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Name Type Color Date Approved
2Fast Ball Amethyst/Peridot
2Furious Ball Victory Red/Daytona Blue
Absolute Ball Copperhead/Jade/Phantom Black
Absolute Power Ball Berry/Tangelo/Steele
Ace Ball Cherry/Lime/Royal
Agent Ball Royal/Violet/Bronze Reactor Pearl Reactive
All-Road Ball Carbon/Teal
Alpha Crux Ball Black/Turquoise/Violet
Anarchy Ball Gold/Plum/Violet
AstroPhysiX Ball Cyan/Indigo/Charcoal
Atomic Charge Ball Sky Blue/Plum
Attitude Shift Ball Crimson, Sky, Navy
Axiom Ball Sky Blue/Navy/Slate
Axiom Pearl Ball Cobalt/Graphite/Candy Apple
Banshee Ball Scarlet/Flame
Barbed Wire Ball Black/Teal PRO-Glide Solid Reactive
Baseball Ball White with Red Seams Polyester
Basketball Ball Red/White/Blue panels Polyester
Big Hit Particle Ball Black Pro-Glide Solid Particle
Big Hit Pearl Ball Red/Blue Pro-Glide Pearl Reactive
Big Hit Pearl Ball Teal/Purple Pro-Glide
Big Hit Solid Ball Gray/Burgundy with Ultra-Fleck Pro-Glide
Blast Ball Blueberry Wine, Strawberry Polyester
Blue Hot Flame Ball Blue, Silver Pearl Reactive
Blue Thunder Pearl Pro Ball Blue Reactive
Blue Thunder Storm Pearl Ball Blue Reactive
Bolt Ball Green Pearl Reactive
Bolt Pro Ball Green Pearl Reactive
Brain Storm Ball Brain
Byte Ball Silver/Blue/Purple
Clear Storm Ball White/Navy
Clear Storm Black Belmo Ball Black
Clear Storm Electric Blue Ball Electric Blue
Clear Storm Gold Belmo Ball Gold
Clear Storm White Belmo Ball White
Code Black Ball Black/Charcoal/Silver
Code Red Ball Red Pearl/Red Solid
Code X Ball Black/Blue/Purple
Core Power HRG Ball Black/Gold Pearl PRO-Thane LT-Plus
Core Power LRG Ball Sapphire Blue/Yellow Cadmium
Crossroad Ball Purple/Blue
Crux Ball Purple Pearl/White Pearl
Crux Pearl Ball Black/White/Copper
Crux Prime Ball Red/White/Purple
Dark Code Ball Obsidian
Dark Thunder Ball Black
Dark Thunder Pearl Ball Silver Pearl
Depth Charge Ball Chrome-Gold Pearl ACCU-Tread Pearl Particle
Diablo Ball Flame Orange/Black Reactor Solid Reactive
Dimension Ball Red/Magenta/Black
DNA Ball Red/Black/Violet
DNA Coil Ball Scarlet/Persian Blue/Raven
Domination Paradigm Ball Graphite/Sapphire
Don Carter Major 52 Ball Red/Blue
Don Carter Wise Man Ball Red/Blue
Double Agent Ball Red/Black/Orange
Drive Ball Gold/Navy/Red
El Nino Ball Florescent Purple Reactive
El Nino 2000 Ball Red, Gold PRO-Thane
El Nino Gold Ball Purple, Teal ACCU-Tread
El Nino Returns Ball Silver/Red
El Nino Wrath Ball Orange, Violet Multi-Color Pearlized Reactive
El Nino X-It Ball Black/Raspberry Pro-Thane MT
Electrical Storm Ball Blue Reactive
Electrify B-S-Y Ball Black/Silver/Yellow
Electrify G-O Ball Gold/Orange
Electrify Hybrid Ball Silver/Mulberry/Neon Red
Electrify Pearl Ball Sky/Amethyst/Fuchsia
Electrify Solid Ball 3-Tone Red
Erase-It Ball Citrus/Grape ACCU-Tread Reactive
Eraser Ball Tiger's Eye Blue Copper Pearl ACCU-Tread
Eraser Blaze Ball Black/Cherry Pearl Cadmium
Eraser Boost Ball Grape/Navy Cadmium
Eraser Pearl Particle Ball Midnight Blue/Gold Pearl PRO-Thane LT-Pearlized Particle
Eraser Ragin' Banshee Ball Red/Blue Reactor‚Ñ¢ LT Pearl Particle
