Name Type Color Date Approved
Ace Ball Green/Purple
Archive Ball Black
Archive Solid Ball Pink
Big Bro Ball Purple Pearl
Big Bro Big Guns Ball Black/Purple
Big Bro Burn Up LE Ball Purple Solid
Big Bro Flexin Ball Red/Purple/White
Big Bro Galaxy Ball Black/Grey Pearl
Big Bro Jacked Ball Ruby/Sapphire
Big Bro K.O. Ball Ruby
Big Bro Top Dog Ball Red/Purple
Black Pearl Anchor Ball Black/Green
Black Pearl Bloody Ocean Ball Red/Purple
Black Pearl Treasure Ball Blue/Pearl
Blizzard Zero Ball Deep Blue
Buffalo Ball Black Solid
Buzzer Beater Ball Black
Buzzer Beater Red Pearl Ball Red
Buzzer Beater Solid Ball Dark Teal
Dynamite Ball Coal/Flame/Champagne Pear;
Dynamite Blaze Ball Black/Red
Dynamite Max Ball Black/Orange/Gold
Fantasy Ball Neon Purple/Sky Blue/Black
Fantasy Daze Ball Orange/Pink/Purple Solid
Fantasy Epic Ball Sapphire/Ruby Pearl
Fantasy Star Ball Black/Purple/Pinkq
Geek Ball Blue/Pink/Yellow Pearl
Geek Meme Ball Black/Neon or White/Sky
Geek PuGS Ball Purple/Gold/Silver Pearl
Graffiti Ball Vivid Green/Red/Silver Pear;
Graffiti Artist Ball Black/Emerald/Cream Pearl
Graffiti I-CON Ball Black Pearl/Fuchsia/Aqua Pearl
Graffiti Pearl Ball Blue/Orange/Purple Pearl
Graffiti Pop Ball Purple/White/Pink
Graffiti Tracker Ball Black/Aqua/Ruby Pearl
Hip Star Ball Purple/Lilac/White
Holic Ball Pink/Purple/Grey or Orange/Blue/White
Incredible Giant Ball Black Pearl
Incredible Phenom Ball Purple Solid
Incredible! Ball Red
Incredible! Hero Ball Navy Pearl
Incredible! X Ball Gold Pearl
Jerk Hybrid Ball Pink/Violet
Jerk Pearl Ball Orange/Cream Pearl
Jerk Solid Ball Black/Grey
Joker Ball Purple/Green/Pink
Joker Maniac Ball Black/Purple/Pink
Joker Wild Ball Crimson Red/Emerald
Mad Joker Ball Green/Purple
No! Graffiti Ball Lime/Black/Pearl
Pure Fantasy Ball Purple/Blue Pearl
Royal Diamond Ball Black Solid
Shield Hybrid Ball Purple/Lime
Shield Pearl Ball Pink
Shield Solid Ball Black/Pink
Show Me The Money Ball Purple/Blue/Orange
Show Me the Money Black Ball Black Pearl
Silver Bell Ball Silver Pearl
Sparkling Hybrid Ball Emerald/Cream
Sparkling Pearl Ball Blue
Sparkling Solid Ball Blue/Black
Swagger Ball Sky Blue/Pink/Purple
Swagger Bomb Ball Red
Swagger Showoff Ball Green/Purple/Blue
Wiper - Coral Ball Coral
Wiper - Yellow Ball Yellow
XXXmas Ball Ruby/Jade/Cream
YOLO Ball Sky Blue/Dark Blue/Pink
YOLO JOMO Ball Cobalt/Aqua Pearl
YOLO Pearl Ball Pink/Blue/Silver Pearl
YOLO Rocks! Ball Black/Pink Pearl