Full Registration: Balls and Accessories - includes Robbys

A full-line manufacturer of balls, bags, gloves and accessories.
Name Type Color Date Approved
8 Ball Ball Black Onyx MegaBite
Adrenaline Overload Ball Black/Blue/Silver
Adrenaline Shot Ball Silver/Purple
Aero Ball Navy/Sky/Red
Aero Dynamix Ball Sky/White/Navy
Affinity Ball Silver/Violet/Black
African American Ball Red, Black and Green stripes Polyester
Allure Ball Purple/Silver
Allure Solid Ball Purple/Blue
Angular One Ball Black/Silver Pearl/R
Angular ONe 2017 Ball Black/Silver Pearl/R
Apex Addiction Ball Neon Blue/Electric Pink Mac Daddy Particle Resin
Apex Adrenaline Ball Black and Electric Pink with PET Sparkles Particle Resin
Apex Aggression Ball Black/Electric Orange Energy Retention Particle
Apex Obsession Ball Navy/Fuchsia Big Wheel Medium Load Particle
Apex Particle Resin Ball Purple and Solar Yellow Big Easy Particle Resin with PET Sparkles
Apex Particle Resin Ball Reflex Blue and Red Hot Reactive
Bash Ball Black/Red
Bash Ball Purple/ Yellow/Silve
Big One 2017 Ball Navy/Green/Purple
Big Time Ball Black/Silver
Big Time Ball Navy/Silver/Pearl
Big Time Special Edition Ball Black/Silver
Black Ice Ball Black w/Sparkle
Boom Ball Dark Purple/Silver
Challenge Ball Silver/Purple/Green
Champion Ball Black/Blue/Red
Choice Ball Black/Red/White
Choice Pearl Ball Aqua/Violet/White
Choice Solid Ball Blue/Dark Blue/Orang
Clash Ball Turquoise/Purple
Clash Ball Blue/Yellow
Clear Werewolf Ball Clear, Red Dye (Ruby Red) Polyester
Clear Wolf Ball Clear Reactive
Code of Honor Ball Black/Blue/Orange
Complete NV Ball Purple/Blue/Silver
Cougar Ball Forest Green Reactive
Cross Fire Ball Red/Gold
Crush/R Ball Red
Curve Ball Ball Red/Purple/Silver
Cyclone Ball Fireball
Cyclone Ball Red/Purple/Yellow
Cyclone Ball Turquoise/Yellow
Cyclone Ball Royal Blue/Yellow
Cyclone Ball Green/Gold/Silver
Cyclone Ball Red/White/Blue
Cyclone Ball Black/Blue/Silver
Cyclone Ball Orange/Purple/Red
Cyclone Ball Black/Red/Yellow
Cyclone Ball Red Sparkle/Blue
Cyclone Ball Navy/Pink/Gold
Cyclone Ball Purple/Orange/Yellow
Cyclone Ball Black/Gold/Silver
Cyclone Ball Violet/Gold/Blue
Cyclone Ball Green/Yellow
Cyclone Ball Purple/Teal/Lime
Cyclone GB Ball Purple/Black
Destiny Hybrid Ball Black/Gold/Silver
Destiny Pearl Ball Green/Orange/Smoke
Destiny Pearl Ball Black/Red/Blue
Destiny Solid Ball Blue/Black
Destiny Solid Ball Magenta
Ebonite Logo Ball Ball Black/Blue/Grey
Elevate Ball Purple/Navy/Yellow
Emerge Ball Black/Silver/Purple
Emerge Hybrid Ball Black/Teal/Blue
Endure Ball Black/Yellow/Blue
Energy Source Ball Black/Red/Silver
Envision Ball Navy/Red/Black
Envision Pearl Ball Blue/Black/Ice
Evolve Ball Navy/Purple/Silver
Exceed Ball Red/Navy/Yellow
Eye Ball Ball Eye Ball Polyester
Fire Ball Orange/Gold Pearl Polished with Powerhouse Factory Finish Ball Polish
Fireball Ball Red/Gold
Fireball Purple/Gold Ball Purple/Gold
Futura Ball Purple/Black/Silver
Game Breaker Ball Black/Purple
Game Breaker 2 Ball Black/Purple
