2023 Guaranteed Rate PBA Tour

PBA Skill Ball Challenge

Event dates
Host center

4200 Allen Rd, Allen Park
Allen Park, MI 48101
United States


Saturday, July 22

PBA Pros Arrive: 5:30 p.m.

PBA Party with the Pros: 6 p.m.

Sunday, July 23

PBA Pros Arrive: 5:30 p.m.

PBA Skill Ball Challenge: 7 p.m.

PBA Skill Challenge Prize Fund: $50,000

Tournament Host Center

Thunderbowl Lanes

4200 Allen Rd.

Allen Park, MI 48101

(313) 928-4688


Top 8 in points from the five 2023 PBA Classic Events (PBA Springfield Classic, PBA Shawnee Classic, PBA Wichita Classic, PBA Jackson Classic, PBA Kokomo Classic).


PBA Skill Ball Challenge: 7 p.m. on Sunday, July 23

  • Each match will be a Race to Two.
  • In each match, both bowlers will start the first game on the right lane and the second game on the left lane.
  • In the event a game ends in a tie, the tie will be broken by one-ball sudden death roll-off on the 10thframe lane.
  • If the match reaches a 1-1 tie, the tie will be broken by a 9th& 10th frame roll-off. Both bowlers will start the roll-off on the same lane, chosen by the higher seed.

Round of 8 (#1 v #8; #2 v# 7; #3 v #6; #4 v #5)

Semi-Finals (#1/#8 v #4/#5; #2/#7 v #3/#6)

Championship (#1/#8/#4/#5 v #2/#7/#3/#6)

This event runs in conjunction with Teen Masters and all other participants will be Teen Masters entrants. 


A PBA SKILL 3.02 (14# or 15#) will be shipped to each player as soon as they commit to participating. Drilling specifications should be the same as Teen Masters’, with one-ounce static weight limitations.

Maximum Field


Entry Fees

There is no entry fee for the PBA Skill Challenge

PBA Skill Ball Challenge Prize Fund: $50,000

1st Place – $16,000

2nd Place - $10,000

3rd Place - $6,000

4th Place - $6,000

5th Place - $3,000

6th Place - $3,000

7th Place - $3,000

8th Place - $3,000