Name Type Color Date Approved
900 Global Black/Gold Spare Ball Black/Gold
900 Global Spare Ball Black
Absolute Truth Ball Blue/Orange/Black
After Burner Black-Purple Ball Black/Purple
After Burner Blue-Black Ball Blue/Black
After Dark Ball Blue/Silver Pearl
After Dark Ball Black
After Dark Hybrid Ball Black Solid Charcoal Pearl
After Dark Pearl Ball Purple Pearl
All Day Ball Blue/Green
All In Ball Purple/Silver
All Night Ball Red/Gold
Altered Reality Ball Salmon/Black/Silver
Aspect Ball Blue/Steel/Orange
Badger Ball Black/Blue
Badger Infused Ball Red/Silver Pearl
Badger Pink Fury Ball Neon Pink
Bam Ball Pink/Black/Silver
Bam Ball Blue/Black
Bam Ball Black/White
Bank Ball Copper Pearl
Bank Pearl Ball Purple/Gold Pearl
Bank Roll Ball Black/Blue
Black Eagle Ball Black
Black Ops Ball Black
Boo-Yah Pro Ball Black Pearl
Boo-Yah! Ball Black
Boost Ball Orange/Yellow
Boost Ball Purple/Green
Boost Ball Purple/Cream
Boost Ball Blue/Black
Boost Ball Pink Sparkle
Boost Ball Silver Pearl/Black S
Boost Ball Royal/Scarlet/Violet
Boost Ball Red/Charcoal
Boost Ball Emerald/Gold
Boost Ball Cardinal Red
Boost Ball Black/Silver/Gray
Boost Black Solid Ball Black Solid
Boost Bubblegum Ball Purple/Pink Pearl
Boost Green/Black Ball Green/Black
Bounty Ball Blue/Bronze S77
Bounty Hunter Ball Navy/Cream
Bounty Hunter Pearl Ball Red/Black
Break Down Ball Bright Blue
Break Out Ball Blue/Purple solid wi
Break Point Ball Blue/Silver Coverstock S73
Break Point Pearl Ball Red/Blue
Bullet Train Ball Purple/Cooper
Burner Pearl Ball Amethyst/Red
Burner Solid Ball Orange/Teal
Chemical X Ball Slate/Lime
Clear Poly Ball Clear Black
Compass Ball Black Sparkle Solid/
Continuum Ball Purple/Gold/Black
Covert Ops Ball Covert Blue
Dark Matter Ball Navy/Ocean Blue
Desert Hook Ball Copper/Royal Blue
Desert Ops Ball Burnt Orange/Gold Pe
Dirty Look Ball Green/Blue
Dream Ball Blue/Carbon/Red
Dream Big Ball Pink/Blue/Black
Dream Big Pearl Ball Pink/Blue/Silver
Dream On Ball Purple/Blue/Black
Drift Ball Black Solid/Purple P
Eagle Pearl Ball Black
Eagle USA Ball Red/White/Blue
Earth Ball Ball Globe
Eeon Ball Amethyst/Teal/Charco
Eon Ball Amethyst/Black/Orang
Equilibrium Ball Maroon/Plum
Eternity Ball Neon Purple/Black/Silver
Eternity PI Ball Burgundy/White/Black
Favorite Ball Black
Flux Ball Orange Solid
Flux Pearl Ball Orange Pearl
Freight Train Ball Black/Gray
Hard Drive Ball Blue/Steel
Head Hunter Ball Orange/Red
Honey Badger Ball Purple Urethane
Honey Badger Ball Gold Pearl
Honey Badger Claw Ball Black/Purple
Honey Badger Extreme Pearl Ball Red/White/Black
Honey Badger Extreme Solid Ball Purple/Black/Blue
Honey Badger Intensity Ball Pink/Blue Navy
Honey Badger Revival Ball Magenta/Gold
Honey Badger Teal Ball Teal Pearl
Hook Ball Red/Yellow
Hook Ball Purple/Orange
Hook Ball Black/Silver Pearl
Hook Ball Blue/Yellow
Hook Ball Dark Blue/Light Blue
Hustle Camo Ball Army/Black/Brown
Hustle Wine Ball Cranberry/Merlot
Inception Ball Green/Black/Purple
Inception DCT Ball Red/Black/Purple
Inception DCT Pearl Ball Green/Purple/Cream
Inception Pearl Ball Carbon/Purple/Blue
Inception Redux Ball Yellow/Carbon/Blue
Infrared Ball Red Solid
Jewel Ball Purple/Pink
Jewel Ball Ruby Red/Pink Pearl
Link Ball Red/Gold
Long Shot Ball Ocean Blue/Silver Pr
Lunatic Ball Black/Butterscotch
Maniac Ball Purple/Red
Missing Link Ball Purple/Blue
Missing Link Ball Blue/White
Missing Link Ball Black/Silver
Missing Link Ball Red/Black
Money Badger Ball Emerald Green Pearl
Money Badger Tour Ball Black Solid
Moxie Ball Red/Black/Yellow
Ordinance Pearl Ball Magenta/Silver Pearl
Ordinance Solid Ball Sky Blue/Midnight Bl
Ordnance C4 Ball Aqua/Black
POW Ball Black/Red/Orange
POW Ball Blue/Black/Silver
POW Ball Pink/Black/Silver
POW Ball Navy/Gold/Purple
Profit Ball Black/Emerald Prl
Protocol Ball Seafoam/Navy
Raw Profit Ball Purple/Orange
Reality Ball Magenta/Aqua/Midnight Blue
Reality Check Ball Black/Indigo/Maroon
Respect Ball Blue/Silver/Steel
Respect (2018) Ball Blue/Silver/Teal
Respect Pearl Ball Orange/Red/Charcoal
Respect Solid Ball Red/Black/Yellow
Rip/It Ball Green/Silver
Shadow Ops Ball Black/Silver
Soccer Ball Ball Black/White
Space Time Continuum Ball Black/Pink/Blue
Special Ops Ball Orange Pearl/Black S
Sure Thing Ball Navy/Oyster
Tactical Ops Ball Purple/Orange/Gray
The Break Ball Black
The Break Pearl Ball Red/Silver/Grey
The Break S75 Ball Purple/Silver
The Creature Ball Purple
The Creature Pearl Ball Black/Silver
The Eagle Ball Violet
The Look Ball Blue/Orange
The Nuts Ball Red/Blue
The Nuts Pearl Ball Black/Silver Pearl
Train Ball Blue/Silver
Truth Ball Orange/Black/Purple
Truth Pearl Ball Carbon/Blue/Ruby Pea
Truth Tour Ball Black
Vixen Ball Red/Purple
Volatility Ball Black/Purple
Volatility Torque Ball Emerald/Steel/Violet
Volt Ball Sapphire Pearl
Volt Solid Ball Neon Green
War Eagle Ball Red/Sky Blue
White Hot Badger Ball White Pearl
Wisdom Ball Red/Silver
Wisdom Ball Black/Gold Pearl
Wolverine Ball Navy/Aqua
Wolverine Dark Moss Ball Dark Moss Pearl
X Ball Black
X2 Ball Black/Red Solid
XPonent Ball Midnight Cyan
Yellow Poly Ball Yellow
Zen Ball Magenta/Teal/Silver
Zen Gold Label Ball Deep Purple
Zen Master Ball Magenta/Black/Green
Zen Soul Ball Teal/Fuchsia/Black
Zen U Ball Jet Black