Full Registration: Balls and Accessories

Radical Bowling Technologies is working to change the game of bowling with improved coverstocks, core technologies, and advanced layout techniques all in the name of advancing the performance of a bowling ball.
Name Type Color Date Approved
Astro Nuts Ball Gray/Planet/Rocket
Beyond Ridiculous Ball Neon Green Solid
Beyond Ridiculous Pearl Ball Neon Orange
Big Foot Ball Indigo/Jade
Big Foot Hybrid Ball Teal/Black
Bonus Ball Violet/Black
Bonus Pearl Ball Black Pearl
Breakaway Ball Red/Purple
Cash Ball Orange-Black Solid
Conspiracy Ball Black
Conspiracy Hybrid Ball Sky Blue Solid, Purple
Conspiracy Pearl Ball Black/Sky Blue Pearl
Conspiracy Scheme Ball Purple
Conspiracy Theory Ball Violet/Turquoise
Counter Attack Pearl Ball Red Pearl
Counter Attack Solid Ball Purple Solid
Crypto Ball Black/Grey/Blue
Crypto Boom Ball Smoke/Purple/Sapphire
Cyclops Ball Black Solid, Copper
Cyclops Pearl Ball Black/Cherry Red Pearl
Deadly Rattler Ball Red/Silver
Fix Ball Black/Neon Yellow
Grease Monkey Ball Black/Purple/Silver
Grease Monkey POW Ball Purple/Green
Grease Monkey Whack Ball Red Pearl/Turquoise
Guru Ball Black
Guru Master Ball Black/Orange Solid
Guru Mighty Ball Navy Solid/Emerald Green
Guru Pearl Limited Ball Black Pearl
Guru Supreme Ball Black/Blue Solid
Incognito Ball Black/Blue
Incognito Pearl Ball Blue/Chrome
Informer Ball Blue/Chrome
Innovator Ball Gold/Red/Blue
Innovator Solid Ball Black/Blue/Teal
Intel Ball Black/Blue Solid
Intel Pearl Ball Navy/Black Pearl
Intel Pearl SE Ball Purple/Blue
Jackpot Ball Icy Blue/Charcoal Pearl
Jackpot Solid Ball Black/Green
Katana Ball Black/Silver Pearl
Katana Assault Ball Smoke/Black/Blue
Katana Dragon Ball Red, Gray Solid
Katana Legend Ball Black/Red/Gold
Katana Slash Ball Red, Light Red Hybrid
Katana Strike Ball Black/Orange/Smoke
Ludicrous Ball Green/Silver/Burgundy
Ludicrous Solid Ball Black/Violet Solid
Maximum Results Ball Black
More Cash Ball Navy Blue/Aqua Solid
Outer Limits Ball Purple/Black/Sky Blue
Outer Limits Pearl Ball Indigo/Purple/Silver
Pandemonium Ball Red/Turquoise/Purple
Pandemonium Ball Blue/Orange/Grey
Payback Ball Magenta/Teal
Primo Ball Copper/Blue Pearl
Primo Solid Ball Navy/Neon Green
Quick Fix Ball Blue/Violet Solid
Rack Attack Pearl Ball Cherry Red Pearl
Rack Attack Solid Ball Grape Solid
Radical Conspiracy Ball Black
Radical Spare Ball Ball Purple
Rattler Ball Purple/Dark Purple
Rave Ball Red/Silver Pearl
Rave On Ball Light Blue/Dark Blue
Reax Ball Black Solid
Reax Gusto Ball Black/Silver
Reax Pearl Ball Black/Red/Yellow Pearl
Reax Version 2 Ball Light Blue/Dark Blue
Reax Version 2 Pearl Ball Dark Violet/Light Violet
Results Pearl Ball Red/Gold Pearl
Results Pearl Ball Red/Gold Pearl
Results Plus Ball Emerald Green/Midnight Blue
Results Solid Ball Red/Blue
Ridiculous Ball Black Solid
Ridiculous ASYM Ball Red Solid
Ridiculous Pearl Ball Ocean Blue Pearl
Score Ball Blue/Black
Sizzle Ball Neon Orange/Neon Green
Slant Ball Purple/Copper
Slant HD Ball Midnight Blue/Light
Slant Hybrid Ball Purple/Black
Slant Solid Ball Orange/Black
Sneak Attack Ball Black Pearl/Black
Sneak Attack Solid Ball Navy Blue
Spy Ball Black/Red
Squatch Ball Black/Teal/Platinum
Squatch Hybrid Ball Teal/Platinum/Orange
Squatch Solid Ball Black/Orange/Purple
The Closer Pearl Ball Midnight Blue/Silver/White
The Closer Solid Ball Burgundy/Black
The Hitter Ball Black/Purple
Times Up! Ball Blue
Times Up! Solid Ball Black/Red
Torrid Ball Burgundy/Gold
Torrid Affair Ball Dark Red/Light Red
Torrid Elite Ball Blue/Purple/Gold Pearl
Trail Blazer Ball Emerald/White/Black
TrailBlazer Solid Ball Black/Grey/Blue
Tremendous Ball Black Solid
Tremendous Pearl Ball Candy Red/Blue Pearl
Xeno Ball Black/Red Solid
Xeno Pearl Ball Red-Silver Pearl
Yeti Ball Red/Purple Pearl
Yeti Uncaged Ball Purple/Gold Pearl
Yeti Unleashed Ball Red/Black
Yeti Untamed Ball Black/Emerald Green
Zig Zag Ball Black/Silver/Lime
Zing Hybrid Ball Blue Solid/Silver/Charcoal Pearl
Zing Pearl Ball Copper/Pink/Black
Zing! Ball Pink/Neon Blue/Black