Fairlanes, Depew, New York, Mar 17-21, 1964

Zahn Goes "Through" Depew

Wayne Zahn, of Atlanta, Ga., won the $25,000 Depew Fairlanes Open with a 231-160 victory over Bill Allen, the lefthander from Orlando, Fla., in the championship match.

But the "big one" that thrilled the capacity house in this Buffalo suburb was Billy Hardwick's victory over Allen in the opener of the four-game televised finals,Allen finished his strike stint by going all the way from the sixth frame for a 257 total. Hardwick needed two strikes and a nine-pin count to win and that': exactly what he got for 258.

Allen then went on to defeat Ed Bourdase, 228-205. The lefty's total pinfall of 485 put him in the title tiff when Bourdase rapped Hardwick 227-194. Under the PBA's finals format, the player with the highest pinfall goes against the 40-game qualifying leader if nobody wins two matches in the round robin.


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
1Wayne Zahn, Atlanta, Ga.$4,000
2Bill Allen, Orlando, Fla.2,000
3Billy Hardwick, San Mateo1,600
4Ed Bourdase, Fresno, Calif.1,300

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Zahn defeated Allen, 231-160. ROUND ROBIN: Hardwick defeated Allen, 258-257; Bourdase defeated Hardwick, 227-194; Allen defeated Bourdase, 228-205.
Allen won the right to meet Zahn for the championship on the basis of total pins for the threegames. Hardwick was awarded third place on the same basis.

 Name, City/StatePins+TotAmt
5Billy Welu, St. Louis 8525 600 9025 $1,200
6Andy Marzich, Redondo Beach, Calif. 8517 460 8967 1,150
7Jack Biondolillo, Houston 8602 325 8927 1,050
8John Fonagy Jr., Buffalo 8440 400 8840 1,000
9Bill Pace, Kansas City 8326 475 8801 950
10Don Carter, St. Louis 8436 350 8786 900
11Buzz Fazio, Detroit 8274 450 8724 850
12Tom Hennessey, St. Louis 8297 326 8622 800
13Charlie Wilkinson, Salinas, Calif. 8250 275 8525 750
14Ed Lubanski, Detroit 8294 200 8494 700


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
17Bob Kwolek5009$390.00
**Chet Mazur5009496.00
19Mike Samardzija5000350.00
20Ev Collins4997340.00
21Carmen Salvino4996330.00
22Monroe Moore4994320.00
23Ray Bluth4986310.00
24Dick Weber4982300.00
*15Pete Cambio, Buffalo8220 200 8420650
**16Tom Parrish, Salt Lake City8194 300 8449-224495

**Alternate Chet Mazur subbed for Parrish the last eight games of the finals and the pair was penalized 224 pins, the difference in qualifying scores and the four victories Parrish won in the finals.