Fast Ball Rally Red/Chrome
Fate Ball Sapphire Pearl
Fear Factor Ball Gold/Emerald/Ruby Monsoon MT Particle
Fight Ball Two-Tone Red
Fire Power Ball Blazing Red Reactive
Fire Road Ball Ruby Red/Purple
Fire Storm Ball Fire Pearl
Fired Up Ball Bronze/Red
Flame Reactive Ball Orange Marmalade Pearl Curelyon Reactive
Flash Flood Ball Red/Blue
Flash Force Ball Purple-Jade Reactive
Flash Point Ball Black/Bronze Typhoon Pearl Reactive
Football Ball Clear with Football core Polyester
Forest Fire Storm Ball Green Reactive
Frantic Ball Orange Solid/Green P
Freak’n Frantic Ball Lime/Violet
Fringe Ball Ruby/Yellow
Furious Ball Amethyst/Violet
Golf Ball Ball Clear with Golf Ball Dimples Polyester
Gravity Evolve Ball Gunmetal/Fire/Crimson
Gravity Shift Ball Charcoal/Cherry
Hit Ball Blue Sparkle and Red Sparkle 3-piece Reactive
Hot Rod Ball Candy Apple Red/Chrome Curelyon Pearl Reactive
Hot Rod Hybrid Ball Sapphire Pearl/Forest
Hot Rod Pearl Ball Silver/Aqua
Hot Rod Pro Stock Ball Red/Black Monsoon Solid Reactive
Hot Rod Super Sport Ball Yellow/Blue
Hot Shot Ball Forest Green Reactive
Hot Wire Ball Sky Blue/Red Hot ACCU-Tread Solid Reactive
Hy-Road Ball Pink
HY-Road Ball Black/Ultramarine Bl R2S Hybrid
Hy-Road Max Ball Emerald/Lime
Hy-Road Nano Ball Black/Purple
HY-Road Pearl Ball Blue/Purple
Hy-Road Solid Ball Black/Red
Hy-Road X Ball Midnight Black Solid
Ice Storm Ball Blue
Ice Storm Ball Black/Silver
Ice Storm Ball Blue/White
Ice Storm Ball Purple/Silver
INCITE Ball Goldenrod/Graphite/Crimson
Infinite PhysiX Ball Sapphire/Deep Purple/Onyx
Intense Ball Lime/Black/White
Intense Fire Ball Ultramarine/Persimmo
Invasion Ball Violet/Crimson/Sapph
ION Pro Ball Navy/Carnon/Steele
IQ Ball Red/Indigo/Purple
IQ Tour 20 Ball Black/Pink
IQ Tour 30 Ball Black Pearl
IQ Tour 78/U Ball Crimson
IQ Tour Edition Ball Midnight Blue
IQ Tour Emerald Ball Emerald
IQ Tour Fusion Ball Blue/Gold
IQ Tour Nano Ball Black/Hunter /Red
IQ Tour Nano Pearl Ball Black Pearl
IQ Tour Pearl Ball Gold Pearl
IQ Tour Ruby Ball Ruby
Jolt Ball Purple/Gold Pearl, Teal/Purple
Jolt Particle Ball Navy/Burgundy
Journey Ball Deep Indigo/Smoke/Turqoise
Joy Ride Ball Platinum/Bronze
La Nina Ball Bruiser Black, Blue PRO-Thane
Lightning Blackout Ball Black
Lightning Blackout Ball Obsedian
Lightning Flash Ball Pearl Berry Curelyon Pearl
Lightning Storm Ball Violet Reactive
Lightning Storm Clear Ball Multicolor
Lights Out Ball Midnight/Charcoal Pr
Lock Ball Black Pearl /White P
Lucid Ball Emerald/Yellow/Charc
Mainframe Ball Blue
Manic Ball Blue/Pink
Marvel Ball Teal/Sky Blue/Black
Marvel Pearl Ball Silver/Deep Purple/Maroon
Marvel S Ball Aqua/Green/Black
Match Ball Red/Gray
Match Pearl Ball Gold/Burnt Orange
Match Up Ball Black/Royal/Yellow
Match Up Black Pearl Ball Black Pearl
Match Up BRB Ball Black/Red/Blue
Match Up Pearl Ball Black/Orange/Silver
Match Up Solid Ball Black/Aqua/Lime
Meteor Flash Ball Black with Red Fleck Reactive
Meteor Storm Ball Florescent Red Reactive
Mix Ball Black/Purple
Mix Ball Red/Silver
Mix Ball Black
Mix Ball Royal/Cherry
Mix Ball Pink/White
Mix Ball Blue/Orange
Mix Ball Black/Silver