Game Breaker 2 Ball Black/Purple
Game Breaker 2 Gold Ball Royal/Gold/Blue
Game Breaker 2 MVP Ball Cherry/Dual Blue
Game Breaker 2 Phenom Ball Dark/Light Blue
Game Breaker 2 Phenom Pearl Ball Purple/Red/Blue
Game Breaker 4 Hybrid Ball Purple/Black
Game Breaker 5 Ball Royal Blue/Dark Blue
Game Breaker Assym Ball Blue/Silver
Game Changer Ball Red/Gold/Blue
Game On Ball Emerald/Silver Pearl
Game Plan Ball Navy/Turquoise/Silve
Game Time Ball Red/Purple/Blue
GB3 Ball Black/Purple
GB3 Black/Blue Ball Black/Blue
GB3 Pearl Ball Purple/Red
GB4 Ball Red/Dark Red
GB4 Ball Ruby/Smoke
Grey Wolf Pearl Ball Grey Reactive
Gyro I Ball Gold, Brown Polyester
Gyro I Ball Black Rubber
Gyro I Ball Green Soft Polyester
Gyro I Ball Medium Black Rubber
Gyro I Ball Maroon Polyester
Gyro I Ball Blue Plastic
Gyro I Hook Shot Ball Polyester
Gyro I Straight Shot Ball Polyester
Gyro III Ball *
Gyro Pro Accryllium Ball Blue Cast Acryllium
Gyro Reactive Ball Red Pearl or Green Pearl MegaBite
Gyro XL5 Ball *
Hard Ball Ball Purple/Red/Green
Honor Ball Royal/Turquoise/Silv
Hustler Ball (Various Billiard Balls) Polyester
Ice Ball Blue/Green Crystal Pearl Trimax Reactive Resin
Impact Ball Lime/Blue/Silver
In2ition Ball Green/Silver/Black
Infinite One Ball Navy/Royal/Burgundy
Infinite One 2017 Ball Navy/Royal/Burgundy
Innovate Ball Red/Navy/Purple
Jaguar Ball Deep Purple Reactive
Killer Instinct Pearl Ball Red to Gold Chromaflair Big Bang Reactive Resin
Killer Instinct Sanded Ball Red to Gold Chromaflair Pearlized Big Bang Reactive Resin
Lane Breaker Ball Black/Royal/Silver
Legacy Ball Black/Red/Green
Legacy TE Orange Pin Ball Black/Red/Green
Legacy TE Yellow Pin Ball Black/Red/Green
Lion Ball Emerald Pearl Reactive
Magic Ball Navy/Black/Gold Pear
Magic Action Ball Navy/Red/Gold
Magic Touch Ball Black/Red/Green
Magnum 10 Ball Black Rubber
Magnum 5 Ball Black Rubber
Magnum 6 Ball Orange Rubber
Magnum 7 Ball Black Rubber
Magnum 8 Ball Silver, Black Polyester
Magnum 9 Ball Chocolate Brown Polyester
Magnum XL5 Ball Black Rubber
Man.Pro Maker Ball Green Rubber
Manhattan Ball Black Hard Rubber
Manhattan Pro Mkr.II Ball Polyester
Matrix 2017 Ball Red/Black
Matrix Conquest Ball Gold and Wine Trimax Reactive
Matrix Dominator Ball Navy/Green Reactive
Matrix Dynasty Ball Trophy Gold and Black Pearlized Big Wheel Reactive with PET sparkles
Matrix Solid Ball Lime/Purple/Black
Matrix TPS Ball Power Purple TPS Particle
Matrix TPS II Ball Merlot Reactive
Matrix TPS III Ball Hunter Green Reactive
Matrix Trimax II Reactive Resin Ball Concord and Silver Mica Reactive
Matrix Trimax III Reactive Resin Ball Burgundy Mica Pearl Reactive
Matrix Trimax Reactive Resin Ball Black and Silver Pearl Reactive
Maverick Ball Red/Light Blue/Purpl
Maverick Pearl Ball Blue/Bronze/Red
Maxim Ball Various Colors
Maxim Blazing Fire Ball Red/Yellow
Maxim Captain Galaxy Ball Orange/Blue/Gold Cap
Maxim IV Ball Black, Silver, Burgundy, Strawberry Rubber
Maxim IV Ball Aquarius Blue, Tortoise Shell, Blue Silver Patterned Poly.
