Imperial Lanes, Toledo, Ohio, Mar 23-29, 1986

No Sophomore Slump For Crites; Wins Toledo Trust PBA National

Tom Crites, Tampa, Fla., won the plaudits of the crowd and the lion's share of the money, $45,000, but it was Mike Aulby who gained the hearts of the national television audience.

Crites defeated Aulby in the title game of the $235,000 Toledo Trust PBA National Championship, 190-184, and it was a richly deserved triumph . . . but for Aulby, who came within an eyelash of successfully defending the rich title, the defeat was a heartbreaker.

The Indianapolis pro was coming off a three-week layoff after not bowling up to the pace he set one year ago when he captured six Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) titles and more than $200,000.

But even the rest didn't appear to have accomplished what Aulby set out to do, until the final game of qualifying in the 56-game test, when he rolled a four-bagger to barely make it into 24th position for the start of match game competition.

From there, while Crites, Frank Ellenburg, Mark Baker and Pete Weber battled for the lead, Aulby just kept chipping away at the front runners and after a tense position round game on Friday night, Aulby found himself lodged into third place, along with top-seeded Crites, 32-time champion Mark Roth, Spring Lake Heights, N.J., Mike Edwards of Tulsa, Okla., and Weber, one of Aulby's chief rivals in 1985.

While a capacity and noisy crowd at Ducat's Imperial Lanes cheered them on, Edwards ousted Weber, 248-212. Aulby then entered the fray and won a two-frame (9th and 10th) rolloff from Edwards, 49-39, after they had tied at 202.

The ensuing match with the veteran Roth was a thriller all the way, Roth holding a 16-pin lead early in the duel. But Aulby found the range and finished with five consecutive strikes for a 236-234 victory and the opportunity to defend the title he won a year ago on the same lanes.

But it was not to be. Crites went quietly about his game plan, which had carried him to the biggest game of his career and opened a slight lead over Aulby. Aulby left the 6-7 split in the ninth frame and everyone thought it was all over, but Aulby converted it. After Crites finished with his 190, Aulby had a chance to win with a 10th frame double, but couldn't collect the first and Crites was the winner.

"Yes, I was watching when he (Aulby) made that 6-7," said Crites, "but I didn't want to get beat sitting on the bench and I was making the shots I knew I had to make. I knew I had $25,000 (second place) clinched and the rest of it was bonus bucks, but I also knew I would be getting a seven-year exemption into the Firestone Tournament of Champions and that made it all worthwhile."

Crites, in winning his PBA title said he recalled getting beat by Aulby in the finals of the Denver Open in 1985. Crites also was voted the Sporting News PBA Rookie of the Year in '85.


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
1Tom Crites, Tampa, Fla.190 (1 game)$45,000
2Mike Aulby, Indianapolis622 (3 games)25,000
3Mark Roth, Spring Lake Heights, N.J.234 (1 game)15,000
4Mike Edwards, Tulsa, Okla.450 (2 games)10,000
5Pete Weber, St. Louis212 (1 game)8,000

PLAYOFF RESULTS - Edwards defeated Weber, 248-212; Aulby and Edwards tied at 202, with Aulby then winning a two-frame rolloff, 49-39; Aulby defeated Roth, 236-234; and in the championship game, Crites defeated Aulby, 190-184.


 Name, CityPinsAvg  WLT+TotAmt
1Tom Crites, Tampa, Fla. 11687 208.7 17-7-0 510 12197 
2Mark Roth, Spring Lake Hts., N.J. 11710 209.1 16-8-0 480 12190 
3Mike Aulby, Indianapolis 11639 207.8 17-7-0 510 12149 
4Mike Edwards, Tulsa, Okla. 11761 210.0 12-12-0 360 12121 
5Pete Weber, St. Louis 11727 209.4 13-11-0 390 12117 
6Frank Ellenburg, Mesa, Ariz. 11651 208.1 15-9-0 450 12101 $6,500
7Bruce Carter, Round Rock, Texas 11610 207.3 15-9-0 450 12060 5,700
8Bill Peters, Englewood, Ohio 11725 209.4 10-14-0 300 12025 5,000
9Marc McDowell, Madison, Wis. 11672 208.4 11-12-1 315 12017 4,500
10Pete Couture, Windsor Locks, Conn. 11540 206.1 15-8-1 465 12005 4,000
11Dave Husted, Milwaukie, Ore. 11728 209.4 8-16-0 240 11968 3,500
12Tony Westlake, Altus, Okla. 11631 207.7 11-13-0 330 11961 3,200
13Ron Palombi Jr., Erie, Pa. 11501 205.4 14-10-0 420 11921 3,000
14Rick Vittone, Salem, Ore. 11498 205.3 14-10-0 420 11918 2,800
15Mark Baker, Garden Grove, Calif. 11545 206.2 12-12-0 360 11905 2,600
16Rick A. Pollard, Versailles, Ind. 11557 206.4 11-13-0 330 11887 2,400
17Tony Moore, Corbin, Ky. 11524 205.8 11-13-0 330 11854 2,200
18Kevin McGerr, Lincoln, Neb. 11569 206.6 7-17-0 210 11779 2,100
19Steve Wunderlich, St. Louis 11462 204.7 10-14-0 300 11762 2,000
20Jimmie Pritts Jr., Lawrence, Mass. 11458 204.6 10-14-0 300 11758 1,900
21Mal Acosta, Manteca, Calif. 11433 204.2 10-13-1 315 11748 1,800
22Sam Zurich, Hernando Beach, Fla. 11492 205.2 8-15-1 255 11747 1,700
23Jeffrey Mackey, Mexico, Mo. 11436 204.2 9-15-0 270 11706 1,600
24Larry Barwick, Wauchula, Fla. 11390 203.4 10-14-0 300 11690 1,500


