Name Type Color Date Approved
3-D Hammer Pearl Ball Violet Reactive
3-D Offset Ball Blazing Violet
3-D Offset Attack Ball Vibrant Blue/Navy
3-D Offset Hammer Ball Violet Reactive
3-D Offset w/VB Mica Ball Blue Reactive
3-D Violet Pearl Ball Violet Neoflex Pearl
4-D HPT Hammer Ball Action Blue HPT
4-D HPT Tour Ball Action Blue w/ Black Pin HPT Tour
4-D Reactive Action Blue Sparkle Ball Action Blue Neoflex with PET
Absolut Curve Ball Black/Orange/Yellow
Absolut Flip Ball Blue/Orange/Silver
Absolute Hook Ball Black/Purple
Amp Ball Red/Blue
Amp Up Ball Purple/Gold/Green
Arctic Vibe Ball Snow/Purple
Arson Ball Red/Black/Silver
Arson High Flare Ball Red Pearl/Yellow Pea
Arson High Flare Solid Ball Blue/Yellow Flame
Arson Hybrid Ball Navy/Turquoise/Silver
Arson Low Flare Ball Blue/Teal/Red
Arson Low Flare Solid Ball Royal Blue/Teal
Arson Pearl Ball Red/Turquoise
Axe Ball Various Colors
Backlash Ball Blue/Silver
Backlash Ball Red/Purple
Bad Ass Ball Black/Orange
Bad Intentions Ball Black
Bad Intentions Hybrid Ball Black/Orange/Purple
Berry Reactive Razor Ball Berry Reactive
Big Block Diesel Ball Red/Blue Poer Grip Reactive
Big Blue Hammer Ball Blue Power HIT Particle
Big Blue Pearl Ball Blue/Gold Pearl Power H.I.T Particle Pearl
Big Blue Spare Ball Bad-Ass Blue Polyester
Big Rig Diesel Ball Black/Purple
Black Hammer Ball Black
Black Hammer 2001 Ball Black Nylothane
Black Pearl Urethane Ball Black Pearl
Black Widow Ball Black/Red Reactive
Black Widow 2.0 Ball Blakc/Red
Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid Ball Red/Black
Black Widow 3.0 Ball Black/Orange
Black Widow Assassin Ball Red/Navy/Purple
Black Widow Bite Ball Black/Silver
Black Widow Black Gold Ball Black/Gold
Black Widow Dark Legend Solid Ball Blue/Black
Black Widow Ghost Ball White
Black Widow Gold Ball Gold
Black Widow Legend Ball Black/Red
Black Widow Limited Ball Red/White/Blue
Black Widow Nasty Ball Black/Purple/Red Spa
Black Widow Pearl Ball Red/Black Pearl Reactive
Black Widow Pink Ball Pink Pearl
Black Widow Red Legend Ball Deep Red Pearl
Black Widow Red Legend Solid Ball Bright Red Solid
Black Widow Spare Ball Smoke/Orange Pearl
Black Widow Spare Ball Clear/Spider with Web
Black Widow Sting Ball Black/Blue
Black Widow Venom Ball Black/Caramel
Black Widow Viz A Ball Ball Grey
Blade Particle Ball Navy Blue Power Trac Particle ER 22
Blade Reactive Ball Royal Blue/Yellow Power Trac Reactive SF 28
Blade Reactive Pearl Ball Navy/Silver Pearl Power Trac Reactive SF 25
Blue Hammer Ball Blue
Blue Hammer 2001 Ball Blue Nylothane II
Brick Ball Black/Blue/Red
Burgundy Hammer Ball Burgundy
Carbon Fiber Ball Carbon Fiber
Claw Ball Orange Pearl Reactive
Claw Ball Blue Pearl, Teal Reactive
Claw Ball Purple, Red Pearl Urethane
Claw Ball Charcoal Pearl Urethane
Cobalt Vibe Ball Blue Pearl
Cold Blood Ball Black/Blue
Dark Legend Ball Black/Purple Pearl
Dark Web Ball Dark Blue/Black
Dark Web Hybrid Ball Blue/Purple/Black
Deadly Aim Ball Red/Orange/Yellow
Diesel Ball Black/Red/Orange
Diesel Particle Ball Black/Red Power Trac Particle ER 26
Diesel Particle Pearl Ball Black/Green Power Trac Particle ER 26
Diesel Reactive Pearl Ball Navy/Red Power Whip Reactive ER 22
