Full Registration: Balls and Accessories

DV8 is edgy and outrageous. with new unique core designs, new coverstocks with bright vibrant colors and highly angular ball motions.
Name Type Color Date Approved
Activ8 Ball Black/Silver/Purple
Ally Cat Ball Black-Pink Pearl
Ally Cat Ball Purple-Green Pearl
Ally Cat Ball Electric Blue-Red Pe
Brutal Collision Ball Lime/Orange/Blue
Brutal Nightmare Ball Blue/Orange/Lime
Captiv8 Ball Gold/Silver/Emerald
Chill Ball Purple/Light Blue
Chill Pearl Ball Turquoise/Silver
Collision Ball Pink/Silver/Black
Creed Ball Light Blue/Charcoal
Creed Rebellion Ball Yellow/Red/Blue Soli
Creed Revelation Ball Red/Purple/Gray
Damn Good Verge Ball Purple Sparkle
Damn Good Verge Pearl Ball Purple Sparkle
Decree Ball Black/White/Pink
Decree Pearl Ball Red/White/Black
Deviant Ball Red/Black Solid
Deviant Pearl Ball Black/Silver Pearl
Diamond Diva Ball Pink/Black Diamond
Diva Ball Black/Pink
Diva Divine Ball Dark Purple Pearl/Pi
Diva Pearl Ball Pink/Silver Pearl
Diva Style Ball Blue-Pink-Black Pear
Diva XOXO Ball Purple/ Silver Pearl
Dude Ball Purple/Black
Endless Nightmare Ball Blue/Green/Silver
Freakshow Ball Blue/Silver Pearl
Freakshow Flip Ball Red/ Silver Pearl
Freakshow Solid Ball Neon Blue/Orange
Frequency Hybrid Ball Indigo/Sky/Grape
Glam Ball Pink/Gold
Grudge Ball Purple/ Black/ White
Grudge Hybrid Ball Black Solid/Yellow S
Grudge Pearl Ball Black/Violet/White P
Hater Ball Cherry/Red/Blue
Hell Raiser Ball Black/Red/Yellow
Hell Raiser Blaze Ball Orange/Yellow/Black
Hell Raiser Return Ball Red/Yellow/Black
Hell Raiser Revenge Ball Black/Purple/Orange
Hell Raiser Terror Ball Black/Blue
HellCat Ball Purple/Red/Black
Hellcat XLR8 Ball Black/Magenta/Purple
Hitman Ball Black/Orange/Teal Pe
Hitman Enforcer Ball Blue/Silver/Orange P
Hooligan Ball Red/Yellow
Hooligan Taunt Ball Orange/Blue Pearl
Instigator Ball Orange/Teal/Black So
Intimidator Ball Black/Purple/White
Intimidator Pearl Ball Purple/White/Ocean
Marauder Ball Red/Yellow
Marauder Madness Ball Blue/Yellow
Marauder Mutiny Ball Orange/Black
Medusa Ball Black/Yellow/Gold
Misfit Ball Neon Yellow Pearl
Misfit Ball Neon Red/Orange
Misfit Ball Orange/Blue
Misfit Ball Yellow/Magenta
Misfit Ball Green/White
Nasty Rumor Ball Dark/Light Purple Pe
Night Prowler Ball Onyx/Sterling Silver
Nightmare Ball Black/Purple/Lime
Notorious Ball Black/Fuchsia/Teal
Outcast Ball Orange/Purple
Outcast Ball Citron/Black
Outcast Ball Lime/Raspberry
Pitbull Ball Black-Purple-Green S
Pitbull Bark Ball Neon Green/Red/Black
Pitbull Bite Ball Black/Neon Green/Neo
Pitbull Growl Ball Black/Orange/Purple
Poison Ball Halogen Yellow
Poison Pearl Ball Radium Green Pearl
Polyester Fearless Fuchsia Ball Pink
Polyester Glitter Gold Ball Gold
Polyester Just Black Ball Black
Polyester Slime Green Ball Lime
Prowler Ball Copper/Gold/Blue
Reckless Ball Blue/Green Pearl
Ruckus Ball Black/Blue/Lime
Ruckus Feud Ball Black/Red/Yellow
Ruckus Schizo Ball Neon Lime/Yellow Prl
Rude Dude Ball Neon Orange/Yellow
Rumor Ball Black/Neon Green Pea
Scorcher Ball Black/Yellow
The Squatch Hybrid Ball COLOR UNAVAILABLE
Thug Ball Grey/Rust
Thug Corrupt Ball Purple/Orange/Silver
Thug Life Ball Blue/Green/Silver Pe
Thug Unruly Ball Blue/Violet/Yellow S
Too Reckless Ball Black/Neon Green
Trouble Maker Pearl Ball Black/Teal/Blue
Troublemaker Ball Light Blue/Black/Blue
Turmoil 2 Pearl Ball Navy/Sky Blue/White
Turmoil 2 Solid Ball Black/Royal Blue/Yel
Turmoil Hybrid Ball Green/Blue/White
Turmoil Pearl Ball Fuchsia, Yellow, Blu
Turmoil Solid Ball Orange, Blue, White
Vandal Ball Black/Blue Pearl
Vandal Destroy Ball Purple-Bronze Hybrid
Vandal Smash Ball Navy/Purple Solid
Vandal Strike Ball Black/Blue/Neon Yell
Verge Hybrid Ball Orange/Purple/Sparkle
Verge Orange Solid Ball Orange/White
Verge Pearl Ball Dark Blue/Ocean Blue
Verge Solid Ball Navy/Purple/Crimson
Violent Collision Ball Blue/Silver/Pink
Viz-A-Ball Ball DV8
Warrant Ball Green/Royal/Navy
Warrant Solid Ball Black/Magenta/Yellow