PBA Junior logo over a blue background with pins and a bowler taking a shot.

PBA Jr. Hawaii West Regional

Event dates
Host center
Fort Shafter Bowling Center

186 Chapplear Rd
Honolulu, HI 96858
United States

Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

9:00-10:00 AM: Practice Session

10:30 AM: Roll Call

11:00 AM: Qualifying Round #1 (All bowlers, 5 games) *O'neill Pattern*

Sunday, June 4th, 2023

8:30 AM: Roll Call

9:00 AM: Qualifying Round #2 (All bowlers, 5 games) *Tackett Pattern*

Cut to top 8 bowlers in each division using the 10 game total pin fall

12:00 PM: Best of 2 Head to Head Elimination Match Play *Tackett Pattern*

Top 8 bowlers in each division; 8 bowlers cut to 4 bowlers; 4 bowlers cut to 2 bowlers; final 2 Championship match

4:30PM Pro AM


PBA Jr. Regional Tournaments during the calendar year of 2023 are open to all male and female youth bowlers who have not yet reached the age of 18 as December 31, 2022. All participants must be USBC Youth Members.

Entry Fee

PBA Jr. Club Members: $99

Regular Entry Fee: $138

Entry Information

Entries close at midnight Wednesday, May 29th, 2023.

After the deadline, entries must be made directly with the PBA Regional Manager.


All bowlers will bowl five (5) games in Qualifying Round #1 and five (5) games in Qualifying Round #2.

At the conclusion of the two Qualifying Rounds, all bowler’s total scores in each division will be pooled and the field will be cut to the top 8 bowlers in each division. In the event of a tie(s) for the final position, a one-game roll-off will take place immediately to break the tie. If a one (1) game roll-off ends in a tie, all tied competitors for the alternate position will compete in a one (1) ball sudden death roll-off to determine the winner.

The top 8 bowlers in each division will advance to compete in a Two-Game Elimination Match Play bracket round. Seeding for the Two-Game Game Elimination Match Play will be determined by a bowler’s total pinfall from the two Qualifying Rounds. A standard 8-person bracket will be used. A bowler must win both games to advance in the bracket.

In the event of a tie during any Elimination Match Play match, competitors will compete in a 9th-10th frame roll-off. The highest seeded competitor shall determine starting lane and order for the roll-off. 

The remaining bowler after completion of the Two-Game Elimination Match Play will be declared the Tournament Champion.

Dress and Conduct Code (applies to Practice Session and all Competition)

All bowlers must wear shirts or jerseys with collars and sleeves and their name on the back. No t-shirts are allowed. Boys must wear slacks (no shorts). Girls must wear slacks, skirts, skorts or dress shorts. No jeans are allowed. Bowlers are not permitted to wear hats or other headgear, ripped or torn clothing, or basketball shorts. No clothing with offensive language or graphics, or any apparel which the tournament director feels is inappropriate. Smoking is not permitted by bowlers before, during or after the tournament. Proper behavior is expected at all times.

Oil Patterns

A PBA oil pattern will be used for PBA Jr. Regional Tournaments. The oil pattern name and specs will be announced prior to the start of competition.

PBA Jr. will be adding $1,000 in SMART scholarship funds to each PBA Jr. Regional event. The added $1,000 will be evenly dispersed to each division based on the number of entries. SMART Scholarships will be awarded in each division at a 1:6 ratio.

1st Place in the U18 Boys division is projected to pay $1,750 First Place SMART scholarship with 75 entries

1st Place in the U18 Girls division is projected to pay $1,750 First Place SMART scholarship with 75 entries

1st Place in the U15 Mixed division is projected to pay $1,000 First Place SMART scholarship with 50 entries

Product Registration

Current Round: Single Elimination

Games Completed: 16

PositionBowlerHometownPinsAVG(W-L-T)Bonus PinsTotal Pins+/- 200
1Ryder BaisacWaipio, HI3164197.754-1-1127044341234
2Trenton Ichimura JrHI3066191.632-3-1116742331033
3Kaz YamadaKaneohe, Hawaii2627187.641-3-07853412612
4Ezra BentkowskiAiea2761197.212-2-07623523723
5Louis CloudLas Vegas, NV2289190.751-1-03702659259
6Koby Shinogi-LingAiea, Hawaii2323193.581-1-03922715315
7Dohoon KwonVancouver, WA2368197.331-1-04182786386
8Kelsey OshiroPearl City2044170.331-1-0398244242
9Callie TatsuyamaEWA BEACH1611161.100-0-001611-389
# Finish Bowler Hometown (W-L-T) Avg Pts Points Money
1 Ryder Baisac Waipio, HI 4-1-1 197.75 0.00 $600.00
2 Trenton Ichimura Jr HI 2-3-1 191.63 0.00 $300.00
3 Kaz Yamada Kaneohe, Hawaii 1-3-0 187.64 0.00 $200.00
4 Ezra Bentkowski Aiea 2-2-0 197.21 0.00 $200.00
5 Louis Cloud Las Vegas, NV 1-1-0 190.75 0.00 $140.00
6 Koby Shinogi-Ling Aiea, Hawaii 1-1-0 193.58 0.00 $140.00
7 Dohoon Kwon Vancouver, WA 1-1-0 197.33 0.00 $140.00
8 Kelsey Oshiro Pearl City 1-1-0 170.33 0.00 $140.00
9 Callie Tatsuyama EWA BEACH 0-0-0 161.10 0.00 $0.00
10 Emma Inagaki Kailua, HI -- 160.90 0.00 $0.00
11 Connor Lopez Hercules, CA -- 160.20 0.00 $0.00
12 Kyson Yoshimoto Mililani, HI -- 159.50 0.00 $0.00
13 Quentin Terada Kaneohe, Hawaii -- 159.30 0.00 $0.00
14 Ava Domingo Pearl City -- 148.70 0.00 $0.00
15 Kalani Woods-Matanza Lake Oswego, Oregon -- 147.00 0.00 $0.00
16 John Jr. Badua Kapolei, HI -- 145.80 0.00 $0.00
17 Spencer Inagaki Kailua -- 144.90 0.00 $0.00
18 Frankie Katz Jr Huntington Beach -- 140.20 0.00 $0.00
19 Aubrey Lynn Masuda Maili -- 139.20 0.00 $0.00
20 Keanu Torres-Estores Wailuku -- 137.10 0.00 $0.00
21 Landen Bucaneg Wailuku, HI -- 137.00 0.00 $0.00
22 Noheakaimana Bogard Waianae -- 130.30 0.00 $0.00
23 Christian Josiah Alika Ramos Hi -- 127.90 0.00 $0.00
24 Jacob Badua Kapolei, HI -- 76.60 0.00 $0.00