Maiden Lanes, Rochester, N.Y., Nov 27-30, 1970

Teata Semiz Amazes

Teata Semiz saved his best for last and as a result walked away with the top prize in the fourth Bellows-Valvair Open, held in Rochester. As had been the case in so many other PBA events leading up to this regular season finale, the title game was a tingler.

Nelson Burton, Jr., trying for his fifth win of the year, was just pins away from victory as the two squared off, each knowing that with the 50 bonus pins he'd earn for a triumph, the title-and $6,000-would be his. Semiz tore from the game with six in a row, but Burton stayed close enough to leave the outcome in doubt. But, when he split in the ninth, the issue was settled and Semiz, who won his way back into the Firestone T of C, applied the crusher by sparing in the seventh, then striking out for a 278-222 triumph.

The big win was Semiz's first in almost three years and moved him into the list of leading money-winners. The event saw a pair of 300s, by Barry Asher and Jimmy Mack, the latter's first.


 Name, City/StatePins  WLT+TotAmt
1Teata Semiz, River Edge, N.J. 9328 11-5-0 550 9878 $6,000
2Nelson Burton Jr., St. Louis, Mo. 9293 9-7-0 450 9743 3,200
3Jim Stefanich, Joliet, Ill. 9110 10-6-0 500 9610 2,400
***4Barry Asher, Costa Mesa, Cal. 9108 9-7-0 450 9558 1,800
5Gus Lampo, Endicott, N.Y. 9012 10-6-0 500 9512 1,400
6Mike Orlovsky, Endicott, N.Y. 8944 10-6-0 500 9444 1,300
7Les Schissler, Denver, Col. 8902 10-6-0 500 9402 1,200
8Timmy Harahan, Canoga Park, Cal. 8986 8-8-0 400 9386 1,150
9Don Russell, San Diego, Cal. 8933 8-8-0 400 9333 1,100
10A.W. "Bill" Johnson, New Orleans, La. 8960 5-11-0 250 9210 1,050
11Curt Schmidt, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 8850 7-9-0 350 9200 1,000
12Harry Polomaine, Schenectady, N.Y. 8737 7-9-0 350 9087 950
13Bud Horn, Los Angeles, Cal. 8719 7-9-0 350 9069 900
14Ernie Schlegel, Newburgh, N.Y. 8695 7-9-0 350 9045 850
15Dick Ritger, Hartford, Wisc. 8772 5-11-0 250 9022 800
16Bill Beach, Sharon, Pa. 8603 5-11-0 250 8603 750


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
*17Bill Tucker, St. Louis, Mo.5285$607.50
 Nubs McLaughlin, Rochester, N.Y.5285557.50
19Bob Strampe, Detroit, Mich.5282520
20Dick Weber, St. Louis, Mo.5281500
**21Bob Bennett, Rochester, N.Y.5274480
22Carmen Salvino, Chicago, Ill.5273470
23Billy Golembiewski Detroit, Mich.5255460
24Wayne Johnson, Walnut Cove, N.C.5253450
25Ralph Hartmann, New Hyde Park, N..5240435
 Wayne Zahn, Tempe, Ariz.5240435
27Mike Durbin, Dayton, Ohio5231420
28Roy Buckley, Columbus, Ohio5211410
29Bud Tufts, Miamisburg, Ohio5203400
30Russ Collier, Camden, N.J.5202385
 Earl Johnson, Minneapolis, Minn.5202385
**32Pete DiSalvo, Rochester, N.Y.5199370
33Mike Christie, Guilderland, N.Y.5176360
34James Maxey, Atlanta, Ga.5171350
35Bob Shank, Elyria, Ohio5170340
36Dave Soutar, Gilroy, Cal.5166330
37Steve Nowicki, Rochester, N.Y.5165320
38Rudy Lindeland, Atlanta Ga.5157310
39Ralph Engan, Monsey, N.Y.5156300
40Jim Godman, Hayward Cal.5147295
41AI Thompson, Cleveland, Ohio5144290
42Tommy Tuttle, King, N.C.5133285
43Jim Lewis, Selkirk, N.Y.5128280
44Larry Cassera, Glen Falls, N.Y.5125275
45Jimmy McHugh, Newark, N.J.5122270
46Gil Sliker, Washington, N.J.,5116265
47Dale Seavoy, Birmingham, Mich.5104260
**48Dick Ciprich, Buffalo, N.Y.5102255
49Mike Limongello, N. Babylon, N.Y.5101250
50Don Lemon, Rochester, N.Y.5098245
51Allie Clarke, Akron, Ohio5096240
52Billy Hardwick, Louisville, Ky.5085235
53Tony Moscato, Havre de Grace, Md.5081230

*Alternate. **Local Entries. ***Jimmy Mack and Barry Asher received $100 additional for 300 games. 24-Game Qualifying Leader-Burton, 5709. 16th Low-Horn, 5289. PRO-AM CASHERS ($50)-Jim Stefanich, Dave Soutar, Bobby Knipple, Les Schissler, Gary Dickinson, Dick Weber.