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
*25Del Ballard Jr., Richardson, Texas$1,475
 Palmer Fallgren, Sacramento, Calif.1,370
27Chuck Pierce, Dallas1,325
28Tom Baker, Buffalo, N.Y.1,300
29Bob Handley, Pompano Beach, Fla.1,290
30Jim Stefanich, Joliet, Ill.1,280
31Rick Sajek, Coral Spring, Fla.1,270
32Storm DeVincent, Tamarac, Fla.1,255
 David Ozio, Vidor, Texas1,255
34Jeff Dreyfus, Fort Wayne, Ind.1,240
35Jim Ragnoni, Elyria, Ohio1,230
36Paul Gibson, O'Fallon, Ill.1,220
37Purvis Granger, Lafayette, La.1,210
38Dave Tulak, Monroe, Mich.1,200
39Rey C. Perez, Cincinnati, Ohio1,190
40George Branham III, Arleta, Calif.1,175
 Randy Stoughton, Indianapolis1,175
42Henry Gonzalez, Colorado Springs, Colo.1,160
43Jeff Lizzi, Sandusky, Ohio1,150
44Gary Dickinson, Burleson, Texas1,140
45Ernie Schlegel, Vancouver, U.S.A.1,130
46Mark Stibora, Brooklyn, Ohio1,120
47James A. Miller, Mesa, Ariz.1,105
 Larry Womack. Morro Bay, Calif.1,105
49Amleto Monacelli, Venezuela1,090
50Bob Goike, Belleville, Ill.1,080
51Brian Voss, Tacoma, Wash.1,070
52John Weltzien, McHenry, Ill.1,060
53Steve Preston, Kokomo, Ind.1,050
54Randy Johnson, Webster Groves, Mo.1,040
55Mark Fahy, Chicago1,030
56Tom Laskow, Commack, N.Y.1,015
 Bill Netzhammer, Alton, Ill.1,015
58Joe Berardi, Brooklyn, N.Y.1,000
59Mark Williams, Beaumont, Texas990
60Ron Williams, Cahokia, Ill.980
61Dave Ferraro, Kingston, N.Y.970
62Brad Bohling, Denver, Colo.960
63Rowdy Morrow, St. Louis950
64Charlie Tapp, South St. Paul, Minn.940
65Wayne Webb, Indianapolis930
66Jim Pencak, Highland Hts., Ohio920
67Andrew Neuer, Milton, Pa.910
68Ron Bell, Akron, Ohio900
69Norm Duke, Fort Worth, Texas890
70Jeff Phipps, Troutdale, Ore.880
71Bill Ryan Jr., Dayton, Ohio870
72Marshall Holman, Medford, Ore.860
73Kevin Taber, Toledo, Ohio850
74Leroy Bornhop, St. Charles, Mo.835
 David White, Oklahoma City, Okla.835
76Gerry Keslar, Lincoln, Neb.820
77Kent Wagner, Palmetto, Fla.810
78Mike Jasnau. Wichita, Kan.800
79Rod Pasteur, Atlanta, Ga.790
80Sam Maccarone, Glassboro, N.J.780
81Don Genalo, Perrysburg, Ohio770
82Bob Chamberlain, Auburn Heights, Mich.760
83Jim Gostovich, New Baltimore, Mich.750
84John Bicker, Cleveland740
85Johnny Petraglia, Staten Island, N.Y.730
86Scott Devers, Centerville, Ind.720
87Steve Gillum, Crestwood, Mo,710
88Dennis Jacques, Middletown, N.J.700
89Jim Augustine, Tallmadge, Ohio690
90Jon O'Drobinak, Chicago680

* - Match play alternate. 32-game qualifying leader - Dave Husted, 6823. 24th place - Mike Aulby. 6615. 90th place Jon O'Drobinak, 6298. PRO-AM CASHERS - Bill Peters, Joe Salvemeni, James A. Miller, Jimmie Pritts Jr., Steve Fehr, Purvis Granger, John Weltzien, John Kirker Jr., Sam Maccarone, Bob Chamberlain, Tony Westlake, Steve J. Martin, Tom Crites, Sam Zurich, Larry Womack, Pete Couture, Gary Skidmore, Del Ballard Jr., Ross Ziegler, Chuck Mogavero, Pat Malone, Mal Acosta, Jeff Bellinger, Mike Jasnau, Russ Cooper and Dave Ferraro ($50 each).