Bowling de Paris, Paris, France, Sep 22-25, 1982

Baker Does Paris

Tom Baker became the PBA's first European champion when he defeated Mike Aulby, 225-191, to win the AMF Grand Prix of Bowling in Paris, France.

Baker was never near the lead until averaging 256 for the last six games of match play to jump from eighth place to second. From there he fired a spare and eight straight strikes to defeat Wayne Webb, 269-248, and took advantage of three open frames from Aulby by stringing four strikes beginning in the sixth frame to nail down his fifth PBA victory.

Aulby led by 209 pins after match play at Bowling de Paris, but a pair of missed 7-pins and a 7-10 split doomed the lefthander to his third runnerup finish of the year. He also had placed second in the Rolaids Open in St. Louis and in the Aqua Fest/Mr. Gatti's Open in Austin, Texas.

In earlier matches on the French network TV finals, Steve Martin bested Joe Hutchinson, 214-171, before Webb stepped in to outshoot Martin, 257-234. The starting field numbered 24, made up of 16 PBA Tour stars and eight European standouts.

For the 28-year-old Baker, it was his first victory since a record-setting triumph in the Denver Open 14 months earlier. Baker had one of four 300 games tossed during the event along with Aulby, Webb and Pete Couture. Baker's 8-3-1 match play record was the best in the tournament while Aulby's 239 average over 36 games set the scoring pace.

The tournament marked the PBA's initial venture into Europe and the first time since 1973 in Japan an event was played outside of the United States or Canada. Mats Karlsson of Sweden, a prospect for future PBA Tour competition, was the highest among the European finishers, placing 15th with a 217 average.


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
1Tom Baker, Buffalo, N.Y.494 (2 games)$5,000
2Mike Aulby, Indianapolis191 (1 game)4,000
3Wayne Webb, Indianapolis505 (2 games)3,500
4Steve Martin, Kingsport, Tenn.448 (2 games)3,000
5Joe Hutchinson, Scranton, Pa.171 (1 game)2,500

PLAYOFF RESULTS - Martin defeated Hutchinson, 214-171; Webb defeated Martin, 257-234; Baker defeated Webb, 269-248; and in the championship game, Baker defeated Aulby, 225-191.


 Name, CityPinsAvg  WLT+TotAmt
#1Mike Aulby, Indianapolis 8630 239.7 6-6-0 180 8810 
#2Tom Baker, Buffalo, N.Y. 8346 231.8 8-3-1 255 8601 
#3Wayne Webb, Indianapolis 8444 234.5 5-7-0 150 8594 
4Joe Hutchinson, Scranton, Pa. 8332 231.4 7-4-1 225 8557 
5Steve Martin, Kingsport, Tenn. 8359 232.1 5-5-2 180 8539 
**6Nelson Burton Jr., St. Louis 8349 231.9 4-8-0 120 8469 $2,050
7Dick Weber, St. Louis 8249 229.1 6-5-1 195 8444 1,900
9Joe Berardi, Brooklyn, N.Y. 8254 229.2 5-6-1 165 8419 1,800
9Jay Robinson, Van Nuys, Calif. 8172 227.0 7-5-0 210 8382 1,700
10Mike Durbin, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 8195 227.6 5-7-0 150 8345 1,600
#11Pete Couture, Windsor Locks, Conn. 8155 226.5 6-6-0 180 8335 1,500
12Earl Anthony, Dublin, Calif. 8078 224.3 5-7-0 150 8228 1,400


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
*13Marshall Holman, Medford, Ore.$1,350
14Dave Husted, Milwaukie, Ore.1,200
15Mats Karlsson, Sweden1,200
16Art Trask, Fresno, Calif.1,100
17Mikko Kaartinen, Finland1,000
18Bob Handley, Fairway, Kan.1,000
19Bernard Pugol, France.1,000
20Lorenzo Monti, Italy.1,000
21Bernie Caterer, Britain.1,000
22Yvan Augustin, France.1,000
23Phillipe Dubois, France.1,000
24Rudy VanDeSchilde, Netherlands.1,000