Full Registration: Balls and Accessories

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Name Type Color Date Approved
#88 Terry Cook PBA Racing Ball Black Versathane
100P Ball Red Sparkle
100P Ball Black Sparkle
300A Ball Black/Purple/Yellow
300C Ball Black/Red Pearl
300C Ball Purple
300T Ball Violet/Blue/Gold
400A SE Ball White Diamond
503A Ball Black/Purple/Red
503C Ball Purple/Blue/White
503T Ball Red/Gold/Navy
505A Ball Black/Red/Lime Green
505C Ball Blue/Gold
505C2 Ball Metallic Orange Prl
505T Ball Blue/Black/Gold
508A Ball Green/Black/Yellow
607A Special Edition Ball Black/Red/Yellow
706A Ball Black/Gold/Purple
706CA Ball Teal/Black/Lime
706T Ball Blue/Indigo/Lime
714C Ball Blue/Black/Gold
715A Ball Red/Blue/Silver
715C Ball Black/Red/Gold
715T Ball Red/Yellow/Blue
716C Ball Orange/Black/Green
716T Ball Black/Yellow/Orange
718A Ball Black/Blue/Caramel
811A Special Edition Ball Black/Red/Blue
811C/T Ball Blue/Yellow/Black
910A Ball Blue/Lemon/Sapphire
912T Ball Blue/Red/Orange
916 All Terrain Ball Red/Yellow
919C Ball Blue/Red/Silver
920A Ball Emerald/Black
920T Ball Black Cherry
930T Ball Black/Purple/Silver
Alias Ball Smoke/Purple/Orange
Animal Ball Purple/Gold multi-color Mega Fang
Animal Untamed Ball Purple/Silver POWERPLUS REACTIVE
Archetype Ball Navy/Neon Green/White
Archetype Hybrid Ball Sky Blue/Black/White
Arsenal Aggressive Ball Black/Blue
Arsenal Angular Ball Red/Black
Arsenal Artillery Ball Green/Black
Arsenal Reactive Ball Black/Copper/Silver Pearl 1500 grit sanded Power Pack™
Assassin Ball Blue, Green, Yellow multi-color Pro Tracktion
Avenger Ball Violent Purple with Yellow logo fill ProTraction Plus
Blue Heat Ball Blue/Red
Champ Ball Striking Blue Pro Traction
Code Red Special Edition Ball Cherry Red POWERPLUS
Crash Ball Purple/Gold/Red Multi Color POWERPLUS
Critical Mass Ball Purple Versathane
Critical Mass Code Red Ball Red Versathane
Crunch Ball Burgundy/Black Power Plus Solid
Crunch Time Ball Purple/Orange Mulitcolor Power Plus EX Reactive
Cyborg Ball Red/Black/Silver
Cyborg Pearl Ball Silver/Black Cherry
Cypher Ball Dark Green/Black/Lime
Desert Heat Ball Red/Orange
Dry Heat Ball Purple Power Plus Solid
Elliptical Mass Bias (EMB) Ball Plum with silver logo fill ProTraction Plus
EMB Pearl Ball Wine Pearl Protraktion Plus Pearl
EMB XF Ball Blue/Green multi-color Pro Tracktion Plus Pearl
Enforcer Ball Enforcer Red Pro Tracktion
Enforcer Ball Red Polyester
Equation Ball Burgundy Pearl/Copper Pearl
Equation 2 Ball Red/Purple
EZ Money Ball Red/Blue multi-color Particle
Flaming T Ball Clear polyester ball containing a 2-color Flaming “T” shaped core
Flare Ball Red Versathane
Freak Ball Red/Black Multi-Color WOW II Particle
Freak Out Ball Purple/Silver/Red Multicolor WOW II Particle
Freak-A-Zoid Ball Purple/Red
Havoc Ball Blue Multi-color Power Plus Solid
Heat Ball Ultra Violet
Heat Ball Red/Gold
Heat Ball Maroon Pearl
Heat 2 Ball Midnight Navy Blue Pegaxis Pro
Heat 2 Pearl Ball Metallic Blue with Yellow/Orange Logo Fill Pegaxis Pro Pearl
Heat Blast Ball *
Heat Blast Ball Reb/Purple/Orange
Heat Lava Ball Lava Sparkle
Heat X-Treme Ball Red/Orange/Black
Hex Ball Blue/Silver multi-color Reactive/Particle Pearl Blend
Hex RevMaster Ball Blue/Orange Multicolor Powerplus with Mica
Hex-Plosion Ball Burgundy
Hex-treme Ball Blue/Light Blue multicolor Reactive
Hot Coral Triton Ball Hot Coral Pearl Versathane XII
Hx05 Ball Purple Prl/Gold Prl
Hx10 Ball Smoke/Red/Blue
Hx16 Ball Orange/Gold Pearl/Bl
In2ition Ball Green/Silver/Black
Inertia Ball Red/Black
Kinetic Ball Navy/Red Reactive
Kinetic Amethyst Ball Amethyst
Kinetic Black Ice Ball Black Ice
Kinetic Cobalt Ball Cobalt/Black
Kinetic Emerald Ball Emerald
Kinetic Engergy Ball Navy/Blue
Kinetic Obsedian Ball Black
Kinetic Pearl Ball Black/Purple
Kinetic Platinum Ball Platinum
Kinetic Ruby Ball Ruby
KO Punch Pro Ball Blue, Green Pro Tracktion
Latitude Ball Dark Purple/Light Purple
