Tokyo, Japan, Sep 23-Oct 8, 1972

Asher Triumphs In Japan

Barry Asher, Costa Mesa, Calif., took four consecutive matches in the championship playoffs to win the annual Japan Gold Cup tournament in Tokyo.

In the title game, which, along with his three other victories were taped for national television showing in Japan, Asher defeated qualifying leader Carmen Salvino, Chicago, Ill., 248-237, for the title.

Asher was fourth at the end of 54 games of qualifying competition, which featured match game play throughout, and he promptly moved up the ladder in the finals by disposing of Curt Schmidt, Ft. Wayne, Ind., 238-193; Roy Buckley, Columbus, Ohio, 268-111, and then Dave Soutar, Tarzana, Calif., 204-196.

In the payoff game, Asher and Salvino were pin-for-pin in the early going, and when Salvino struck out from the eighth frame for his 237 he forced Asher to strike in the 10th frame. Asher did, and added another strike and nine count to win the $2,000 first prize.

Two Japanese bowlers, M. Ike and P. Ryu of Tokyo, finished eighth and ninth in the tournament which saw eight Americans and as many Japanese bowlers compete. Ike and Ryu represented Japan in the $85,000 Brunswick World Open last November.

The tournament, sponsored by T. Horiike and Japan Starlanes, was contested in bowling centers in Osaka, Sukyama and Nagoya and the finals at Starlanes in Tokyo. The players also traveled extensively to give a number of exhibitions and clinics.


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
1Barry Asher, Costa Mesa, Cal.958 (4 games)$2,000
2Carmen Salvino, Chicago, Ill.237 (1 game)1,500
3Dave Soutar, Tarzana, Cal.196 (1 game)1,200
4Roy Buckley, Columbus, Ohio211 (1 game)1,000
5Curt Schmidt, Ft. Wayne, Ind.193 (1 game)900

PLAYOFF RESULTS-Asher defeated Schmidt, 238-193; Asher defeated Buckley 268-211; Asher defeated Soutar, 204196, and in the championship game Asher defeated Salvino, 248-237.
54-GAME QUALIFYING (match play format)

 Name, City/StatePins  WLT+TotAmt
1Carmen Salvino, Chicago, Ill. 11069 34-17-3 1065 13134 
2Dave Soutar, Tarzana, Calif. 11929 37-17-0 1110 13039 
3Roy Buckley, Columbus, Ohio 11027 33-20-1 1005 13032 
4Barry Asher, Costa Mesa, Calif. 11787 39-14-1 1185 12972 
5Curt Schmidt, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 11921 35-19-0 1050 12971 
6Nelson Burton Jr., St. Louis, Mo. 11854 35-19-0 1050 12904 $850
7Jim Godmah, Lorain, Ohio 11864 29-23-2 900 12764 800
8M. Ike, Japan 11635 26-28-0 780 12415 
9P. Ryu, Japan 11385 25-28-1 765 12150 
10Jack Biondolillo, Houston, Texas 11438 23-30-1 705 12143 650
11M. Murakami, Japan 11393 20-33-1 615 12008 
12M. Saijo, Japan 11290 19-31-4 630 11920 
13T. Itoh, Japan 11017 18-34-2 570 11587 
14S. Uehara, Japan 11003 18-36-0 540 11543 
15M. Amano, Japan 10934 16-38-0 480 11414 
16K. Hasegawa, Japan 10752 17-37-0 510 11262