Broadway Bowl, Denver, CO, Jan 24-28, 1967

Davis Back-To-Back Champ

Dave Davis, of Phoenix, Ariz., piled up ten straight strikes on his way to winning his second PBA title in a row in the Denver Open.

The lanky lefty, fresh off a previous week's win in Las Vegas, opened and spared in the first two frames of the nationally televised finals before pouring it on ten times for a 268-188 conquest of Jimmy Mack.

Lynn Shulund triggered a five-time 300 performance by knocking off two perfectos in the qualifying round. Other 300s were shot by Pete Tountas, Gene Rhoda and George McDonald.


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
1Dave Davis, Phoenix$6,000
2Jimmy Mack, Dover, N.J.2,600
3Bobby Cooper, Ft. Worth1,600
4Ray Bluth, St. Louis1,400
5George McDonald, Denver1,300

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Davis defeated Mack, 268-188. ROUND ROBIN: Cooper defeated McDonald, 206-166; Cooper defeated Bluth, 216-202; Mack defeated Cooper, 188-161.


 Name, City/StatePins+TotAmt
6Wayne Zahn, Atlanta, Ga. 8798 460 9248 $1,260
7Skee Foremsy, El Paso, Tex. 8881 360 9231 1,160
8Gene Rhoda, Valparaiso, Ind. 8804 400 9204 1,100
9Jack Biondolillo, Houston, Texas 8690 600 9190 1,060
10Bob Strampe Detroit, Mich. 8785 400 9186 1,000
11Nelson Burton Jr., St. Louis, Mo. 8736 360 9086 960
12Bill Tucker, Los Angeles, Calif. 8698 360 9048 900
13Bill Eckhart, Pueblo, Colo. 8664 300 8964 860
14Norm Meyers, Los Angeles, Calif. 8636 300 8936 800
15Lynn Shulund, Missoula, Mont. 8619 300 8919 760
16Billy Welu, St. Louis, Mo. 8664 260 8814 700


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
17Earl Johnson, St. Paul, Minn.6299$476
17Curt Schmidt, Ft. Wayne, Ind.6299426
19Ted Hendrickson, San Francisco, Calif.6288410
20Bud Horn, Los Angeles, Calif.6282400
21Ted Hoffman, Philadelphia, Pa.6279390
22Jim St. John, San Jose, Calif.6269380
23Sam Baca, Hayward, Calif.6269370
24Tim Harahan, Encino, Calif.6248360
25Butch Gearhart, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.6241360
26Ron Winger, Van Nuys, Calif.6234340
27Ed Bourdase, Fresno, Calif.6226330
28Carmen Salvino, Chicago, Ill.6220320


Lynn Shulund 2 ($200), Pete Tountas ($100), Gene Rhoda ($100), George McDonald ($100).