Showboat Bowling Center, Las Vegas, NV, Jun 7-13, 1998

Couch Wins First Title Since 1995 At Showboat

In the fall of 1998, Jason Couch led the PBA Tour event in Bay City, Mich., by more than 600 pins, but lost the title match to Amleto Monacelli. At the Showboat Invitational, Couch made sure history did not repeat itself.

Couch, who this time had to win his position round match just to claim the No. 1 seed, gained a measure of revenge against Monacelli as he defeated the PBA Hall of Tamer, 205-181, to earn his first win since 1995 (the fifth title of his career) and the $46,000 first-place check. Couch, the 1992 PBA Rookie of the Year from Clermont, Fla., has now earned all five of his titles as the No. 1 seed.

"This is like having an enormous weight lifted from my shoulders," Couch said. "I started to doubt myself ...doubt if I could win again and that's the worse thing you can do. But this win proves I'm learning more and more each week and that I'm becoming a better bowler."

The title match certainly wasn't pretty (it featured six splits and five open frames), but it was a testament to Couch's patience and determination. After starting with the first two strikes, Couch suffered an open frame after failing to convert the 3-7-9 split. But he bounced back with three consecutive strikes.

Monacelli, Venezuela, started with an open frame after he could not convert the 2-8-10 split. But, three consecutive strikes and a successfuly converted 3-10 split seemed to have Monacelli back on track. Then disaster struck. Monacelli put up back-to-back open frames after failing to convert the 4-9 split in frame six and then left the 3-pin standing on a 3-6-10 spare attempt in frame seven.

The critical shot in the match came in Couch's seventh frame when he successfully converted the difficult 4-10 split. He followed that with two strikes and a six-count on his first shot in the 10th to seal the win.

Couch's roommate is Parker Bohn III and Couch said those wins provided him with some motivation.

"You get real tired of seeing your roommate win every week," joked Couch. "II actually put some pressure on me, which is tough. But Parker has been great about keeping me positive and motivated. He has a great mental game and I can learn a lot from him."


Pos.Name, City/StateTotalAmount
1Jason Couch, Comment FL205 (1 game)$46,000
2Amleto Monacelli, Venezuela404 (2 games)24,000
3Ryan Shafer, Elmira, NY221 (1 game)13,000
4Mike Edwards, Oklahoma City211 (1 game)10,000

PLAYOFF RESULTS-Match one: Monacelli (223) defeated Shafer (221) and Edwards (211); and in the championship game, Couch defeated Monacelli, 205-187.


 Name, CityPinsAvg  WLT+TotAmt
1Jason Couch, Clermont, FL 72948 231.2 16-6-2 510 13458 
#2Ryan Shaker, Emir, NY 13029 232.7 13-10-1 405 13434 
3Amleto Monacelli, Venezuela 12944 231.2 16-8-0 480 13424 
#4Mike Edwards, Oklahoma City 13071 233.4 11-13-0 330 13401 
5Kenny Borsch, Kenos, WI 12936 231.0 15-9-0 450 13386 $8,000
6Jeff Liz, Sandusky, OH 12981 237.8 13-11-0 390 13371 7,000
#7Dave Husted, Milwaukie, OR 12973 231.7 13-71-0 390 13363 6,500
8Brian LeClair, Chatham, NY 12975 231.7 10-14-0 300 13275 6,000
#9Tom Baker, Buffalo, NY 12822 228.9 13-71-0 390 13212 5,700
#10W.R. Williams Jr., Stockton, CA 12814 228.8 12-72-0 360 13174 5,400
11Don Moser, Grand Rapids, MI 12760 227.9 13-11-0 390 13750 5,200
#12Bryan Goebel, Shawnee, KS 12784 228.3 10-13-1 315 13099 5,000
13Tim Criss, Bel Air, MD 12688 226.6 73-10-1 405 13093 4,700
 Mike Tryniski, Fulton, NY 12643 225.8 14-8-2 450 13093 4,700
75Kevin McGerr, Lincoln, NE 12684 226.5 10-14-0 300 72984 4,400
16Chris Barnes, Wichita, KS 12665 226.2 10-14-0 300 12965 4,200
#17Kurt Piton, Clinton Township, MI 12637 225.7 9-15-0 270 12907 4,000
18Patrick Healey Jr., Chesterfield, MI 12466 222.6 14-10-0 420 12886 3,800
19Steve Hoskins, Tarpon Springs, FL 12474 222.7 13-17-0 390 12864 3,600
20Michael Haugen Jr., Pasadena, CA 72483 222.9 11-12-1 345 12828 3,400
21Bryon Smith, Sutherlin, OR 12526 223.7 10-14-0 300 12826 3,300
22Paul Koehler, Stuart, FL 12492 223.0 10-13-1 315 12807 3,200
23Randy Pedersen, Hollywood, FL 12497 223.1 9-15-0 270 12767 3,100
24Norm Duke, Clermont, FL 12587 224.8 5-18-1 165 12752 3,000


Pos.Name, City/StateAmount
*25George Branham III, Indianapolis$2,920
26Mark Williams, Beaumont, TX2,700
27Dave Arnold, Gilbert, AZ2,600
28Steve Jaros, Bolingbrook, IL2,500
#29Wayne Webb, Akron, OH2,400
30Rick Steelsmith, Wichita, KS2,250
 Pete Weber, St. Ann, MO2,250
32Mike Aulby, Indianapolis2,110
33Mike Durbin, Chagrin Falls, OH2,030
34Tony Rosamilia, Ledgewood, NJ1,960
35Parker Bohn III, Jackson, NJ1,900
36Curtis Odom, Coldwater, MI1,850
37Brian Ziesig, Levittown, NY1,800
38Rick Easley, Van Nuys, CA1,750
39David Ozio, Beaumont, TX1,700
40Bob Learn Jr., Erie, PA1,650
41Dave Wodka, S. Setauket, NY1,610
42Jack Jurek, Lackawanna, NY1,580
43Brian Himmler, Cincinnati1,550
44Billy Orlikowski, Grand Rapids, MI1,540
45David Traber, Woodstock, IL1,530
46James Wallace, Hicksville, NY1,520
47Greg Thomas, Old Town, ID1,510
48Michael Luft, Brook Park, OH1,500
49Bryan Alpert, Las Vegas1,490
50Roger Bowker, Ocala, FL1,480
51Y.H. Byun, South Korea.1,470
52Bill Guthrie, Winter Park, FL1,460
53Jason Hurd, Visalia, CA1,450

*-Match play alternate. 32-game qualifying leader-Mike Edwards, 7505. 24th place-Steve Hoskins, 7202. #-Dave Husted (2), Ryan Shafer, Norm Titus, Lonnie Waliczek, Kurt Piton, Tom Baker, Wayne Webb, Mike Edwards, Bryan Goebel (2) and Walter Ray Williams Jr. rolled 300 games ($100 each). PRO-AM CASHERS-Ricky Ward, Bryan Goebel, John Gant, Waiter Ray Williams Jr., Mike Tryniski, Dave Wodka, Paul Douvas, Brian LeClair, Curtis Odom, Len Blakey, Norm Duke, George Branham III, Parker Bohn III, Kurtis Evans ($50 each) and Dennis Jacques ($100).