Name Type Color Date Approved
300 Authority Ball
Action Ball Purple/Silver
Action Attack Ball Burgundy/Black
Action Max Ball Blue/Black/Gold Pearl
Action Packed Ball Red/Black/Gold/Blue
After Shock Ball Indigo Blue
Antics Ball Forest/Royal/Cherry/Yellow
Apogee Ball Black/Gold
Arch Rival Ball Green/Black/Red
Atlas Ball Purple/Teal/Navy
Authority Solid Ball
Backyard Bully Ball Black/Gold/Red
Baller Ball Yellow/Red/Black
Beast Ball Multiple Colors
Beast Master Ball Purple Solid
Beast Mode Ball Caribbean Ice
Beast with Mica Ball Purple Solid or Purple Pearl
Bedlam Ball Purple/Blue Pearl
Benchmark Ball Purple/Silver/Orange/Plum
Big Bully Ball Black/Red
Big Shot Ball Copper/Black/Silver
Black Knight Ball Black
Black Shadow Reactive Ball (Replaces the Black U-Dot - reactive)
Blue Dot Ball Silver
Blue Legend Ball Blue
Blur Hybrid Ball Orange/Palladium
Blur Pearl Ball Lemon/Lime
Blur Solid Ball Raspberry/Rose
Boss Ball Steel Blue
Boss Pearl Ball Blue-Green
Bowlers Warehouse 300 (White Dot) Ball
Bully Ball Blue/Black
Burst Ball Red/Black/Silver
Chaos Ball Carbide Black
Chaos Ball Green/Smoke
Chaos Black Ball Jet Black
Chris Barnes Select Ball Teal/Black/Silver
Classic Rock Ball Black/Blue with light grey engraving
Columbia 300 Logo Ball Ball Red/Black
Command Ball Smoke/Yellow/Silver
Command Ball
Command Solid Ball Sky/Purple/Black
Command Solid Ball Sky/Purple/Black
Complete Bedlam Ball Purple/Blue/Red
Complete Chaos Ball Blue Grass with gold engraving
Cool Noize Ball Blue/Red/Silver
Crazy Antics Ball White/Orange/Purple
Cuda 2000 Ball Plum Pearl
Cuda PowerCor Ball Burgundy/Black
Cuda PowerCor Pearl Ball Maroon/Black
Cuda/C Ball Cranberry
Cuda/C 2000 Ball Blue with pink engraving
Dark Encounter Ball Black/Blue/Violet
Deep Freeze Ball Multiple Colors
Delirium Ball Purple Flair
Delirium Shock Ball Black/Sky Blue/Red
DETOUR Ball Red/Purple/Balck
Disorder Ball Electric Lime/Purple
Disruption Ball Yellow/Indigo
Dr. Jekyll Ball Purple/Bronze/Black
Drive Ball Purple/Blue
Dynamic Swing Ball
Dynamic Swing Pearl Ball Copper/White/Smoke
Dynamic Swing Pearl Ball Copper/White/Smoke
Encounter Ball Navy/Purple/Ocean
Enigma Ball Royal/Yellow/Crimson
EPX T1 Ball Dull Purple
Eruption Ball Blue/Purple
Eruption Pearl Ball Dark Blue/Purple
Eruption Pearl Ball Dark Blue/Purple
Eruption Pro Ball Emergency Orange
Eruption Pro Ball Black
Eruption Pro Blue Ball Midnight Blue
Eruption Pro Hybrid Ball Emergency Orange / Fire Pearl
Explosion Ball Black/Purple/Emerald
Extreme Chaos Ball Black Cherry
Flipside Alter Ego Ball Yellow/Red/Green
Flipside Ego Ball Burgundy/Oyster/Black Pearl
Flipside Fear Ball Black/Red
Flipside Panic Ball Teal/Black
Flipside Shock Ball Red/Black
Flipside Wicked Ball Oyster/Blue
Flipside Wicked Ball Black/Red/Teal
Flipside Wild Ball Ruby/Gold/Royal Pearl
Flipside Wild Ball Red/Purple/Gold Pearl
Flipside Wired Ball Blue/Emerald/Gold Pearl
Flipside WOW Ball Plum/Cream
Flipside WOW Pearl Ball Black Pearl/Orange
Formula Ball Teal/Blue/Red
