Full Registration: Balls and Accessories, Footwear.

Official PBA Sponsor - Capital Equipment and Lane Maintenance Supplier.

Largest manufacturer of recreational products in the U.S. The championship name in bowling equipment and consumer products.
Name Type Color Date Approved
Absolute Inferno Ball Blue/Orange
Absolute Nirvana Ball Black/Blue/Gray Solid
Amber Black Zone Ball Black Reactive
Ambush Ball Black Pearl Particle
American Pride Viz-A-Ball Ball American Flag and American Eagle Polyester
Anaconda Ball Black Pearl/Emerald Pearl
Armed Forces Viz-a-Balls Ball All U.S. Armed Forces balls are legal
Attack Zone MR Ball Blue, Red Swirl, Black Gold Reactive
Attack Zone Navy Pearl-Reactive Ball Navy Reactive
Attack Zone R Black Ball Black Reactive
Attack Zone R Copper Ball Copper Peal, Violet Reactive
Attitude Ball Aqua/Silver/Black
Attitude 1 Ball Blue and Neon Green Reactive
Attitude 2 Ball Orange and Black Reactive
Attitude III Ball Purple and Silver Reactive
Aura Ball Black/Purple
Avalanche Pearl Ball Blue/Silver Pearl
Avalanche Pearl Ball Black/Electric Green
Avalanche Slide Ball Red/Black Pearl Reactive/PowrKoil XD Reactive Coverstock
Avalanche Solid Ball Blue/Red Solid
Battle Zone Bullet Ball Silver Pearl Reactive
Battle Zone Cannon Ball Purple, Silver PowerKoil 17XD
Battle Zone Missile Ball Red Reactive
Beyond Infinity Ball Purple Ice/Ocean/Mint
Black Beauty Ball Black Rubber
Black Diamond Ball Black Hd. High Luster Rubber
Blast Zone Ball Black/Teal
Blazing Inferno Ball Red/Orange Pearl Activator
Blitz Green Ball Green Reactive
Blue Denim Quantum Ball Stonewashed Blue Proactive 2.0
Blue Streak Speed Zone Ball Blue Streak Reactive
Bowlers to Veterans Link Ball Blue with Flag & Scroll
Breast Cancer Awareness Ball Pink
Brunswick PBA Ball Red/Black
Brute Ball Navy/Light Blue
Brute Strength Ball Black/Gold Pearl
BVP Punisher Ball Blue/Silver
BVP Wizard Ball Black/Blue PowerKoil 18
C* (System) 2.5 Ball Red Pearl/Blue Pearl
C* (System) 3.5 Ball Purple Pearl/Yellow
C* (System) 4.5 Ball Black Pearl/Blue Pearl
C* (System) Alpha Max Ball Black/Blue/Teal
C* (System) Maxxed-Out Ball Blue/Light Blue
C* (System) Ulti Max Ball Black/Red/Silver Pearl
C* (System) Versa Max Ball Black
C.Z. G.T. T.E. #1 Ball Green Beret Reactive
C.Z. Green Tracer Ball Green Beret Pearl Reactive
C.Z. T.E. 1 Ball Green Beret Reactive
C.Z. T.E. 2 Ball Green Beret Reactive
C.Z. T.E. 3 Ball Green Beret Reactive
Celebrity Ball Black Rubber
Charger Ball All colors
Charger Ball Burgundy Medium Hard Rubber
Chris Barnes Viz-a-Ball Ball Chris Barnes Image Polyester
Classic Black Ball Black Solid
Classic Zone (Red Pin) Ball Purple Reactive
Combat Zone Ball Green Beret Reactive
Command Zone Ball Plum Pearl N-Control Reactive
Command Zone ARC Ball Navy Blue N-Control R. PwStock
Contact Zone Pro Ball Seafoam Green Proactive 2.0
Control Zone Ball Green Pearl Reactive
Control Zone T.E. 1 Ball Green Pearl Reactive
Copperhead Ball Copper/Blue/Ivory
Crown Jewel Ball Gold Pearl
Crown Jewel Ball Midnight Blue Pearlized Poly
Crown Regal Ball Burgundy, Bronze, Dark Blue, Black, Silver Soft Polyester
Cutting Edge Hybrid Ball Purple/Blue/Orange
Cutting Edge Pearl Ball Purple/Titanium/Copper
