N. Versailles Lanes, Pittsburgh, Pa., Sep 4-7, 1970

Success Story: Riches To "Rags"

Johnny (Rags) Petraglia, the kid from Brooklyn, won't soon forget the Bellows-Valvair Open, held at North Versailles, a suburb of Pittsburgh. Knowing that he needed a victory to regain his eligibility for the $100,000 Firestone, the skinny lefthander came through with a gritty performance that saw him overhaul Mike McGrath, leader most of the way.

After 24 games, Mike was eight in front and then added to his lead after the first seven match games. It was at this point that Johnny started his move and when they came into the final game, his lead was an unbeatable 302 pins. Still, there was no letdown for Rags, who uncorked a 257 game to demote McGrath to third place, only one pin behind Bob Shank and only one ahead of fourth-placer Tommy Tuttle. Next in line came Butch Gearhart.

That final game, in which almost every place except first was still undecided, saw Shank whip Lindy Lundeen, 247-182, to upset most apple carts. For Shank, his second-place finish made it two high-up placings in as many PBA outings.


 Name, City/StatePins  WLT+TotAmt
1Johnny Petraglia, Brooklyn, N.Y. 8740 10-6-0 500 9240 $5,000
2Bob Shank, Elyria, Ohio 8238 12-4-0 600 8838 3,000
3Mike McGrath, El Cerrito Cal. 8537 6-10-0 300 8837 2,000
4Tommy Tuttle, King, N.C. 8336 10-6-0 500 8836 1,600
5Butch Gearhart, Houston, Tex. 8248 11-5-0 550 8798 1,500
6Marty Piraino, Syracuse .Y. 8286 8-8-0 400 8686 1,400
7Mike Orlovsky, Endicott, N.Y. 8215 9-7-0 450 8665 1,300
8Lindy Lundeen, Duluth, Minn. 8207 9-7-0 450 8657 1,200
9Wayne Sheridan, Richmond, Va. 8290 7-9-0 350 8640 1,150
10Roy Buckley, Columbus, O. 8136 8-8-0 400 8536 1,100
11Nelson Burton Jr., St. Louis, Mo. 8121 8-8-0 400 8521 1,050
12Tom Long, Los Angeles, Cal. 8029 9-7-0 450 8479 1,000
13Dave Wallers, Aurora, Ill. 8041 7-9-0 350 8391 950
14Johnny Guenther, Seattle, Wash. 8073 6-10-0 300 8373 900
15Bill Beach, Sharon, Pa. 8137 4-12-0 200 8337 850
16Skee Foremsky, Houston, Tex. 8100 4-12-0 200 8300 800


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
17Dick Weber, St. Louis, Mo.4858$620
*18Don Helling, St. Louis, Mo.4856625
19Alex Seymore, Kannapolis N.C.837550
20Mike Durbin, Dayton, Ohio4827525
2Curt Schmidt, Ft. Wayne, Ind.4816500
22Don Russell, San Diego, Cal.4814475
2Steve Nowicki, Rochester, N.Y.4813450
 Mike Limongello, N. Babylon N.Y.4807425
25Dick Ritger, Hartford, Wisc.4803400
26Vern Downing, San Francisco, Cal.4798390
27Ralph Engan, Monsey, N.Y.4796385
28Wayne Johnson, Walnut Cove, N.C.4792380
29A.W. "Bill" Johnson, New Orleans, La.4786375
30Dave Soutar, Gilroy, Cal.4785370
31Harry Johnson, Atlanta, Ga.4780365
32Palmer Fallgren, Sacramento, Cal.4771360
33Harry Bond, Tucson, Ariz.4770355
34Ed Thomas, Grove City, Ohio4769350
35Al Williamson, Chicago, Ill.4764345
36Bobby Knipple, Long Beach, Cal.4763340
37Mick McMahon, Portland, Ore.4756335
38Don Johnson, Akron, Ohio4748320
39Rich Canicatti, Miami, Fla.4748320
 Gary Mage, Seattle, Wash.4748320
 Ernie Schlegel, Newburgh, N.Y.4748320
42John Bennett, Lansing, Mich.4745310
43Gary Dickinson Ft. Worth, Tex.4740305
44Teata Semiz, River Edge, N.J.4736300
45Carmen Salvino, Chicago Ill.4733295
46Joe Tusa Brooklyn, N.Y.4727290
47Brad Hoffman, Menlo Park, Cal.4725285
48Thurston Gilchrist, Stayton, Ore.4720280
49George Pappas, Charlotte, N.C.4716275
50Ralph Hartmann, New Hyde Park, N.Y.4710267.50
 Curv Rohler Tacoma, Wash.4710267.50
52Pete Mylenki, Emerson, N.J.4707260
**53Hal Hughes, Fairlawn, N.J.4704255

*Alternate. **Local Entry. 24-Game Qualifying Leader-McGrath, 5238. 16th Low-Wallers, 4862. PRO-AM CASHERS ($50)-Mike Limongello, Dave Davis, Don Helling, Lindy Lundeen, Tommy Tuttle, Curt Schmidt.