Freeze Ball Multiple Colors
Freeze Hybrid Ball Blue/Black/Silver
Freeze Solid Ball Black/Purple/Yellow
Full Swing Ball Black
Full Throttle Ball Blue/Black
Game Ball Black
Game Pearl Ball Red/Blue with Silver Sparkle
High Speed Ball Smoke/Lime/Scarlet
Hyde Ball Sky/Navy
Hyjinx Ball Red/Amber Pearl
Icon Ball Sky/Purple/Brick
Icon2 Ball Red/Purple/Blue
Icon300 Ball Purple/Red/Orange
Impulse Ball Red/Purple Pearl
Impulse Solid Ball
Jazz Ball Multiple Colors
Jekyll Ball Burgundy/Purple Pearl
Jinx Ball Blue/Teal/Silver
Juke Ball Green/Yellow/Purple
Kaboom Ball Blue/Sapphire
Lit Ball Silver/Purple/Black
Lit Pearl Ball Black/Red/Magenta
Loud NoiZe Ball Violet/Red/Grey
Mad Antics Ball White/Crimson/Smoke Pearl
Madness Ball Yellow/Black/Bronze
MASS Chaos Ball Blue with yellow engraving
Mass Eruption Ball Navy/Baby Blue
Maximum Velocity Ball Blue/Green/Black
Melt Down Ball Orange/Yellow/Purple
Messenger Ball Multiple Colors
Messenger Black Ball Black
Messenger Pearl Flame Ball Pearl Flame
Messenger PowerCOR Pearl Ball Ruby/Sapphire
Messenger PowerCOR Solid Ball Royal Blue
Messenger TEC Ball Blue/Red/Yellow multi-color w/ gold engraving
Messenger Ti Pearl Ball Black/Gold with peach engraving
Messenger Titanium Ball Multi-colored
Messenger Titanium Pearl Ball Blue/Silver/Purple
Messenger Titanium Traction Ball Blue/Silver/Purple
Momentum Ball Purple/Orange/Red
Momentum Swing Ball Solid Blue
N'Sane Antics Ball White/Crimson/Azure
Nitrous Ball Multiple Colors
NoiZe Ball Red/Orange/Black
N’Sane Antics Ball
Oath Ball Blue/Purple/Red
Omen Ball Purple/Gold/Silver
Orange Dot Ball Coca
Outburst Ball Red/Silver
Outlook Solid Ball
Outlook Solid Ball Turquoise/Purple
Outrage Ball Smoke Grey Pearl
Over Drive Ball Purple/Red/Green
Pearl Green Renegade Ball Green
Pearlized After Shock Ball Red Pearlized
Pearlized Beast Ball Purple
Pearlized Cuda/C Ball Cranberry
Pearlized Piranha C Ball Jade
Pearlized Pulse Ball Smoke Blue
Pearlized Quake Ball Antique gold
Pearlized TiBoss II Ball Strawberry Pearl
Perfect Rival Ball Purple/Green/Silver
Piranha Ball Coral Fire
Piranha Ball Orange
Piranha Power Ball Blue/Navy
Piranha/C Ball Blue
Pit Boss Ball Forest Green
Polyester Beast Ball Green/ Purple
Power Drive Sanded Ball Black/Red
Power Swing Ball Black/Red/Silver
Power Torq Ball Sky Blue
Power Torq Ball Dark Teal
Power Torq Ball Sky Blue
Power Torq Pearl Ball Sky Blue
PowerDrive Ball Silver/Cream/Blue
PowerSurge Ball Neon Purple
Primal Rage Ball Fire Red
ProHook Ball Black
ProHook Extreme Ball Blue
Pulse Ball Crimson Red
Pulse Pearl Ball Smoke Blue Pearl
Pure Madness Ball Black/Red/Yellow
Pure Physics Ball Black/Purple/Yellow
Pure Swing Ball Black/Gold
Quake Ball Ultra Violet
Rage Ball Black
Raging Violet Tremor Ball Bluish/ Violet
Ransom Ball Black/Red/Purple
Ransom Demand Ball Black/Crimson
Raw Urge Ball Black/Green/Yellow
Reaction Arc Ball Onyx Black
Reaction Rev Ball Blue/Black/Orange
Reaction Ricochet Ball Midnight Pearl