Cutting Edge Solid Ball Black Solid
D. Zone Pro-HP Distance T.E. 2 (Green Pin) Ball Black N-Control PowerStock
D. Zone Red Alert Ball Black Reactive
Damage Ball Red/Blue/Violet
Danger Zone HPC Ball Black Proactive
Danger Zone Millennium Edition Ball Black/Purple
Danger Zone Pro-HP Distance Ball Black Proactive DTX-1
Danger Zone Pro-HP Hook Ball Black Proactive MTX-1
Danger Zone Special Edition Ball Black Ice
Danger Zone Tour Edition #1 Ball Blue Pin Reactive
Danger Zone Tour Edition #2 Ball Green Pin Reactive
Danger Zone Tour Edition #3 Ball Orange Pin Reactive
Danger Zone, ME Ball Black, Purple Reactive
Danger Zone-Black Ice Ball Black Pearl Reactive
Dave Davis Ball Black Rubber
Deep D. Zone T.E. 1 Ball Deep Purple (blue pin) Reactive
Deep D. Zone T.E. 2 Ball Deep Purple (green pin) Reactive
Deep Danger Zone (D2Z) Ball Deep Purple
Defender Ball Royal/Navy/Sky
Defender Hybrid Ball Purple/Pink/Violet
Demolition Zone Ball Black PowerKoil 18
Desert Sky RE Ball Purple, Pink specs Reactive
Diamondback Ball Black/Yellow
Edge Pearl Ball Blue Pearl
Edge Solid Ball Purple Solid
Endeavor Ball Sky Blue/Silver
Ethos Ball Purple/Sky/Carbon
Evil Siege Ball Black Pearl/Red Pearl
Extreme Pacific Blue Ball (Same as the Extreme Teal) Reactive
Fanatic Ball Purple Solid/Light B
Fanatic BTU Ball Steel Solid
Fanatic BTU Pearl Ball Silver Pearl
Fanatic SS Ball Black-Light Purple S
Fearless Ball Neon Green/Purple
Fire Quantum Ball Fire Red
Fire Quantum Ball Red Reactive
Fish Viz-A-Ball Ball Aquarium Scene Polyester
Forest Green Quantum Ball Forest Green
Fortera Exile Ball Red/Silver Pearl
Fortera Intrigue Ball Red/Black
Fury Ball Black/Purple/Red
Fury Pearl Ball Blue/Red/Silver
Fury Pearl TE Ball Black/Red/Silver
Fuze Detonator Ball Black Proactive
Fuze Eliminator Ball Royal Blue Low Load Proactive/Particle
Fuze Igniter Ball Blue/Gold Aggressive Reactive SS
Fuze Navy Sparkle Ball Navy Sparkle XLP ProActive
Fuze Purple Pearl Ball Purple Pearl XLR-G2
Goliath Ball Navy Blue
Halo Pearl Ball Crimson/Indigo/Charcoal
Hearts Ball Pink
Hero Solid Ball Black/Pink/Purple
High Performance Pro-Am Ball Red/Black Pearl Reactive
Horizon Ball Blue Semi Hard Rubber
Igniter Pearl Ball Teal/White Pearl
Igniter Solid Ball Lime Green/Grey
Impact Zone Ball Burgundy Sparkle Reactive
Impact Zone Tour Edition 1 Ball Yellow Pin Reactive
Imperial Quantum Ball Imperial Purple Proactive
Impulse Zone Ball Blue
Inferno Ball Fire and Smoke Activator Aggressive Reactive
Inferno Blue Flame Ball Black/Blue/Silver
Infinity Ball Purple Ice/Navy/Red
Intense Inferno Ball Orange/Yellow
J.P. LT48 Gold Ball Black Reactive
J.P. LT48 Gold Pearl Ball Gold Reactive
J.P. LT48 Gold Pearl Ball Gold Reactive
Jade Quantum Ball Jade AXIOM
Jade Quantum Tour Ball Jade AXIOM
Jagged Edge Hybrid Ball Violet Solid/Grape/G
Jagged Edge Solid Ball Sky Blue/Black Solid
Karma Ball Blue/Green
Karma Ball Purple/Pink Pearl
Karma Ball Black/Blue
Kingpin Ball Black/Teal/Purple So
Kingpin Max Ball Navy, Green-Blue Solid
Kingpin Rule Ball Orange/Maroon/White
Kingpin Special Edition Ball Gold Pearl
Knock Out Bruiser Ball Blue/Purple
Knockout Ball Black
Knockout Black/Blue Ball Black/Blue
Laser Ball Eight Colors, Polyester