Maxim Purple Haze Ball Purple/Black/White P
Mission Ball Red Pearl
Mission $250k Ball Black Pearl
Mission 2.0 Ball Orange Pearl
Mission Domination Ball Black Pearl
Mission Unknown Ball Gold
Mission Unknown Ball Red
Mission Unknown Ball Black
Mission X Ball Blue/Yellow
New Manhattan Ball Soft Rubber
Nitro R-2 Classic Ball Purple
Nitro R2 Ball Purple Urethane
Nitro/R Ball Green Urethane
Nitro/R2 Ball Deep Purple Reactive
No Limit Reactive Pearl Ball Black/Gold Pearl
NV Ball Black/Blue/Silver Abzorb Reactive
NVD Ball Black/Navy/Gold
NVS Ball Black/Red/Gold
Omega Ball Blue Cast Acryllium
Omega Dry Ball Blue Cast Acryllium
Omega LM Ball Black Cast Acryllium
Omega R Reactive Ball Blue Pearl Reactive
Omni Ball Black/Blue
Omni Hybrid Ball Teal/Purple/Blue
Optyx Dragon Ball Red background with Chinese Dragon images Polyester
Optyx Formula 1 Clear Reactive Resin Ball Clear with core painted blue with racing flag decals applied
Optyx Ghost Face Ball Clear with Ghost Face Polyester
Optyx Illusion Ball Cyan Blue to Purple Gradient Shades Big Daddy Reactive Resin with ChromaFlair Particles
Optyx Krypt Keeper Ball Clear with core painted with Krypt Keeper Polyester
Optyx Snake Ball Clear with Intertwined Snakes Polyester
Optyx Snuffy Ball Yellow with smiley face with sunglasses Polyester
Optyx Spider Ball Clear with core painted metallic gold with Tarantula Spider decal Clear Reactive Resin
Over Time Ball Purple/Fuchsia/Blue Pearl Reactive
Pantera Ball Black and Red Super Track Plus
Persevere Ball Orange/Teal/Black
Pimacle Ball Blue Polyester
Pin Ball Ball Clear with bowling pin shaped core Everclear Polyester
Pin Slasher Ball Navy Blue/Teal
Pivot Ball Red/Gold/Green
Pivot Point Ball Purple/Gold/Black
Playmaker Ball Black/Purple/Silver
Polaris Ball Orange/Sky/Purple
Polaris Hybrid Ball Smoke/Blue/Lime
Predator Ball Blood Red/White MegaBite STP
Predator Jungle Green Ball Big Bang Particle Resin
Predator Pursuit Ball Red/Blue Trimax Ultra Low Load Particle Resin
Predator Sparkle Ball Fire Red Sparkle Light Load Particle in Trimax Reactive Resin
Primal Instinct Ball Blue/Lime Green/Blazing Orange Next Gen Reactive
Prime Time Ball Green Pearl/Gold Pearl Pearlized Big Bang Low Load Particle
Prime Time Sanded Ball Bright Blue/Lime Green Big Bang Light Load Particle
Puma Ball Copper/Black
Puma Ball Hazel Pearl MegaBite
Puma Classic Ball Black/Gold
Pursuit Ball Turquoise/Purple
Pursuit S Ball Turquoise/Purple
Raid Ball Purple/Green/Black
Real One Ball Blue/Black/Silver
Red Wolf Ball Red Reactive
Red Wolf Pearl Ball Red Reactive
Riptide Ball Purple Punch Pro Reactive
Ruby Red/Emerald Green Clear Ball Clear with Ruby Red, Green tint Polyester