Latitude Pearl Ball Royal/Aqua
Legion Ball Red/Black/Yellow
Legion Ball Purple/Silver
Legion Solid Ball Black
Legion Solid Ball Deep Purple
Logix Ball Black Pearl
Lx05 Ball Blue/Black/Silver
Lx10 Ball Orange/Purple/Aqua
Lx16 Ball Red/Plum/Smoke
Machine Ball Black/Green
Mako Ball Blue/Purple/Black
Mako Ball Not Clear until 1/16
Mako Attack Ball Blue/Red/Black
Mean Machine Ball Black Pearl
Metallic Blue Sensor Ball Blue with sparkles Versathane
Mojo Ball Green/Red/Purple/Blue Multi-Color Bigfoot Particle
Money Ball Purple/Green Soft Reactive
Mutant Ball Blue Solid/Blue Pearl WOW II Particle
Mx05 Ball Red Pearl/Silver
Mx10 Ball Black/Yellow/Silver
Mx16 Ball Orange/Blue/Silver
NRg Ball Versathane
Nuke Ball Green Versathane
Paradox Ball Blue/Blue Pearl/Ligh
Paradox Black Ball Black/Smoke Pearl
Paradox Pearl Ball Pueple Pearls
Paradox Red Ball Red
Paradox Trilogy Ball Blue/Silver/Black
Paradox V Ball Smoke/Creamsicle
Paragon Ball Royal/Navy/Sky
Paragon Hybrid Ball Grape/Amethyst/Sapphire
Paragon Pearl Ball Light Green/Jade/Forest
Pearl Stomp Ball Green Pearl POWERPLUS II
Phenom Ball Red/Blue Multicolor Fang Particle
Phenom Unleashed Ball Purple/White Multicolor Fang Particle RF
Phoenix Ball Teal/Purple
Power Machine Ball Purple/Silver
Precision Ball Blue/Orange/White
Precision Solid Ball Blue/Yellow/Black
Proof Ball Black/Grey Solid
Proof Hybrid Ball Red/Black
Proof Pearl Ball Black/Smoke Pearl
Rising Particle Ball Purple/Black/Green
Robo Rule Ball Red/Green/Blue
Rule Ball Blue/Copper
Rule Delta 1 Ball Teal/White
Rule GP2 Ball Blue/Red
SE Rising Ball Red Pearl
Sensor Ball Red Versathane
Sensor II Ball Blue Versathane
Sensor II Plus Ball Blue Versathane Plus
Sensor Pearl Ball Purple/Smoke/Gold
Sensor Solid Ball Orange/Scarlet/Burgundy
Sensor Xcel Ball Purple Pearl Superthane
Sensor/C Ball Caramel Pearl, Green Versathane
Sheer Havoc Ball Blue/Silver Fang Particle
Silencer Ball Blue and Black Swirled Pro Tracktion Plus
Slash Ball Purple
Solution Power Plus EX™: Ball Teal/Grey Pearl Power Plus EX reactive resin
Solution PowerPlus Ball Purple/Blue/White Power Plus reactive resin
Spare + Ball Black/Orange/White
Stealth Ball Black
Stealth Pearl Ball Raven
Stomp Ball Crimson Red POWERPLUS II
Stomp Black Gold Ball Black with sparkle gold logo fill REM with gold mica
Strata Ball Sky/Grey/Black
Strata Hybrid Ball Sapphire/Smoke/Black
Strike Machine Ball Black/Copper/Red
Sugar Ray Leonard Glove Ball Ball Clear polyester with boxing glove
Super Freak Ball Purple Pearl/Orange Solid WOW II Ultra
Synergy Ball Green with Yellow finish Versathane
Synergy E-T-S Ball Orange Flame Versathane XII
Synergy Solid Ball Forest Green Versathane Plus
T-Shark Ball Black Urethane
Tactix Ball Electric Blue
Tactix Hybrid Ball Purple Pearl/Purple
Tantrum Ball Red/Gold/Silver
Temper Ball Black/Red
Tempo Ball Emerald Pearl
The Rising Ball Purple
The Spell Ball Purple/Gold multi-color Reactive
Theorem Ball Black/Red/Violet
Thrash Ball Red/Blue/Silver WOW Pearl
Threat Ball Purple/Silver/Black Multi-color WOW II Pearl
TKO-Contender Ball Blue, Purple Pro Traction
Tour SiC Ball Dark Blue
Tour X Ball Black Diamond
Tour X Solid Ball Brillant Blue/Black
Track Logo Ball Ball Yellow/Black
Track Magic Ball Black Particle
Track Spare Ball Blue Sparkle
Triple Threat Ball Violet/Blue Multi-color WOW II Ultra
Triton Ball Ocean Blue Versathane XII
Triton Elite Ball Purple POWERPLUS
Triton Elite Ball Purple Sparkle
Triton Elite Pearl Ball Purple Pearl POWERPLUS
Triton T.K.O. Ball Sparkling Plum Solid POWERPLUS GOLD
Triton TKO-KO Punch Ball Blue, Green POWERPLUS II
Truiton Heat Ball Burgundy POWERPLUS
Tundra Ball Deep Blue Pearl
Tundra Fire Ball Maroon
Tundra Solid Ball Black/Dark Blue
Ultra Heat Ball Orange/Red/Yellow
Up Rising Ball Black
Volcano R Ball Black Versathane
Voodoo Ball Purple/Orange Reactive
X-Ception Ball Lime Green/Blue
Xception 5.0 Ball Purple/Gold
Zone Classic Ball Purple Pearl Activator Reactive