlers will “declare” their division choice for all of the 2024 calendar year based on the first Regional Qualifier in which they participate. For example, If a U15 Mixed age eligible bowler chooses to compete in a U18 division in their first event, they will only be allowed to compete in that same U18 division the entire year. If a U15 Mixed age eligible bowler competes in the U15 Mixed division in their first event, they may only compete in the U15 Mixed division the entire year.

Dress & Conduct Code (Applies to Practice Session and all Competition)

Boys must wear slacks (no shorts). Girls must wear slacks, skirts, skorts or dress shorts. No jeans are allowed. Bowlers are not permitted to wear hats or other headgear, ripped or torn clothing, or basketball shorts. No clothing with offensive language or graphics, or any apparel which the tournament director feels is inappropriate.

All bowlers must wear shirts or jerseys with collars and sleeves. No t-shirts are allowed.

Smoking is not permitted by bowlers before, during or after the tournament. Proper behavior is expected at all times.

Oil Patterns

Three PBA Jr. Oil patterns will be used for the PBA Jr. Regional Qualifiers. Each 5-game block will be bowed on a different PBA Jr. Oil pattern: PBA Jr. O’Neill / 36-feet; PBA Jr. McEwan / 41-feet; PBA Jr. Tackett / 44-feet. The O’Neill 36-foot pattern will be used in the Elimination Bracket round.

Product Registration

Bowling Balls

The PBA issued a new rule effective 1/6/2024 regarding the use of urethane and urethane-like bowling balls. Portions of this new rule does apply to all PBA Jr. competition.

In regards to which bowling balls are allowed to be used in PBA / PBA Jr. competition, the general rule of thumb to follow is if the ball is listed on the Registered Products page of PBA.com, it can be used in PBA Jr. competition. If a bowling ball is NOT listed on PBA.com, it may NOT be used in PBA / PBA Jr. competition. To access the Registered Product page, go to PBA.com > Player Resources > Registered Products. Click on the specific bowling ball brand and then look for the name of the ball you are looking for. PBA Registered Products

FAQ’s regarding the new bowling ball rules: PBA Bowling Ball FAQ's

Bowlers may use an unlimited number of bowling balls during the tournament, but all balls must be logged on their scorecard.

SMART funds totaling 400 points ($2,000) will be added to each Regional Qualifier. The amount of SMART scholarships added to each division will be determined based on the percentage of entries in each division compared to the overall total number of entries. SMART Scholarships will be awarded to all bowlers who advance to the Elimination Bracket Round in each division, or at a 1:6 ratio, whichever is more favorable based on the total number of entries.