RXS300 Ball Navy/Purple/Red
Salute Ball Black Solid / Silver
Savage Ball Midnight Blue/Rubine Red Reactive
Savage Flip Ball Black/Siver Big Bang Reactive
Savage Pearl Ball Purple/Blue Pearlized Big Wheel Reactive Resin
Sea Wolf Ball Seafoam Blue MegaBite
Shamrock Ball Green with inlaid White Shamrock Polyester
Shock Wave Ball Sapphire Blue Reactive
Show Time Pearl Ball Purple/Gold Pearl Big Bang Reactive Resin
Show Time Sanded Ball Blue/Silver/White Big Bang Reactive Resin
Signals Ball Red/Gold Pearl
Skull Ball Ball Polyester
Smash Ball Blue Pearl
SmashTime Ball Purple/Red/Black
Smashtime Pearl Ball Purple/Red/Silver
Source Ball Black/Purple
SR300 Ball Blue/Black/Green
Stinger Ball Deep Blue Detonator Reactive
Stinger 2 Piece Ball Red and Royal Pearl Detonator Plus
Stinger 2-Piece Low Flare Ball Blue/Teal Pearl Detonator Plus Reactive Resin
Stinger 2-Piece Low Flare Particle Ball Royal/Teal Mac Daddy Particle Resin
Stinger 2-Piece Sanded Ball Black MegaBite STP
Stinger Hybrid Ball Emerald Pearl/Navy
Stinger Pearl Ball Plum Pearl
Stinger Purple Pearl Ball Purple Pearl Reactive
Stinger Purple Sanded Ball Purple Reactive
Striking Motion Ball Navy Blue Super Shell 1.0
Tai Chi Ball Black and White Polyester
The Big One Ball Navy/Green/Purple Reactive
The Mission Ball Red Pearl
The One Ball Purple/Teal/Navy Blu
The One Ball Purple/Teal/Navy Blue Reactive
The One 2017 Ball Purple/Teal/Navy Blu
The One Encore Ball Teal/Graphite/Violet
The One Pearl Ball Red/Purple/Black Pearl GB10.7
The One Remix Ball Teal/Purple/Violet
Tidal Wave Ball Blue, Green Reactive
Tidal Wave Wipeout Ball Ebony MegaBite
Tidal Wave Wipeout Sparkle Ball Navy Green Super Track Plus
Tiger Ball Black and Orange Pear with PET particles Super Track Plus
Timberwolf Ball Pine Green MegaBite
Timberwolf Pearl Ball Apple Green MegaBite
Timberwolf Tour Model (yellow pin) Ball Pine Green MegaBite
Tomahawk High Torque Ball Black Raspberry Detonator Reactive
Tomahawk Low Torque Ball Black Raspberry Detonator Reactive
Tomahawk X-PLOSION Ball Nitro Blue Detonator Reactive
Tombstone Ball Granite Pro Reactive
Tornado Ball Black/Pink/Silver
Tornado Ball Black/Red/Orange
Tornado Ball Navy/Red/Gold
Tornado Ball Purple/Red/Gold
Tornado Ball Red/Orange/Gold
Tornado Ball Red Silver Pearl Sparkle, Blue/Violet Sparkle, Seafoam Blue 800 Grit Sanded
Tornado Ball Violet/Red Pearl, Royal Sparkle 800 Grit Sanded
Tornado Ball Red/White/Blue
Tornado Ball Green/Purple/Navy Reactive
Tornado Ball Silver/Navy/Gold Reactive
Tornado Ball Black/Sparkle
Tornado Ball Turquoise/Navy/Silver
Tornado Ball Navy/Green/Silver
Tornado Ball Black/Purple/Silver
