Bowlero, Milwaukee, Wisc., Mar 4-8, 1969

No. 12 For Hardwick

BILLY HARDWICK won the Miller High Life Open in Milwaukee by a narrow five-pin margin. But those five pins upped his '69 earnings to a top-spot total of $24,790, gave him his second victory of the season and the 12th of his PBA career. Hardwick nearly blew a 43-pin lead to Mike Limongello in the championship finale. Billy was 43 pins up after four frames, but five down going into the 10th. Hardwick doubled and Limongello left the four pin to leave the final count at 220-215.

Dick Ritger gave the hometown fans something to cheer about with a 300 game . . . good for free beer for a year from Miller.


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
1Billy Hardwick, Louisville, Ky.220 (1 game)$10,000
2Mike Limongello, Babylon, N. Y.442 (2 games)6,000
3Jim Godman, Hayward, Calif.404 (2 games)3,000
4Earl Johnson, Minneapolis, Minn.439 (2 games)2,000
5Jim St. John, San Jose, Calif.238 (1 game)1,800

PLAYOFF RESULTS-Johnson defeated St. John, 248-238; Godman defeated Johnson, 192-191; Limongello defeated Godman, 227-212; and in the championship game Hardwick defeated Limongello, 220-215.


 Name, City/StatePins  WLT+TotAmt
1Billy Hardwick, Louisville, Ky. 8911 12-4-0 600 9511 
2Mike Limongello, Babylon, N. Y. 8738 11-5-0 550 9288 
3Jim Godman, Hayward, Calif. 8876 8-8-0 400 9276 
4Jim St. John, San Jose, Calif. 8798 9-7-0 450 9248 
5Earl Johnson, Minneapolis, Minn. 8605 11-5-0 550 9155 
*6Don McCune, Munster, Ind. 8726 7-9-0 350 9076 $1,650
7Bill Johnson, New Orleans, La. 8560 10-6-0 500 9060 1,500
8Gene Rhoda, Valparaiso, Ind. 8589 9-7-0 450 9039 1,400
9Ralph Engan, Monsey, if Y. 8632 7-8-1 375 9007 1,350
10Dave Soutar, Gilroy, Calif. 8669 5-10-1 275 8944 1,300
11Bob McMillin, College Pt., N. Y. 8551 7-9-0 350 8901 1,250
12Teata Semiz, River Edge, N. J. 8565 6-9-1 325 8890 1,200
13Norm Meyers, Los Angeles, Calif. 8607 5-10-1 275 8882 1,150
14Al Savas, Milwaukee, Wis. 8516 7-9-0 350 8866 1,100
15Tommy Tuttle, King, N. C. 8500 7-9-0 350 8850 1,050
16Vern Downing, San Francisco, Calif. 8458 5-11-0 250 8706 1,000


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
*17Ernie Schlegel, New York, N. Y.5111$750
18Nelson Burton Jr., St. Louis, Mo.5100650
19Pete Tountas, Tucson, Ariz.5093575
 Billy Golembiewski, Detroit, Mich.5093575
21Dale Seavoy, Birmingham, Mich.5081500
22Dick Weber, St. Louis, Mo.5075490
**23Dick Ritger, Hartford, Wis.5074480
24Gary Brown, Santa Barbara, Calif.5068470
25Dave Lasseigne, New Orleans, La.5067460
26Fred Lening, Yardley, Pa.5054450
27Allie Clarke, Akron, O5051435
 Eddy Patterson, Dallas, Tex.5051435
29Les Zikes, Chicago, Ill.5050420
30Harry Smith, Fresno, Calif.5049410
***31Ron Wheeler, Milwaukee, Wis.5047400
32Jimmy Certain, Huntsville, Ala.5046390
33Mike Durbin, BurbankCalif380
34Johnny Guenther, Fresno, Calif.5044370
35Ed Bourdase, FresnoCalif360
36Al Thompson, Clevelnd, Ohio5037355
37Mike Dinschel, Wheaton Ill.5026350
38John Campbell, New Rochelle, N. Y.5025345
39Bob Knipple, Long Beach, Calif.5021340
40Don Lemon, Rochester, N. Y.5007335
41John Petragila, Brooklyn, N. Y.5001330
42Ed Thomas, Columbus, Ohio4997322.50
 Jimmy Mack, Dover, N. J.4997322.50
44Larry Laub, San Franisco, Calif.4994315
45Bud Horn, Los Angeles, Calif.4989310
46Mike McGrath, El Cerrito, Calif.4986305
47Jim Stefanich, Joliet, Ill.4981297.50
 Jerry McClary, Denver, Colo.4981297.50
49Don Antony, Portsmouth, Va.4975290
50Jim Penington, Rossville, Ga.4971282.50
 Carmen Salvino, Chicago, Ill.4971282.50
52Jerry Hale, Richmond, Calif.4966275
53Ed Lubanski, Detroit, Mich.4963270
54Don Johnson, Kokomo, Ind.4952265
55Andy Rogoznica Chicago, Ill.4950260
56Bill Scales, New York, N. Y.4941255
57Les Schissler, Denver, Colo.4940250
58Chet Dziezina, Chicago, Ill.4933245

24-game qualifying leader -Jim Godman, 5342. 16th Low-Gene Rhoda, 5120. Pro-Am Cashers (0)-Gene Rhoda, Ernie Schlegel, Ken McBride, Eddy Patterson, Harry Smith, Dick Battista, Battista, Mike Durbin, Barry Asher, Norm Meyers. *Alternates. **Perfect Game-Ritger. ***Local Entry.