Diesel Torque Ball Orange/Gray/Black
Effect Ball Maroon/Blue/Black/Purple
Envy Ball Black/Red/Orange
Envy Tour Ball Black
Envy Tour Pearl Ball Chrome
Epidemic Ball Full Spectrum
Extreme Envy Ball Black/Crimson/White
Fierce Phobia Ball Blue/Red/Black
First Blood Ball Orange/Blue/Silver
Flawless Ball Pink/Blue/White
Fugitive Ball Red/Silver/Pearl
Fugitive Solid Ball Black/Blue/Orange
Gauntlet Ball Orange/Black/Silver
Gauntlet Fury Ball Purple/Smoke/Orange
Hammer Axe Ball Steel Sparkle
Hammer EverClear Ball EverClear Clear Polyester
Hammer Logo Ball Ball Orange/Black
Hammer Tour Offset Ball Black Sable w/ Silver Mica Microactive
Hammerflage Ball Hammerflage
Hardcore Hammer Brawl Ball Black/Violet
Hardcore Hammer Grind Ball Black/Green
Hawg Ball Blue/Silver
Hawg Wild Ball Bronze/Blazing Orange, CT Reactive
Hawg Zilla Ball Purple/Red
Hazmat Ball Black/Sapphire/Jade
Hazmat Ball Black/Sapphire/Jade
Hazmat Solid Ball Onyx/Lime/Purple
High Rev Ball Violet
Hot Sauce Pearl Ball Black/Purple/Blue
Ice Blue Pearl Razor Ball Blue Reactve
Infamous Ball Grey/Royal/Coral
Infection Ball Black/Blue/Green
Jack Hammer Emerald Pearl Ball Emerald Green Pearl Microactive
Jigsaw Ball Black/White
Jigsaw Corner Ball Blue/White
Jigsaw Trap Ball Blue/Purple/Yellow
Midnight Vibe Ball Black/Blue Pearl
Muddy Girl Camo Poly Ball Muddy Girl Camo
Nail Ball Navy Blue Sand Reactive
Nail Ball Purple Polished Reactive
Nail Smoke and Fire Ball Smoke/Fire
Nail Titanium Ball Purple/Silver/Yellow
Nasty Nail Ball Jet Black Neoflex
Nasty Nail eXtreme Ball Navy and Gold Neoflex X7375
Nasty Nail Pearl Ball Jade Neoflex w/ Mica
No Mercy Ball Black Reactive
No Mercy Beat Ball Blue/Black Reactive
Norm Duke Signature Ball Blue Reactive
Nova Hammer Ball Purple Reactive
Nova Hammer Pearl Ball Purple Reactive
NU Blue Hammer Ball Blue Pearl
Obsession Ball Pink/Black/Burgundy
Obsession Tour Ball Burgundy
Obsession Tour Pearl Ball Gold
Ocean Vibe Ball Ocean
Onyx Vibe Ball Black Sparkle
PC2 Ball Bay Blue Pearl Reactive
Phobia Ball Smoke/Blue/Bronze
Plague Ball Purple/Red/Gold
Power Diesel Ball Royal Blue/Orange Power Whip Particle Pearl ER15
Pure Ball Burgandy
Purple Hammer Reactive Ball Purple Reactive
Purple Solid Reactive Ball Purple
Radioactive Vibe Ball Neon Yellow
Ratchet Ball Violet/Black/Silver
Raw Hammer - Black Ball Black
Raw Hammer - Black/Purple/Teal Ball Black/Purple/Teal
Raw Hammer - Blue/Black/Orange Ball Blue/Black/Orange
Raw Hammer - Blue/Silver/White Ball Blue/Silver/White
Raw Hammer - Orange/Black Ball Orange/Black
raw Hammer - Purple/Pink/Silver Ball Purple/Pink/Silver
Raw Hammer - Red/Smoke/Black Hybrid Ball Red/Smoke/Black
Raw Hammer Acid Ball Burnt Red/Silver Max-Hook Reactive
Raw Hammer Anger Ball Navy Blue/Silver Reactive
Raw Hammer Burn Ball Yellow/Silver
Raw Hammer Doom Ball Red/Silver Reactive
Raw Hammer Jacked Ball Violet/Copper
Raw Hammer Pain Ball Purple/Silver Reactive
Raw Hammer Psycho Ball Orange/Silver
Raw Hammer Toxic Ball Green/Silver Pearl Reactive
Razor Blade Ball Teal/Violet
Razyr Ball Purple/Red
Razyr Black/Red Ball Black/Red
Reaper Ball Reaper Black and Blood Red Reactive Neoflex XL
Reaper 2 Ball Purple and Black Reactive Neoflex Pearl