Tornado TPS Ball Maroon Mega Super Bite Tack Particle Resin
Tornado Warning Ball Burgundy/Purple/Gold
Tornado Warning Ball Purple Green Pearl, Black Purple Reactive
Tornado Warning Ball Navy/Orange
Tornado Warning Ball Red/White/Blue
Tornando Ball Raspberry Green Polished with Powerhouse Factory Finish Ball Polish
Total NV Ball Navy/Purple/Gold Traxion Reactive
TPC Player Ball Violet/Green Pearl Pearlized Trimax Reactive Resin with PET particles
TPC Shooter Ball Purple Fury Big Daddy Reactive Resin
TPC Shooter XL Ball Neon Purple Big Daddy XL Reactive Resin
TPC Warrior Ball Neon Green/Neon Blue Pearlized Big Wheel Reactive Resin
TPSII Yellow Pin Tour Model Ball Reactive
Turbo A Accryllium Ball Raspberry Pearl Cast Acryllium
Turbo Black Panther Ball Black Reactive
Turbo C Ball Lime Green Cast Acryllium
Turbo X Ball Purple Urethane
Turbo XL Ball Wine Urethane
Turbo-R Ball Purple/Black
Turbo-R Ball Blue/Green/Silver
Turbo-R Ball Black/Copper/Yellow
Turbo-R Ball Pink/Black/White
Turbo/R Ball Orange/Blue Pearl
Turbo/R Ball Purple/Red/Silver
Turbo/R Ball Black Sparkle/Aqua
Turbo/RB Ball lack/Purple/Gold
V2 Clean Ball Royal Blue/Purple Big Bang XL Reactive Resin
V2 Dry Ball Teal Pearl Big Bang Low Load Particle
V2 Power Ball Purple/Teal/Red
V2 Strong Ball Light Blue/Royal Blue Big Bang Medium Load Particle
V2 Strong Ball Red/Green/Yellow
V2 Sweet Ball Blue/Salmon/Gold Trimax Reactive Resin
Verdict Ball Dark Blue/Blue/Green
Verdict Pearl Ball Smoke/Violet/Gold
Vital Energy Ball Red/Orange/Silver
Vital Sign Ball Black/Red/Orange
Vortex Afterburner Ball Green/Blaze Particle
Vortex I Ball Purple and Teal Pearl with PET particles Trimax Reactive
Vortex II Ball Black and Blue Trimax Reactive
Vortex II Particle Ball Purple Medium Load Particle in Big Wheel Reactive
Vortex II Pearl Ball Bright Blue and Smoke Pearlized Trimax Control Reactive
Vortex III Ball Royal Blue TPS Particle Resin
Warning Sign Ball Navy/Gold
Warrior Ball Red/Black Cherry/Red
Warrior Elite Ball Green Pearl/Black
Warrior Supreme Ball Black/Violet/Purple
Wave Ball Marine Blue Reactive
Werewolf Ball Red MegaBite
Whirlwind Ball Blue/Black/Orange
White Pin X-plosion Ball Nitro Blue with white pin Detonator Reactive
Wildcat Ball Midnight Blue Super Track Plus
Wolf Ball Dark Blue Reactive
Xcel Particle Ball Black/Blue/Purple
Xcel Pearl Ball Red/Green/Blue
Xxcel Ball Red/Black/Blue
XXXcel Ball Black/Purple/Magenta
Yankee Doodle Ball Red, White and Blue striped with stars Polyester
Yellow Pin X-plosion Ball Nitro Blue with yellow pin Detonator Reactive
Zebra I, II, III, IV Ball (Black and White), (Red, Black Yellow and Blue), (Black, Orange, Green and Red), (Purple, Green Red) Polyester