Starlanes, Tokyo, Japan, Sep 24-Oct 12, 1970

Ritger Picks Up Six

Dick Ritger, one of the most tenacious of pro bowlers, was a repeat winner in the Japan Gold Cup and the way he did it was remarkable. After 40 qualifying games at Starlanes Bowling Centers, the finals of this third annual competition went on television; there was Ritger, who was to come out with his ninth title, at the bottom of the ladder.

To win the righthander would have to topple six opponents-and under the pressure and lights of the TV cameras. Well, Dick did just that, climaxing his all-winning stint with a 246-223 victory over Don Johnson. Highlights of the earlier rolling were a 300 game by Ritger and an average of 242 for Johnson. The triumph was worth $2,000 and gained some measure of revenge for the setback Don inflicted on Dick in the Firestone Tournament of Champions earlier in the year.


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
1Dick Ritger, Hartford, Wisc.1417 (6 game)$2,000
2Don Johnson Akron, Ohio223 (1 game)1,200
3Jim Stefanich, Joliet, Ill.212 (1 game)1,050
4Dave Soutar, Gilroy, Cal.201 (1 game)950
5Dave Davis, Miami, Fla.212 (1 game)850
6Don Glover, Bakersfield, Cal.162 (1 game)750
7Dick Weber, St. Louis, Mo.447 (2 games)650
8Carmen Salvino, Chicgo, Ill.216 (1 game)550

PLAYOFF RESULTS-Weber defeated Salvino, 235-216; Ritger defeated Weber, 269-212; Ritger defeated Glover, 182-162; Ritger defeated Davis, 247-212; Ritger defeated Soutar, 238-201; Ritger defeated Stefanich, 235-212; and in the championship game Ritger defeated Johnson, 246-223.


 Name, City/StatePins  WLT+TotAmt
1Don Johnson, Akron, O. 9677 29-11-0 1450 11127 
2Jim Stefanich, Joliet, Ill. 9475 26-14-0 1300 10775 
3Dave Soutar, Gilroy, Cal. 9299 23-17-0 1150 10449 
4Dave Davis, Miami, Fla. 8825 19-21-0 950 9775 
5Don Glover, Bakersfield, Cal. 8804 16-23-1 825 9629 
*6Dick Ritger, Hartford, Wisc. 8172 17-23-0 850 9022 
7Dick Weber, St. Louis, Mo. 8671 14-25-1 700 9371 
8Carmen Salvino, Chicago, Ill. 8402 15-25-0 750 9152 

*Ritger had a 300 game in the qualifying.