Rebel Ball Red/Blue
Rebel Solid Ball Blue/Orange
Rebel Yell Ball Steel/Yellow/Blue
Red Razor Ball Red Reactive
Red Reactive Hammer Ball Red Reactive
Redemption Hybrid Ball Red/White/Navy
Redemption Pearl Ball Black/Blue/Gold
Redemption Solid Ball Black/Orange/White
Rhodman Ball Black
Rhodman Pearl Ball Purple Pearls
Rip’D Ball Black/Gold/White
Rip’D Pearl Ball Blue/Gold/Light Blue
Rip’D Solid Ball Blue/Black/Orange
Road Hawg Ball Black/Green/Silver Juiced Reactive
Ruthless Ball Blue/Dark Blue/White
Saw Blade Ball Black/Gold Particle Pearl
Scandal Ball Blue/Green/Black
Scandal Pearl Ball Green/Smoke/Gold
Scandal/S Ball Blue/Blue Pearl/Red
Scorpion Ball Black/Red/Gold
Scorpion Low Flare Ball Purple/Black Pearl
Scorpion Sting Ball Teal/Silver/Purple
Scorpion Strike Ball Black/Magenta/Indigo
Sharp Blade Ball Navy Blue/Hunter Green Power Grip Particle SF19
Skulz Ball Skulz
Sledge Hammer Ball Crimson Red Microactive
Sledge Hammer Pro-Purple Ball Purple Syntactive
Sling Blade Ball Green/Silver Pearl Power TraK SF 17
Spike Ball Blue/Orange
Spike Ball Spike Red Reactive
Spike Ball Black/Blue
Spike Black/Gold Ball Black/Gold Pearl
Spike HPT Ball Spike Red HPT Particle
Statement Hybrid Ball Black/Aqua/Silver
Statement Pearl Ball Lime/Silver/Black Ch
Statement Solid Ball Purple/Black/White
Striking Red 3-D Offset Ball Red Microflex
Super Hook MAXX (3-D Offset) Ball Deep Indigo Reactive
Switch Blade Ball Blue/Purple Power Grip Reactive
Taboo Ball Jet Black
Taboo Ball Black/Purple/Blue
Taboo Deep Purple Ball Purple Pearl
Taboo Pearl Ball Blue/Silver
Taboo Spare Ball Red/Yellow/Blue
Taboo Spare Ball Black/Yellow/Orange
The Big Deal Ball Black/Red/Silver
The Deal Ball Black.Teal/Violet Particle Pearl
The Real Deal Ball Red/Gold Particle Pearl
The Sauce Ball Black/Purple/Gold Aggressive Edge Reactive
The Sauce Ball Red/Black/Magenta
Tough Ball Navy
Tough Twisted Ball Black/Barbed Wire
Truck Ball Magenta Reactive
True Blood Ball Red/Black/White
Tuff Ball Orange/Black
Turbo Diesel Ball Black/Royal Blue Power Whip Reactive ER 14
Vibe Ball Blue Reactive
Vibe Ball Cherry Red
Vibe Ball Blue
Vibe Ball Purple Sparkle
Vibe Ball Emerald
Vibe Grape Ball Green/Purple
Vibe Jet Black Ball Jet Black
Vibe Onyx Ball Black Sparkle
Vibe Orange Ball Orange
Vibe, Blue Ball Blue
Vibe, Cherry Ball Red
Vibe, Emerald Ball Green
Vibe, Purple Sparkle Ball Purple Sparkle
Vicious Attack Ball Black/Yellow PowerGrip SF20 Reactive Resin
Vicious Particle Ball Hunter Green/Yellow Power Grip Particle ER 29
Vicious Particle Pearl Ball Royal Blue/Light Blue Pearl Power Whip SF33 Particle Pearl
Vicious Reactive Ball Navy/Purple Power Grip SF32 Reactive
Vicious Reactive Pearl Ball Black/Purple Pearl PowerGrip SF36 Reactive Reason with FIS
Vicious Strike Ball Royal Blue/Purple Pearl Power Whip Particle Pearl SF22
Viral Ball Gun Smoke
Viral Hybrid Ball Lime/Gold Pearl
Viral Solid Ball Blue/Green
Web Ball Blue/Black/Purple
Web MB Ball Dark Blue/Purple
Web Pearl Ball Black/Silver
Web Pearl Ball Jade/Smoke
Web Tour Ball Navy
Web Tour Hybrid Ball Black/Blue Pearl
Wheel Ball Bright Red Neoflex 9485
Widow Spare Ball Blue/Orange/Smoke
Wrench Ball Red/Gold/Purple