Full Registration: Balls and Accessories

Roto Grip proudly creates world class products on the premise of “Performance and Value made Simple” for professionals everywhere.
Name Type Color Date Approved
All Out Show Off Ball Purple / Neon Green
Apocalypse Ball Brimstone Black/Aurora Blue Rev-elation Reactive
Assault Ball Purple/Turquoise Sure Grip Traction Plus
Assault Pearl Ball Gun Metal Gray, Copper
Asylum Ball Neon Green Prl/Red
Attention Star Ball Berry/Silver/Steele
Bandit Ball Charcoal/Yellow
Bandit II Ball Blue/Green Reactive
Battle Ball *
Berserk Ball Orange Pearl/Purple
Bullseye Ball Blue/Green
Cell Ball Black/Light Blue/Blu
Cell Pearl Ball Emerald/Cherry Red/B Cytoplasmic Pearl Reactive
Clone Ball Alien/Deep Mist/Cyber Grape
Cosmos Polyester Ball All Colors Polyester
Critical Ball Purple/Green/Gray
Critical Theory Ball Cherry/White/Obsidian
Crown Clear Polyester Ball Grey
Dare Devil Ball Teal/White/Black
Dare Devil Danger Ball Red / Orange / Blue
Dare Devil Trick Ball Black/Teal/Red
Dark Star Ball Blue Prl/Purple Prl
Def Con I Ball Charcoal Black Sure Grip
Def Con II Ball Charcoal Black Pearl Pearlized Sure Grip
Defiant Ball Blue/Purple/Black
Defiant Edge Ball Red/Black/Blue
Defiant Soul Ball Green/Gold/Purple
Deranged Ball Green/White
Devour Ball Black/Yellow
Disturbed Ball Green/Black
Duo Ball Black/Electric Green
Epic Ball Blue/Red Reactive
Epic Battle Ball Red/Black/Gray
Epic Saga Ball Navy/Silver/Black
Eternal Cell Ball Raspberry/Orange/Bla
Exotic Gem Ball Citrine/Apatite/Amethyst
Fuel Ball Orange and Black Super Sure Grip Traction Plus Particle
GEM Ball Citrine/Ruby/Amethyst
Global Assault Ball Ocean Blue/Green Super Sure Grip
Golden Globe Ball Clear with Gold Glo
Grand Illusion Ball Cherry Red / Royal B
Grenade Ball Clear with Grenade Core
Halo Ball Coal/Fuchsia/Sky Blu
Halo Pearl Ball Coal Pearl / Fuchsia
Halo Vision Ball Gold Sky Blue Pear
Haywire Ball Navy/Peach/Sky Blue
Hectic Ball Violet/Smoke
Horizon Ball Gold/Sand
Horizon Solid Ball Black/Red
Hustle 3TP Ball Purple/Violet /Plum
Hustle AU Ball Two Tone Gold
Hustle B-R-Y Ball Burgundy/Red/Yale Blue
Hustle HSB Ball Silver Pearl/Black S
Hustle HYB Ball Black and Blue
Hustle INK Ball Ink Blue
Hustle M+M Ball Magenta/Midnight
Hustle P/O/W Ball Pink/Onyx/White Pear
Hustle P/R/O Ball Purple Raspberry S
Hustle PBR Ball Purple/Black/Red
Hustle R/I/G Ball Red/Indigo /Gold Pea
Hustle RAP Ball Royal/Aqua/Purple
Hustle RIP Ball Royal Imperial Purple
Hustle S/A/Y Ball Silver Aqua Pearl/
Hustle USA Ball Ultra Red/Snow/Azure
Hustle X-Ray Ball Slade/Black
Hy-Wire Ball Blue Solid/Yellow
Hyped Hybrid Ball Chrome/Pink/Purple Solid
Hyped Pearl Ball Black/Carolina/Charcoal
Hyped Solid Ball Wine/Berry/Magenta
Hyper Cell Ball Purple/Yellow/Black
Hyper Cell Fused Ball Jet Black/Silver/Vio
Hyper Cell Skid Ball Black/Gold/Violet
Hysteria Ball Yellow/Purple
IDOL Ball Magenta
Idol Cosmos Ball Stardust Teal
IDOL Helios Ball Radiant Orange
Idol Pearl Ball Royal/Amethyst
Idol Pro Ball Ocean Blue
IDOL Synergy Ball Amethyst Pearl/Magenta Solid
Illusion Ball Red/Navy Blue
Infinite Theory Ball Red Prl/ Silver Prl/
Loco Pearl Ball Red/Blue
Loco Solid Reactive Ball Purple
Magic Gem Ball Citrine/Rhodonite/Jet
Mars Ball Black/Orange
Menace Ball Red/Yellow/Green
Mercury Ball Blue/Pink Sure Grip Pearl
Mutant Cell Ball Magenta/Yellow/Navy
Mutant Cell Pearl Ball Aqua/Copper/Purple