Mix Ball Purple/Yellow
Mix Ball Green/White
Modern Marvel Ball Ale/Black/Red
Night Road Ball Midnight Black
NOVA Ball Hot Pink/Lime/Jet Black
Omega Crux Ball White/Copper/Graphite
Optimus Ball Red/White/Blue
Optimus Solid Ball Red, Navy, Yellow
Pacific Storm Ball Wine Pearl Reactive
Paradigm Ball Gold/Silver/Purple
Parallax Ball Marine/Steel/Black
Parallax Effect Ball Tangerine/Midnight/Turquoise
Passion EOX Ball Red/Black/Blue EOX Solid Reactive
Phaze Ball Royal/Yellow/Copper
PHAZE 4 Ball Royal Purple/Gunmetal/Medallion
Phaze II Ball Red/Blue/Purple
Phaze III Ball Obsidian/Jade/Orchid
Phaze V Ball Arctic/Sapphire/Slate
PhysiX Ball Red/Blue/Purple
Physix PTLP Special Edition Ball 3-Tone Pink
Pink Clear Poly Ball Pink Clear Poly
Pink Phaze Ball Pink
Power Bolt Ball Envy Green and Ebony Pearl PRO-Thane
Power Charge Pearl Ball Blue/Purple Pearl ACCU-Tread Pearl Reactive
PRO-Motion Ball Steel Blue
Prodigy Ball Carbon/sapphire/ster
Proton PhysiX Ball Magenta/Black/Violet
Punch Out Ball White/Charcoal
Purple Pearl Hit Ball Purple Pearl PRO-Glide Pearl Reactive
Pyro Ball Blue/Red Reactor‚Ñ¢ Pearl Particle
Rapid Fire Ball Purple/Sapphire
Rapid Fire Pearl Ball Purple/Bronze
Razor Wire Ball Purple 2-tone Solid Reactive
Recharge Ball Purple/Gold
Red Hot Flame Ball Red Hot Reactive
Red Purple Sanded Flame Reactive Ball Red/Purple Curelyon
Red Sun Storm Tour Edition Ball Red Reactive
Reign Ball Crimson/Fire
Reign of Fire Ball Scarlet/Burnt Orange
Reign of Power Ball Sky Blue/Purple
Reign On Ball Silver White/Deep Pu
Reign Supreme Ball Purple/Ruby
Revenant Ball Amethyst/Black
Ride Ball Scarlet Red/Platinum
Rocket Ball Orange/Black Pearl
Rocket Ship Ball 2-Tone Purple
Screamin' Banshee Ball Blue/Orange
Second Dimension Ball Midnight Sky/Malibu Pearl Reactive
Secret Agent Ball Silver/Plum/Ocean Bl
Shift Ball Scarlet/Tigers Eye/V
Shock Trauma Ball Emerald/Violet/Black ACCU-Tread Reactive with Ultra-Fleck
Sky Bolt Ball Sky Blue Reactive
Sky Rocket Ball Sky Blue/Charcoal
Snap Lock Ball Indigo/White/Copper
Soccer Ball Ball Black/White Polyester
Son!Q Ball Blue/Bronze/Gold
Spare Storm Ball Purple/Red/Gold Polyester
Spare Storm Ball Aqua Sparkle Polyester
Spare Storm Ball Purple/Royal/Silver
Spare Storm Ball Black Pearl Polyester
Special Agent Ball Black/Sapphire/Viole
Spit Fire Ball Green/Silver
Storm Shoe
Storm Breeze Ball Red, Teal, Purple, Charcoal, Blue Polyester
Storm Phaze III Ball Obsidian/Jade/Orchid
Street Fight Ball Purple/White
Street Rod Ball Blue/Black
Street Rod Pearl Ball Red/Blue
Striking Out Breast Cancer Ball Black
Striking Out Breast Cancer Ball Pink
Summit Ball Blue/Gold/Silver
Summit Peak Ball Goldenrod/Mint/Iridium
Sun Storm Ball Yellow Urethane
Sun Storm Limited Edition Ball Radiant Yellow
Super Charge Ball Orange/Grape Crush Monsoon Solid Reactive
Super Nova Ball Lime/Azure/Black
Super Power Ball Sapphire Blue, Lush Green Pro-Thane LT Particle
Super Power Pearl Ball Teal, Fire 2-color Pro-Thane LT-Plus Pearl
Super Son!Q Ball Purple Solid/Black
Super Sport(SS) Ball Magenta/Purple Pearl
Sure Fire Ball Black/Copper
Sure Lock Ball Navy/Electric/Orange
