Steve Nagy Sportsmanship Award


BJ Moore, having long been among the PBA Tour's most respected players, has been selected to receive the 2023 PBA Steve Nagy Sportsmanship Award by a voting panel of PBA players who competed in over half of 2023 national tour events. This marks the first Nagy award of Moore's career.

“I have always been a firm believer of the cliché saying about how you treat people how you want to be treated, especially after having kids,” Moore said. “If someone needs help, you try to help them out. You try to be kind and compassionate to everyone."

The PBA’s sportsmanship award honors Steve Nagy, a PBA Hall of Famer and founding member. He was instrumental to the early success of the PBA. The award has been awarded since 1966, the year of Nagy’s death.

Previous Winners

Date Name
2023 BJ Moore
2022 Jake Peters
2021 Jake Peters
2020 Brad Miller
2019 Martin Larsen
2018 Tom Smallwood
2017 Chris Loschetter
2016 Tom Smallwood
2015 Josh Blanchard
2014 Brett Spangler
2013 Ryan Shafer
2012 Martin Larsen
2011 Jack Jurek
2010 George Lambert IV
2009 Ryan Shafer
2008 Riga Kalfas
2007 Richard Wolfe
2006 Jack Jurek
2005 Jason Queen
2004 Tim Criss
2003 Jason Queen
2002 * Justin Hromek
2000 Justin Hromek
1999 Justin Hromek
1998 Tim Criss
Butch Soper
1997 Rick Steelsmith
1996 Curtis Odom
1995 Mike Aulby
1994 Mike Aulby
1993 Parker Bohn III
1992 Parker Bohn III
1991 Parker Bohn III
1990 Parker Bohn III
1989 Dave Husted
1988 Dave Husted
1987 Steve Martin
1986 Steve Martin
1985 Steve Martin
1984 Jim Pritts Jr.
1983 Rich Gradley
1982 Sam Zurich
1981 Tom Baker
1980 Tom Baker
1979 Alvin Lou
1978 Gil Silker
1977 Don Johnson
1976 Tommy Hudson
Les Schissler
Les Zikes
1975 Jim Frazier
1974 Gary Dickinson
1973 Gary Dickinson
Dick Ritger
1972 Gary Dickinson
1971 Mike Orlovsky
1970 Dick Ritger
Dave Soutar
John Guenther
1969 Ralph Engan
1968 Ralph Engan
1967 Johnny Guenther
1966 Johnny Guenther