Reaction Rip Ball Emerald Pearl with Silver Sparkle Engraving
Reaction Roll Ball Sapphire Blue
Red Dot Ball Moss & Bronze
Resurgence Ball Blac/Gold/Silver
Resurgence Ball Black/Gold/Silver
Resurgence Revival DB Ball Blue/Black
Ricochet Rebound Ball Black Speckled
Ricochet Rebound “X” Ball Black
Ricochet Revenge Ball Blue/Gray
Rival Ball Blue/Steel/Yello
ROCK Ball Black solid with yellow engraving
Rock & Ricochet Ball Black/Gold
Rock On Ball Deep Purple
ROCK PEARL Ball Black/ purple pearl with light gray engraving
ROCK STAR Ball Teal/ red with neon red engraving
RockOn! Limited Edition Ball Burgundy
Saber Ball Blue/Black
Saber Pearl Ball Red/Gold/Smoke
Savage Ball Blue/Yellow/Purple
Savage Life Ball Aqua/Violet/Black
Scout Reactive Ball Multiple Colors
Scout/R Ball Red/Gold
Scout/R Ball Red/Purple/Gold
Scout/R Particle Ball Burgundy and Blue multi-color
Severe Delerium Ball
Severe Delirium Ball Black/Teal/Silver
Shadow/C Reactive Ball Aquarium Pearl
Shadow/R Ball Burgundy
Shadow/R Ball Teal Pearl
Shadow/R Ball Red Pearl
Sharp Noize Ball Blue/Gold Pearl
Shur D Ball Caramel
Side Swipe Ball Silver/Orange
Sideswipe Solid Ball Orange/Red/Gray
Smack Down Ball Purple/Silver/Purple Pearl
Speed Ball Crimson/Black/Cherry
Spirit Ball Liberty Blue with Red and White engraving
Spirit II Ball Burgundy
Splash Ball Blue Mist/ Green Mist
Spoiler Ball Green/Black/Blue
Spoiler Alert Ball Orange/Red/White
Spoiler Alert Ball
SPORT BALL Ball Maroon with yellow engraving
Super Trooper Ball Black/Violet
Super-Cuda Ball Cranberry
SuperBeast Ball Reef Blue
SuperBeast Titanium Ball Reef Blue Pearl
Swerve Ball Black/Scarlet/Navy
Swerve FX Ball Blue/Teal/Smoke Pearls
Swerve GT Ball Bronze/Purple/Black
Take Down Ball Pink/Black/Blue
Ten Ball Blue
The Hyde Ball Sky/Navy
The Jekyll Ball Burgundy/Purple Pearl
The Professional Ball Blue/Copper
Throttle Ball Crimson/Purple/Bronze
Throttle Up Ball Blue/Orange
Throttle-R Ball Copper/Gold Pearl
Throw Down Ball Neon Green/Berry/Sea Blue
TiBoss II Ball Grape
Top Speed Ball Scarlet/Silver/Purple
Total Bedlam Ball Purple/Orange/Blue
Total Chaos Ball Blue/ Green multi-color with red engraving
Tour Boss Ball Imperial Blue
Tour Boss Pearl Ball Wine
Tremor Ball Purple Haze
Trooper Ball Purple/Gold Sparkle
Tyrant Ball Black/Yellow/Blue
Tyrant Pearl Ball Black/Blue/Silver
U-Turn Ball Purple/Gold/Green
U-Turn Particle Ball Black/Burgundy/Teal
U-Turn Particle Pearl Ball Red/Blue
Urge Ball Lime/Cobalt Silver
Violent Eruption Ball Lava
Vow Ball Black/Red/Caramel
WD Lime Slime Ball Lime Slime
White Dot Ball Multiple Colors
White Dot Jester Ball Turquoise/Gold Jester
White Dot Royalty Ball Purple/Deep Red Royalty
Wicked Encounter Ball Orange/Black/Silver
Wicked Encounter Ball
World Beater Ball Black/Blue/Orange
Wrath Ball Purple/Black/Pink Pearl
Wrath Dead Flush Ball Dark Purple/Blue/Red
Wrath High Flush Ball Purple/Red/Pearl
Wrath SF Ball Red/Green/Blue
Wrath XP Ball Burgundy/Blue/Gold
Yellow Dot Ball Scarlet
Yellow Dot Legend Ball Scarlet