MVP Ball Orange Pearl/Blue So
MVP Attitude Ball Golden Pearl/Violet Pearl/Purple
MVP Pearl Ball Royal/Golden/White
Mystic Ball Indigo/Silver
Neptune Ball Aquamarine/Violet Bl
No Rules Ball Neon Green/Neon Oran
No Rules Exist Ball Navy/Neon Yellow/Neo
No Rules Pearl Ball Onyx/Neon Green/Silv
Nomad Ball Neon Green/Black
Nomad Dagger Ball Purple Solid/Silver
Nomad Pearl Ball Royal Blue/Silver
Nuclear Cell Ball Purple Haze/Burnt Orange/Red Hot
Odyssey Ball Red/Burgundy/Wine
Optimum Idol Ball Heliotrope Purple
Oracle Ball Purple/Black
Oracle Vision Ball Light Purple/Dark Purple
Outcry Ball Grey Pearl/Blue
Outlaw Ball Black/Mahogany
Own It Red Clear Poly Ball Roto Grip Red
Pluto Ball Scarlet/Charcoal
Pure Fuel Ball Copper Pearl/Ethanol Gold Ultimate Grip Pearl Particle
Quest Ball Green/Blue/Purple
Renegade Ball Blue Reactive
Retro Resurrection Ball Retro Red/Gray
Retro RG Spare Ball Charcoal
Retro Roto Blue Pearl Ball Blue Pearl Super Sure Grip Reactive
Retro Roto Red Solid Ball Retro Red Super Sure Grip Reactive
Riot Ball Black/Red
Rising Star Ball Black Solid/ Gold Pe
Rogue Cell Ball Sky Blue/Purple/Roya
Roto Bandit Ball Black Urethane
Roto Grip Global Assault Ball Ocean Blue/Green Super Sure Grip Reactive
Roto Star Silver Ball Black Hard Rubber
Roto Star X-2 Ball Black Rubber
Roto Star X-3 Ball Black Urethane/Polyester
Roto Star X-4 Ball Orange/Brown Polyester
RS-1 Ball Bronze/Silver
RS-P Ball Burgandy/Gold Pearl Particle
RS-X Ball Burgundy/Black
RST X-1 Ball Black/Dark Forest/Forest Pearl
RST X-2 Ball Tanzanite
RST X-3 Ball Yellow/Smoke/Grape
Rubicon Ball Azure/Black/Navy
Rubicon UC2 Ball Comic Black/Purple Sky
Rumble Ball Orange/Black
Rush Ball Purple/Jasper Yellow Posi-Trac Solid Reactive
Saturn Solid Ball Black/Purple
Scream Ball Gold/Teal
Scream Ball Green/Pink
Scream Ball Pink/Navy
SD 73 Ball Vintage Grape Sure Grip
SD 73 Ball Black Pearl Sure Grip Pearl Reactive
SD-73 Classic Ball Purple
SD73 Pearl Ball Purple Pearl with Silver Mica Sure Grip
Shatter Ball Sky Blue/Emerald
Shooting Star Ball Purple
Shout Ball Dark Green/Lite Gree
Shout Ball Red/Blue
Shout Ball Blue/Orange
Show Off Ball Blue/Purple/Neon Gre
Silver Streak Ball Black/Silver Solid Pearl Reactive
Silver Streak Ball Classic Black Sure Grip Reactive
Silver Streak Pearl Ball Silver Pearl/Purple Pearl Sure Grip Pearl Reactive
Sinister Ball Blue/White/Yellow
Siver Streak Particle Ball Midnight Blue Sure Grip Traction Plus Particle
Sonic Boom Ball Red Pearl/Green Pearl Sure Grip II Pearl Reactive
Sonic X Ball Ocean Blue/Sunset Red Sure Grip Pearl Reactive
Sonic X Solid Ball Purple/Green Super Sure Grip Reactive
Spare Tire Ball Clear with Tire
Squad RG Clear Poly Ball Blue Sparkle
Super Sonic Ball Blue/Salmon
Theory Ball Blue/Dark Red/Red
TNT Ball Amber/Fire/Blaze Orange
TNT Infused Ball Glow Orange/Copper Plum
Top Fuel Ball Navy/Ocean Blue Ultimate Grip Reactive
Totally Defiant Ball Yellow/Smoke/Ruby
Tour Dynam-X Ball Dark Cyan/Onyx
Tra-Ker Ball Green Polyester
UFO Ball Deep Purple / Baby Blue / Neon Green
UFO Alert Ball Purple Solid/Emerald/Teal
Ultra Sonic Ball Royal Blue/Light Blue
Unhinged Ball Cobalt Blue
Uproar Ball Orange Prl/Ruby Prl
Venus Ball Purple/Red
Wild Streak Ball Purple/Grey/Black
Winner Ball Red/Gold/Charcoal
Winner Solid Ball Black/Purple/Green
Wreck-Em Ball Red/Purple/White
Wreck-It Ball Gold White Pearl
Wrecker Ball White Prl/Blue Solid