Fairlanes, Depew, NY, Mar 7-11, 1967

Burton Beats Buffalo Boys

Nelson Burton Jr., of St. Louis, came through in a squeaker over Jim Godman as he pounded out a 239-234 victory in the championship match of the Greater Buffalo Open.

Godman had gone through the rest of the five man finals field like milk through a tin horn with victories over Wayne Zahn, 266-183; Dick Weber, 249-194, and Bud Horn, 202-192.

Burton opened the title go with four straight strikes but left the 3-10 pins in the eighth frame and Godman, who had struck six times, was back in the ball game. When Burton sat down after the tenth frame, Godman needed a double to win. He got the first one but missed in his second shot.


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
1Nelson Burton Jr., St. Louis$6,000
2Jim Godman, Hayward, Calif.2,600
3Bud Horn, Los Angeles, Calif.1,600
4Dick Weber, St. Louis, Mo.1,400
5Wayne Zahn, Atlanta, Ga.1,300

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Burton defeated Godman, 239-234. ROUND ROBIN: Godman defeated Zahn, 266-183; Godman defeated Weber, 249-194; Godman defeated Horn, 202-192.


 Name, City/StatePins+TotAmt
6Don Glover, Bakersfield 8324 660 8874 $1,260
7John Fabbro, Columbus, Ohio 8473 360 8823 1,160
8Jack Biondolillo, Houston, Texas 8433 376 8808 1,100
9Buzz Fazio, Detroit 8360 460 8800 1,060
10Dick Ritger, Hartford, Wis. 8484 260 8734 1,000
11Therm Davis, Chicago, Ill. 8306 376 8680 960
12Skip Vigars, Albany, N.Y. 8273 360 8623 900
13John Coder, Williamsport, Pa. 8280 326 8608 860
14Bob Chase, Kansas City, Kan. 8247 300 8647 800
15Bob Strampe, Detroit, Mich. 8169 360 8609 760
16Glenn Allison, Los Angeles, Calif. 8196 226 8420 700


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
17Carmen Salvino, 17 Carmen Salvino, Chicago, Ill. *5006$496
 Don Carter, Tarzana, Calif.5006446
19Billy Welu, St. Louis, Mo.6001430
20Jimmy Mack, Dover, N.J.6000420
21Tommy Tuttle, King, N.C.4996410
22Skee Foremsky, El Paso, Tex.4994400
23Vince Timpanaro, Newark, N.J.4992390
24Ed Bourdase, Fresno, Calif.4988380
26Bobby Cooper, Ft. Worth, Tex.4986370
26Marty Piraino, Syracuse, N.Y.4971360
27Lynn Shulund, Missoula, Mont.4969360
28Audie Balmer, Falls Church, Va.4962340
29Ralph Engan, Monsey, N.Y.4944330
30Tom Long, Modesto, Calif.4937320
31Bobby Knipple, Long Beach, Calif.4933310
32Don Johnson, Kokomo, Ind.4931300