Expressway Lanes, Gretna, Louisiana, Feb 18-22, 1964

Allen Rocks In New Orleans

Lefthanders delivered another one-two punch in the $27,600 New Orleans Open when Bill Allen of Orlando, Fla. won it and Jerry McCoy of Fort Worth, Tex. finished second.

This was the second week in a row that these two lefties had tangled for the title, only this time the score was tighter, 212-204. In the Mobile finale, Allen won, 225-210. Allen and Jim St. John recorded 300's in the tournament.

Andy Marzich didn't last long as first McCoy dropped him, 211-206, and then Jim St. John scored, 259-208, in the televised finals. McCoy moved past St. John, 233-208, to get a shot at the $4,000 first prize.

It looked as if McCoy was going to reverse the decision of the week before when he built a 21-pin lead midway through the title tiff. But Allen closed with three strikes and McCoy couldn't connect in the 10th frame and it was all over.


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
1Bill Allen, Orlando, Fla.$4,000
2Jerry McCoy, Ft. Worth2,000
3Jim St. John, San Jose, Calif.1,500
4Andy Marzich, Los Angeles,Calif.1,300

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Allen defeated McCoy, 212-204. ROUND ROBIN: St. John defeated Marzich, 259-208; McCoy defeated Marzich, 211-206 ; McCoy defeated St. John, 233-208.

 Name, City/StatePins  WLT+TotAmt
5Ralph Brunt, Atlanta, Ga. 8416 12-4-0 600 9015 $1,250
6Don Carter, St. Louis, Mo. 8476 9-7-0 450 8926 1,100
7Milt Molhusen, Dallas, Texas 8411 10-6-0 500 8911 1,050
8Billy Hardwick, San Mateo 8273 10-6-0 500 8773 1,000
9Joel Vick, York, Pa. 8450 5-11-0 250 8700 950
**10Johnny Meyer, Long Island, N.Y. 8181 10-6-0 600 8681 675
11Earl Johnson, Minneapolis, Minn. 8250 8-8-0 400 8650 850
12Buzz Fazio, Detroit, Mich. 8193 9-7-0 450 8643 800
13Bobby Jacks, New Orleans, La. 8237 7-9-0 350 8537 750
14Bill Landowski, Fortuna 8174 4-12-0 200 8374 700
*15Bob Kwolek, Detroit, Mich. 8151 3-13-0 150 8301 650
16Fred Bujack, St. Louis, Mo. 8067 4-12-0 200 8267 600


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
**17Jack Biondolillo6018$675.00
18Billy Welu4943435.00
19Teats Semiz4931370.00
20Tom Balistreri4930360.00
21Harry Smith4928350.00
22Ed Lubanski4927340.00
23Eddy Patterson4924330.00
24Vito Caloia4914320.00
25Wayne Zahn4913315.00
26Dick Weber4903310.00
27Johnny Turner4902305.00
28Carl Lundquist4896300.00

*Kwolek defeated Meyer, 388-859, in two-game series for 16th spot.
**Biondolillo finished eighth in qualifier but had to drop out of the finals with a bad hand. Meyer took his spot and finished 10th and the money was split.