Hollywood Bowl, Lincoln, Neb., Nov 6-9, 1970

Dave The Rave Once Again

Dave Soutar made it two tournament conquests in a row and nine in his career when he came away with top honors and $3,000 in the Lincoln Open. It was the second week in a row that the tall righthander came down to the final game with the outcome in the balance and once again he prevailed, this time with a great 275-222 victory over his pal, Dave Davis.

Soutar went into the match game portion of play in third place, looking up at a pair of lefthanders-Johnny Petraglia and Wayne Sheridan. It took "Soupy" five matches before he assumed the lead and he relinquished it only once, that time to Davis by one pin, going into the title game. It was at that point that Soutar poured it on. Both began with three strikes in a row, but Davis missed in the fourth, while the eventual winner got another, spared, then went all the way as he kept piling on to his lead.

Davis, who was to match the winner's 11-5 record in match play, was also losing his second heartbreaker in three weeks, for in the Nationals he was a bridesmaid, bowing to Mike McGrath.


 Name, City/StatePins  WLT+TotAmt
1Dave Soutar, Gilroy, Cal. 8915 11-5-0 550 9465 $3,000
2Dave Davis, Miami, Fla. 8813 11-5-0 550 9363 1,600
***3Skee Foremsky, Houston, Tex. 8885 9-7-0 450 9335 1,400
***4Wayne Sheridan, Richmond, Va. 8711 11-5-0 550 9261 1,200
5Johnny Petraglia, Brooklyn, N.Y. 8731 10-6-0 500 9231 1,100
6Nelson Burton Jr., St. Louis, Mo. 8696 10-6-0 500 9196 1,050
7Gary Dickinson, Ft. Worth, Tex. 8707 9-7-0 450 9157 1,000
8Gary Mage, Seattle, Wash. 8632 10-6-0 500 9132 950
9Teata Semiz, River Edge, N.J. 8445 10-6-0 500 8945 900
10Butch Gearhart, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 8544 8-8-0 400 8944 850
11Les Zikes, Palatine, Ill. 8448 7-9-0 350 8798 800
12Don Helling, St. Louis, Mo. 8505 4-12-0 200 8705 750
13Mike McGrath, El Cerrito, Cal. 8368 6-10-0 300 8668 700
14Paul Colwell, Tucson, Ariz. 8372 5-11-0 250 8622 650
15Bob Strampe, Detroit, Mich. 8353 3-13-0 150 8503 625
16Jim Godman, Hayward, Cal. 8273 4-12-0 200 8473 600


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
*17Mike McMahon, Portland, Ore.5062$410
18Johnny Guenther, Seattle, Wash.5059340
19Jim Stefanich, Joliet, Ill.5056325
20Don Russell, San Diego, Cal.5046320
21Earl Anthony, Tacoma, Wash.5044315
22Curt Schmidt, Fort Wayne, Ind.5040310
23George Pappas, Charlotte, N.C.5036305
**24Max Jensen, Lincoln, Nebr.5032300
25Gus Lampo, Endicott, N.Y.5029295
26Carmen Salvino, Chicago, Ill.5009287.50
 Dale Seavoy, Birmingham, Mich.5009287.50
28Jim McHugh, Newark, N.J.4994280
29Ed Bourdase, Fresno, Cal.4987275
30Wayne Zahn, Tempe, Ariz.498370
31Mark Roth, Brooklyn, N.Y.4970265
32Dick Battista, Astoria, N.Y.4963260

*Alternate. **Local Entry. ***$100 additional for 300 games-Wayne Sheridan, Skee Foremsky. 24-Qualifying Leader-Petraglia, 5282. 16th Low-Mage, 5070. PRO-AM CASHERS ($50)-Butch Gearhart, Dave Soutar, Teata Semiz, Carmen Salvino, Les Schissler, Nelson Burton Jr.