Leopard Viz-A-Ball Ball Leopard Fur Image Polyester
Lethal Revolver Ball Red/White Solid
Loaded Revolver Ball Black Pearl/White Pearl
LT-48 Ball Black Rubber Porous
LT-48 Rock Ball Black Rubber
LT-48 Vintage Ball Black Solid
Magnitude .035 Ball Blue Solid
Magnitude .035 Pearl Ball Gold/Silver Pearl
Magnitude .055 Ball Black/Red/Orange Solid
Mammoth Ball Blue/Copper
Mark X Ball Copper Polyester
Massive Damage Ball Navy/Silver Pearl
Mastermind Ball Black/Blue/Orange
Mastermind Brainiac Ball Black/Purple/Gold Pearl
Mastermind Einstein Ball Red/Blue/Silver
Mastermind Genius Ball Black/Green/Gold
Mastermind Intellect Ball Black/Blue/Neon
Mastermind Scholar Ball Blue/Silver/Gold Pearl
Mastermind Strategy Ball Purple/Orange/Navy
MaxxX Zone Ball Black/Blue/Purple PlaZma Reactive Solid
Mean Streak Ball Red/Black Pearl
Mean Streak Brawler Ball Blue/Bronze/Gold
Meanstreak Beatdown Ball Blue/Black
Melee Ball Red
Melee Cross Ball Teal
Melee Hook Ball Navy Solid
Melee Jab Ball Deep Bruise Pearl
Melee Jab Blood Red Ball Blood Red
Melee Jab Carbon Ball Carbon
Melee Jab Midnight Blue Ball Midnight Blue
Melee Jab SE Ball Deep Bruise Pearl
Method Ball Black/Blue/Red
Method Solid Ball Dark Purple/Light Purple
Mike Aulby Signature MVP Ball Purple Reactive
Military Viz-A-Balls Ball Various
Mindset Ball Orange/Sky/Royal Blue
Monster Ball Purple Proactive
Monster Black/Red Reactive Ball Black/Red PowerKoil 17 Reactive
Monster Bruiser Ball Black and Blue PowerKoil 18
Monster Frenzy Ball Blue Pearl/Red Pearl Control Powerstock Reactive
Monster Proactive Brimstone Red Ball Brimstone Red Proactive ETX3
Monster Reactive Ball Green/Black Pearl PowerKoil 17XD
Monster ScreamR Ball Blue with Violet Pearl Reactive
Monster SlayR Ball Black Cherry Peal PowerKoil LS
Monster SmashR Ball Blue/Silver PowerKoil 18 Reactive
Mystic Aura Ball Black/Gold
Navy Quantum T.E. 1 (D.Zone Pro-HP Distance T.E. 1) Ball Navy Proactive DTX-1
Nemesis Ball Blue/Red
Nexus f(p + f) solid Ball Blue/Violet
Nexxus f(p) Pearl Ball Black/Blue/Silver
Nexxus f(P+R) Ball Red/Black
Nexxxus f(P+S) Ball Black/Orange
Nirvana Ball Red/Blue/Violet
Paranormal Aura Ball Blue/Black
Parker Bohn III Viz-A-Ball Ball Parker Bohn III Immage Polyester
Parker Bohn MVP Ball Blue PowerKoil 17 Reactive
PBA Pro-AM Viz-A-Ball Ball Ready to Roll Plastic
PBA Tour High Performance Ultimate Inferno Ball Yellow/Green/Blue
Perfect Mindset Ball Black/Purple/Melon
Power Blitz Purple Ball Purple Reactive
Power Blitz Sapphire Ball Sapphire Reactive
Power Groove Ball Black/Pink Pearl
Power Groove Ball Merlot/Gold Pearl
Power Groove Ball Green/Purple/Chrome
Power Groove Ball Lime/Lavender
Power Groove Dry R Ball Green/Purple/Chrome
Power Groove Plum Proactive Ball Plum Pearl Low Load Proactive
Power Groove Proactive Black Sparkle Ball Black Sparkle Low Load Proactive
Power Groove Reactive Ball Red/Teal Pearl, Purple/Silver Pearl, Purple Sanded 400-grit, PowerKoil 17
Power Groove Reactive Ball Blue Pearl/Red Pearl, Blue Pearl/Ivory PowerKoil 17
Power Groove Reactive Chrome/Yellow Ball Chrome/Yellow PowerKoil 17 Reactive
Power Groove Reactive Ice Blue Ball Ice Blue PowerKoil 17 Reactive
Power Groove Reactive Neon Green/Purple Pearl Ball Neon Green/Purple Pearl PowerKoil 17 Reactive
