Emerson Lanes, Parkersburg, W.V., Feb 8-12, 1965

Lening Labels Parkersburg

Fred Lening lives the simple life in a Philadelphia suburb (he manages bowling lanes), but every once in a while he hits a PBA tournament. This usually spells trouble for the touring pros.

Certainly, this proved to be the case in the Parkersburg, W. Va. Open when Lening shaded Ray Bluth, 37-35, in the two frame rolloff after the championship game had ended in a tie.

Bluth led the 40-game exercises and sat in the wings as Lening, Ed Lubanski and Nelson Burton Jr. battled it out in the four-game finals for a title shot.


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
1Fred Lening, Fairless Hills, Pa.$5,000
2Ray Bluth, St. Louis2,500
3Nelson Burton Jr., St. Louis1,500
4Ed Lubanski, Detroit1,300

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Lening and Bluth tied at 225-225. Lening defeated Bluth in a two frame rolloff 37-35. ROUND ROBIN: Lubanski defeated Lening 225-223; Lening defeated Burton 238-212; Burton defeated Lubanski, 224-181.

 Name, City/StatePins+TotAmt
5Jim St. John, San Jose 8562 500 9062 $1,300
6Tom Tuttle, Rural Hall 8562 450 9012 1,200
7Don Johnson, Kokomo, Ind. 8471 600 8971 1,150
8Pete Tountas, Hammond 8449 475 8924 1,100
9Glenn Allison, Los Angeles 8505 325 8830 1,050
10Bud Horn, Los Angeles 8419 400 8819 1,000
11Eddy Patterson, El Paso 8552 250 8802 950
12Johnny King, Chicago 8408 325 8733 900
13Billy Welu, St. Louis 8425 300 8725 850
14Bill Tucker, Hollywood 8370 350 8720 800
15Jack Biondolillo, Houston 8475 175 8650 750
16Sam Flanagan, Parkersburg 8328 250 8578 700


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
17Allie Clarke, Cleveland, Ohio5041$440
18Dick Hoover, Akron, Ohio5031430
19Ron Winger, Van Nuys, Cal.5025420
20Les Schissler, Denver, Colo.5014410
21Ev Collins, San Mateo, Cal.4990400
22Andy Marzich, Torrance, Cal.4989390
23Larry Oaker, Cleveland, Ohio4977380
24Walt Pych, Tucson, Ariz.4976370
25Bob Strampe, Detroit, Mich.4974360
26Norm Meyers, Los Angeles, Calif.4962350
27Billy Golembiewski, Detroit, Mich.4958340
28Bill Bunetta, Fresno, Cal.4938330
29Harry Smith, Boston, Mass.4929320
30Fred Riccilli, Los Angeles, Cal.4926310