$50,000 ST. PAUL OPEN
All Star Bowl, St. Paul, Minn., Jan 31-Feb 4, 1967

Salvino Tops St. Paul Foes

Carmen Salvino, of Chicago, had it when he needed it in wrapping up the $10,000 first prize in the $50,000 St. Paul Open.

Salvino subdued Johnny Guenther, 211-203, in the championship match to win his first tourney of the year and his eighth overall.

Guenther, who qualified in the fifth spot, looked like a winner all the way as he swept aside Bill Lillard, 259-200; Jack Biondolillo, 195-194, and Barry Asher, 226-190. But in the championship match, Salvino spared and then struck four times to take a big lead. Guenther kept plugging but just missed when he missed on strikes in the tenth frame.


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
1Carmen Salvino, Chicago, Ill.$10,000
2Johnny Guenther, Seattle, Wash.5,000
3Barry Asher, Santa Ana, Calif.2,500
4Jack Biondolillo, Houston, Texas2,000
5Bill Lillard, Dallas, Texas1,500

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Salvino defeated Guenther, 211-203. ROUND ROBIN: Guenther defeated Lillard, 259-200; Guenther defeated Biondolillo, 195-194; Guenther defeated Asher, 226-190.


 Name, City/StatePins+TotAmt
6Jimmy Certain, Huntsville, Ala. 8376 400 8776 $1,450
7Don Johnson, Kokomo, Ind. 8367 400 8767 1,360
8Dave Soutar, Detroit, Mich. 8302 450 8762 1,300
9Jim Stefanich, Chicago, Ill. 8278 426 8703 1,260
10Jim St. John, San Jose, Calif. 8319 375 8694 1,200
11Wayne Zahn, Atlanta, Ga. 8284 400 8684 1,150
12Bob Kwolek, Fairborn, Ohio 8346 300 8648 1,100
13Harry Smith, Redwood City, Calif. 8261 350 8611 1,050
14Tommy Tuttle, King, N.C. 8215 300 8515 1,000
15Mike Limongello, Babylon, N.Y. 8191 300 8491 950
16Don McCune, Munster, Ind. 8127 200 8327 900


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
17Bob Strampe, Detroit, Mich.5016$575
18Les Schissler, Denver, Colo.5005500
19Pete Tountas, Tucson, Ariz.5003475
20Mike Durbin, Los Angeles, Calif.4996450
21Larry Laub, San Francisco, Calif.4965425
22Curt Schmidt, Fort Wayne, Ind.4955425
23Ray Bluth, St. Louis, Mo.4920400
24Dick Weber, St. Louis, Mo.4915400
25George Howard, Kalamazoo, Mich.4909375
26Jay Robinson, Los Angeles, Calif.4900375
27Bill Tucker, Los Angeles, Calif.4899350
28Gene Rhoda, Valparaiso4890350