Prism Hybrid Ball Cyan/Black/White
Prism Solid Ball Green/Aqua/Black/Solid
Prism Warp Ball Turquoise/Purple/Black
Prism Warp Hybrid Ball Black/Ice/White
Pro-Trac Ball Burgundy Polyester
Python Ball Blue Pearl/Yellow Pearl
Quantum Ball Forest Green, Midnight Blue Dark, Scarlet Reactive
Quantum Ball Aqua Marine Reactive
Quantum Bias Ball White Solid
Quantum Bias Pearl Ball Royal Blue Pearl
Quantum Evo Hybrid Ball Lime/Sky/Silver
Quantum Evo Pearl Ball Royal/Ruby/Black
Quantum Evo Response Ball Violet/Scarlet/Carbon
Quantum Evo Solid Ball Blue/Lime/Royal
Quantum Leap Ball Black Sand Reactive
Quantum Navy Ball Navy Proactive
Quantum Spare Ball Indigo Blue Polyester
Radical Inferno Ball Blue, Yellow, Chrome Pearl
Raging Inferno Ball Purple Pearl Activator Particle
Raging Red Fuze Ball Raging Red Aggressive Reactive
Rampage Ball Red/Yellow Reactive
Rattler Ball Indigo Pearl/Ivory Pearl Reactive
Raven Quantum Ball Black Reactive
Red Alert Night Flash Ball Black Reactive
Red Zone Ball Red Reactive
Red Zone Ball Black Cherry Activator
Regal Quantum Ball Purple Reactive
Revolver Ball Dark Purple Pearl/White
Rhino Ball Blue/Black/Silver Pearl
Rhino Ball Black/Green/Orange
Rhino Ball Purple/Pink/White Hy
Rhino Ball Green/Silver Pearl
Rhino Ball Black Pearl
Rhino Ball Cobalt, Aqua, Teal
Rhino Ball Metallic Blue/Black
Rhino Ball Charcoal/Silver/Violet
Rhino Ball Red/Black/Gold Pearl
Rhino Ball Carbon/Lime/Silver
Rhino Plastic Ball Desert Sky, Red, Black Sparks, Green Sparks, Cosmic Purple Sparks, Magenta, Blue Swirl, Pacific Blue Polyester
Rhino Pro Brute Ball Burgundy Reactive
Rhino Pro Copper Ball Pearlized Copper Reactive
Rhino Pro Deep Purple Ball Purple Reactive
Rhino Pro Gold Ball Gold Reactive
Rhino Pro LE Ball Blue Reactive
Rhino Pro Pearl Ball Blue Pearl Reactive
Rhino RE Ball Indigo Blue Urethane
Rhino RE Emerald Ball (Same as the Desert Sky) Reactive
Rhino RU Ball Blue, Black Reactive
Ringer Ball Platinum Pearl
Ringer Ball Burgundy Pearl
Ringer Ball Royal Blue
Riot Zone Purple Pearl Ball Purple Pearl Proactive DTX-2
Riot Zone Purple Pearl Tour Edition I Ball Purple with Gold Pearl Proactive
S.Z.T.E. #1 Ball Blue Streak, Red Pin Reactive
S.Z.T.E. #2 Ball Blue Streak, Green Pin Reactive
Sage Quantum Ball Pearlized Sage Reactive
Sage Quantum Tour Ball Pearlized Sage Reactive
Sapphire Blue Zone Ball Blue Reactive
Scorchin' Inferno Ball Red/Black Activator Max
Shock Zone Pro Ball Burgundy Sparkle Proactive DTX-3
Shoe Shoe Any
Sidewinder Ball Green Pearl/White
Siege Ball Black/Silver Pearl
Siren (Laser) Ball Eight Colors, Polyester
Skull Ball Black Plastic
Slate Blue Quantum Ball Slate Blue Proactive
Slingshot Ball Silver Pearl/Black
Slingshot Ball Red/Orange Pearl
Slingshot Ball Black/Pink
Slingshot Ball Lavender/Lime
Slingshot Ball Blue/Gold Pearl
Slingshot Ball Merlot/Gold
Slingshot Ball Red Pearl/Silver Pearl
Slingshot Ball Purple
Smash Zone Ball Black Pearl
Smokin' Inferno Ball Black/Ivory Activator Advanced
Smokin' Inferno Ball Black/Ivory (White P Activator Advanced)
Solid White Viz-A-Ball Ball White
Soul Ball Black Smoke Solid
Soul Mate Ball Orange Fire Pearl
Space Ball Viz-A-Ball Ball Space Design Polyester
