Fairlanes, Buffalo, New York, Mar 23-27, 1965

Eallen Moves Up At Buffalo

Bill Allen pulled up behind Dick Weber in PBA tournaments won when he corralled his eighth crown at Buffalo. Weber had 14.

The Florida lefthander knocked off Nelson Burton Jr., 206-190, in the title match after Burton had moved into the challenger's position with victories over Bob Strampe and Weber.

At this time Burton was the television idol of the PBA..In nine tournaments the 22-year-old St. Louisan had been on the tube five weeks, finishing second three times, third once and fourth in his other appearance.


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
1Bill Allen, Orlando, Fla.$5,000
2Nelson Burton Jr., St. Louis, Mo.2,500
3Bob Strampe, Detroit, Mich.1,500
4Dick Weber, St. Louis, Mo.1,300

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Allen defeated Burton in the championship game 206-190. ROUND ROBIN: Strampe defeated Weber, 212-163; Burton defeated Weber, 215-213; Burton defeated Strampe, 220-203.

 Name, City/StatePins+TotAmt
5Dave Soutar, Detroit, Mich. 8717 325 9042 $1,300
6Al Thompson, Cleveland, Ohio 8515 500 9015 1,200
7Bill Hardwick, San Mateo, Calif. 8654 350 9004 1,150
8Tom Harnisch, Buffalo, N.Y. 8580 400 8980 1,100
9Dick Hoover, Akron, Ohio 8497 450 8947 1,050
10Andy Marzich, Los Angeles, Calif. 8412 500 8912 1,000
11Johnny Meyer, Long Island, N.Y. 8475 400 8875 950
12Sam Baca, Hayward, Calif. 8466 250 8716 900
13Nin Angelo, Buffalo, N.Y. 8362 300 8652 860
14Don Bowlin, Middletown, Ohio 8270 300 8670 800
15Dick Ritger, Hartford, Wis. 8294 250 8644 750
16Larry Oakar, Cleveland, Ohio 8312 200 8602 700


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
17Buzz Fazio, Detroit, Mich.5036$500
18Don Carter, St. Louis, Mo.5035440
19Jerry McCoy, Ft. Worth, Texas5027425
 Billy Welu, St. Louis, Mo.5027425
21Roy Lown, Boston, Mass.5021410
22Gene Rhoda, Valparaiso, Ind.5015400
23Billy Golembiewski, Detroit, Mich.5011390
24John Germann, Albany, N.Y.5009380
25J. B. Blaylock, El Paso, Texas5006370
26Vince Lucci, Morrisville, Pa.5000360
27Norm Meyers, Los Angeles, Calif.4998350
28Ed Bourdase, Fresno, Calif.4996330
29Bill Gaume, Alliance, Ohio4983330
30Ted Hoffman, Philadelphia, Pa.4982320
31Johnny King, Chicago, Ill.4976310
32Mike Limongello, Babylon, N.Y.4968150
 Ron Winger, Van Nuys, Calif.4968150