Sync Ball Cranberry/Orange/Bla
T-Road Pearl Ball Ocean Blue Pearl
T-Road Solid Ball Blue Solid
Team Storm Black Ball Black Polyester
Team Storm Black Sparkle Ball Black Sparkle Ultra Clear Polyester
Team Storm Blue Ball Blue
Team Storm Red Ball Red
Team Storm White Ball White
The Road Ball Midnight/Carmine
Thunder Flash Ball Black Sanded - Green Pin Black Sanded - Green Pin
Thunder Flash Pro Ball Black Sanded - White Pin Urethane
Thunder Road Ball Purple Reactive
Thunder Road Pearl Ball Purple Reactive
Thunder Storm Ball Black Reactive
Thunder Struck Pearl Ball Red Pearl Cherry Scented
Thunder Struck Solid Ball Purple Grape Scented
Timeless Ball Blue/Platinum/Black
Too Hot Ball Green/Gold Curelyon Pearl
Torrent Ball Navy/Hunter Green
Tour Power Ball Fire Engine Red ACCU-Tread Reactive
Trauma Ball Amethyst/Sapphire/Pewter ACCU-Tread
Trauma ER Ball Crimson/Violet/Black ACCU-Tread
Trauma Recovery Ball Scarlet/Navy/Gold PRO-Thane
Trauma Response Ball Violet/Lime/Auburn Pro-Thane MT Plus
Trend Ball Aqua/Sapphire/Teal
Trend 2 Ball Orange Meringue
Triple X Factor Ball Violet/Cherry/Gold Pearl Reactive
Tropical Ball Pink/Black
Tropical Ball Red/Black Pearl
Tropical Ball Teal/Purple
Tropical Breeze Ball Kona Blue/Silver
Tropical Breeze Ball Carbon/Chrome
Tropical Breeze Ball Purple/Gold/Cherry
Tropical Breeze Ball Black/Cherry
Tropical Breeze Ball Black/Teal
Tropical Breeze Ball Teal/Blue
Tropical Breeze Ball Orange/Teal
Tropical Breeze Ball Pink/Purple
Tropical Heat Ball Red/Blue
Tropical Heat Ball Black/Silver
Tropical Heat Ball Orange/Purple
Tropical Heat Ball Indigo/Violet
Tropical Heat Ball Black/Purple
Tropical Storm Ball Yellow/Blue
Tropical Storm Ball Lime/Black
Tropical Storm Ball Yellow/Purple
Tropical Storm Ball Royal Blue/Lime - Lime Scented
Tropical Storm Ball Orange/Navy Blue - Orange Scented
Tropical Storm Ball Purple Reactive
Tropical Storm Ball Blue/White
Tropical Storm Ball Pink/Burgundy
Tropical Storm Ball Yellow/Silver
Tropical Storm Ball Blue/Orange
Tropical Storm Ball Green/Yellow
Tropical Surge Ball Black/Cherry
Tropical Surge Ball Pink/Purple
Tropical Surge Ball Carbon/Chrome
Tropical Surge Ball Violet/Charcoal
Tropical Surge Ball Black/Copper
Tropical Surge Ball Teal/Blue
Tropical Surge Ball Purple/Gold
Ultra Hot Ball Dark Blue Curelyon Reactive with Ultra-Fleck
Vertigo Ball Purple/Black/Blue
Victory Road Ball Amethyst Prl/Grey Pr
Victory Road Solid Ball Hunter Green/Navy 
Virtual Energy Ball Emerald/Gold/Black
Virtual Energy Blackout Ball Blackout
Virtual Gravity Ball Royal/Orange/Black R2X Solid Reactive
Virtual Gravity Nano Ball Orange/Navy/Cobalt
Virtual Gravity Nano Prl Ball Orange/Charcoal/Indi
Vivid Ball Black/Blue/Green
Wipe Out Ball Green/Navy
X Factor Ball Cherry/Royal Blue/Violet ACCU-Tread Pearl Reactive
X Factor RE-Loaded Ball Emerald Green/Navy/Silver RE-Load3 Reaction Enhanced Pearl Particle
X-Factor Deuce Ball Violet/Sky Blue/Black ACCU-Tread Reactive with Ultra-Fleck
X-Factor Trifecta Ball Purple/Black/White
Xtreme Triple X-Factor Ball Purple/Red ACCU-Tread Solid Reactive
Zero Gravity Ball Purple/Red