Speed Zone Blue Vapor Ball Blue Vapor Pearl Reactive
Speed Zone Speed Demon Ball Red Reactive
Speed Zone T.E. #3 Ball Blue (White Pin) Reactive
Speed Zone T.E. #4 Ball Blue (Orange Pin) Reactive
Steel Rhino Pro Ball Steel Urethane
Stellar Ball Royal/Ice/Black
Strike King Ball Purple/Pink Pearl
Strike King Ball Red/Gold Pearl
Strike King Ball Blue/Red Pearl
Strike King Ball Black Pearl
Strike King Ball Emerald Green
Strike Zone Ball Purple
Swamp Monster Ball Swamp Green Ultra High Load Proactive
Swarm Ball Black Pearl/Yellow P
T-Zone Ball Various Colors
Target Zone Ball Various Colorsr
Teal Rhino Pro Ball Teal
Teal X Treme Ball Teal Reactive
Team Brunswick Spare Ball Blue
Tenacity Ball Black/Purple/Silver
Tenacity Grit Ball Purple/Silver/Blue
The ODD Balls Ball Different Colors Polyester
The Uppercut Ball Black/Gold Sparkle
Timberlake Ball Different Colors Polyester
Time Zone Ball Black PowerKoil 18
Total Inferno Ball Purple/Orange/Red Pearl
Tru Track Ball Black Rubber
True Nirvana Ball Black/Gold/Chrome Pearl
Twist Ball White, Fuchsia, Light
Twist Ball Black, Gold, Silver
Twist Ball Red, Purple Pearl
Twist Ball Blue, Silver Pearl
Twist Ball Neon Green/Black
Twisted Fury Ball Black Red SIlver
Twisted Fury Destruction Ball Pacific Blue &I Chrome XLerator
Twisted Fury Solid Ball Red/Black/Grey
Ultimate Defender Ball Violet/Pink/Navy
Ultimate Inferno Ball Blue/Red Solid Activator Aggressive Reactive
Ultimate Nirvana Ball Red/White/Blue
Ultra Zone Ball Blue/Black/Silver
Vapor Zone Ball Blue Pearl
Vapor Zone Hybrid Ball Emerald/Silver/Purple
Vapor Zone Solid Ball Plum/Navy/Black Solid
Vintage Danger Zone Ball Black Solid
Vintage Gold Rhino Pro Ball Gold Pearl
Vintage Inferno Ball Black/Orange Pearl
Vintage Phantom Ball Black/Steel Grey Solid
Vintage Vapor Zone Ball Purple/Teal Pearl
Violet Hook Quantum Ball Violet Reactive
Viz-A-Ball Ball All U.S. Armed Forces balls are legal
Viz-A-Ball Ball Any ball without a licensed character, trademark, copyright or team logo is legal
Viz-A-Ball Ball PBA Tour Sponsor spare balls are for designated Team Members only and are illegal by all others
Walter Ray Williams Jr. MVP Ball Black PowerSurge Reactive
Warp Zone Ball Sapphire Blue Medium Load Particle
Wicked Siege Ball Black Pearl/Purple Pearl
Wild Card Ball Red/Purple
Wild Ride Ball Black Onyx/Navy ConneXion
Wild Ride TE Ball Black Onyx/Navy
Wild Thing Ball Red Pearl/Silver Pearl
Zenith Ball Red/Orange/Purple
Zenith Hybrid Ball Black/Ice/Smoke
Zenith Pearl Ball Purple/Red/Blue
Zone Classic Ball Purple Pearl (Red Pi Activator Reactive)
Zone Classic Ball Purple Pearl Activator Reactive
Zone Defense Ball Deep Aqua PowerXtend
Zone Pro Ball Azure AXIOM
Zone Pro Ball Azure AXIOM
Zone Pro Burgundy Proactive Ball Burgundy Proactive
Zone Pro Teal Proactive Ball Teal Proactive
Zone Pro Tour Edition #1 Ball Red Pin Proactive
Zone Pro Tour Edition #2 Ball Green Pin Proactive
Zone Pro Tour Edition #3 Ball Orange Pin Proactive
Zone X High Differential Ball Mega Blue Pearl Green Riser Pin XLR
Zone X Low Differential Ball Mega Blue Pearl Red Riser Pin XLR
Zone X TE 1 (Yellow Pin) Ball Mega Blue Pearl PowerKoil 18
Zone X TE 2 (Orange Pin) Ball Mega Blue Pearl PowerKoil 18